Churachandpur consumer club takes action

LAMKA, March 23[Imphal Free Press]---The Consumer Club of  Churachandpur today set ablaze confiscated market items  which had expired. The expired items were collected from the Lamka market  at  Damkan Bazar, New Lamka Churachandpur around 10:00 am in the presence of the media and the public.

The items burnt today include tobacco products like Paras and Zarda, Meat Masala, eatable chips and mineral water bottles.

The items confiscated from more than 20 shops are said to be worth more than Rs 20 thousand. The shop keepers found selling the expired items were let off with a stern warning that their license will be cancelled if they continued to indulge in such activities.

Though there is an indication that the Government will act tough with products that can cause health hazard, many shops in Lamka are not getting the message and are selling such products openly.

The Consumer Club of Churachandpur in the past had apprehended many shopkeepers for hiding goods  with the intention of hiking up the price l of popular items that include Pan and daily essential items like rice, salt, potato and sugar.

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