Thick Clouds Over Head (Pics)

 Photograph by
Muamuan Suantak
S. Phaiza village

Photographs captured from S. Phaiza village, Lamka.

 Date: 17 July 2024


Gloomy Sky (Pics)

Photograph by
Mr. P. Thang
Executive Member,
Thangkhal Tribe Organisation (TTO), Manipur

Photographs captured from Tangnuam Hausa Veng, Lamka.

 Date: 17 July 2024


Keltal Sports Singmgat


Lamka tuinek niin: Dirty Drinking Water

17 July, 2024: Lamka leh a sehvel in vuah tamtak a ngah nung in, tuinek niin mahmah hi. Well tui khenkhat nektheihlouh ding khop a om in, dam tui siangzaw dawm deuh a, Bungmual khokhung a tuilakna nasan hawktui toh kibang hi. Huchibang kawmkal ah, Tangnuam khua tel in khua khenkhat in tuinek angahlouhna uh kha khat phial chingta hi. Tangnuam khote gendan in, amau khosung veng khenkhat ah tui luanglut mahleh mun khenkhat in tangkha zoulou uh chi ua, tui kailut zoulou ahihziak in mundang apan sum leh pai toh lei ngai maimah ahi chi uhi. Hichibang haksatna tuamtuamte ngaihkhawk kin poimoh a, abiik in PHED lamte etkai ahihleh leng a nawkthei pawlpiten unau tuinek ding tasamte panpihna piak kuul hi.

~ The Tribal Post

Northern Maram Students & Youth: Clarification


Misi kithei ta: Lienkholal Gangte (33)

Lamka, 17 July 2024: Muanhuai tah apat thu kiza dan in Lamka leh Bishnupur district gamgi a om Lamka district sung Phoisanbung khawgei ah 15 July 2024 ni in misi khat kimu a, ahina sui ahinua in Khousabung khawmi ahidan theikhiat in um hi.

Sisa a kimu ahileh Lienkholal Gangte (33) s/o Khupzathang Gangte of Khousabung Village, Lamka District hi a, muhkhiat ahi hun in muat ding in kisata a, a mailam teng muat bei phialta in namse mamah chi'n gen uhi.

Misi pen bangchi dan a si e chi kithei nailou a,mi tha e ahisi leh overdose a si e chi jong kithei nailou a, hinanleh amah mihin zia theikhate'n khamthei bol zongsang hidan in gen uhi.

Connecting The Zo People๐Ÿฆ…

WKZIC condoled the death of Parameshwar Reang & Marangirr Chiru


The 16h July 2024

The World Kuki-Zo Intellectual Council (WKZIC) GHQ Songpi-Lamka, India, is deeply aggrieved and outraged by
the heinous murder of Mr. Marangir Chiru, President of the Kangchup Area Tribal Youth Organisation (KATYO) from
Kangchup Chiru village, Kangpokpi district. He was brutally killed by the Meitei's militia group, Arambai Tengol (AT), on 15h July, 2024 (Monday) whose dead body remains at the RIMS mortuary in Imphal (Keating Naga, Southern
Nagalim). We vehemently condemn this senseless violence and demand justice for the deceased and his family at
the earliest.

We also condemn the horrific
incident of Mr. Parameshwar Reang, a tribal college student from Jagabandhupura, Dhalai district, Tripura,
who was subjected to electrocution, torture and ultimately killed by a group of 25-30 non-tribal youths on 14th July 2024. This heinous act was reportedly a
retaliation for an incident at a fun fair in the Cricket Stadium area, where a mentally unstable non-tribal
man was assaulted (Times of India on July 14, 2024).

We share the pain and outrage of this barbaric incident and demand justice for the victim and his family. We
also pray and hope it does not lead to Tribal and non-Tribal conflict, breaking the social fabrics of May the departed souls rest in peace.

We stand in solidarity with the grieving families and urge the Governments of Manipur and Tripura to safeguard the rights of minority tribals, who have suffered psychological and physical assaults from larger communities. We appeal to the authorities to uphold the constitutional provisions of Article 21, which guarantees the right to life and personal liberty and Article 29, which protects the interests of Minorities.
May the departed souls rest in pecace and justice be served to their families.

~ Issued by Information and Publicity Department.
World Kuki-Zo Intelleetual Council (WHZIC)-GHแปŒ





Naypyidaw Arla Vanleng kuan kikap in Ulian 4 leh adang 16 si Vanleng 2 kisia in 3 kisia

Tuni July 16, 2024 zingsang nai 9:00am hun pawlin Naypyidaw aom Arla Vanleng kuan 107 Rocket ๐Ÿš€ tawh Mountains Knights Civilian Defense Force ten kap uh a tua lai ah Vanlam tawh kisai azalian pian 4 leh adang 16 sipah in Gal vanleng 2 leh adang khat 3 kisiacip in Inn leh lo zong tampi kisia hi ci-in MKCDF in gen khia hi.

Hih tawh kisai Rockets ๐Ÿš€ tang7 tawh kikapin tang5 te ahih leh ka sawmna lianuh tun in kilawh Cing mahmah suak in A-5 Bomber Fighter 1 leh Jet ๐Ÿ›ฉ️ Fighter khat amailam kisia cipin zat theih nanwlo dingin om hi..A-12 Military Transport Aircraft 1 zong ki sia hi.

Hih Naypyidaw kapna ah MKCDF, Mercury Revolution Force MRF leh Brave Worrier For Myanmar BWM te kipawlin akap uh hi-in Thautawite ahih leh cidam takin nung kik thei uh hi.

~ Khit Thit Media


MLA Kimneo inaugurated L&S Tender Dental Care


SAIKUL:16th July, 2024 (Tuesday)

Hon'ble MLA Pi Kimneo Hangshing in tuni chun L&S Tender Dental Care chu Saikul Bazar mun ah hondohna Ribbon cutting ana neiye.

Hon'ble MLA Pi Kimneo Hangshing in, gamsung khantou machalna lah a khat sum le pai lut lheh jongleh hitobang Dental Care hin boipi ah Dr Santana chung ah kipa thu ana seiyin, gamsung mipi in jong hiche Tender Dental Care hi ahin phat chompi ding dan akinepna jong ana phong doh e.



LEILUNG pian hnu ah kum 1985 kum khan a hmasa ber ni turin Mr. Mizoram atan H. Laltlanthanga Bawngkawn tlangval chu thlan a ni. He Mr. Mizoram thlanna ah hian mi 75 velin hming an pe.

Nimahsela a tak a inlan erawh mi 70 an ni thung. Mr.Mizoram an thlanna hmun hi Vanapa Hall ah a ni. Heng hunlai hian Aizawl ah Gym a la awmlo hrim hrim. Hemi hunah hian zankhatna ah mi 30 te an inlan a zan hnihna awm leh in zan thum na ah Mr. Mizoram chu thlan chhuah a nita a ni.
Hemi tum hian inchai chak Lalkulha, Tlangsiama, Vanlalduata leh khang hunlaia tlangval pianthiam Kawnpui tuiliak Ramliana te an in phelh sek mai bakah zaithiam Ngurthangvela pawh hming pe zingah zuk tel a!!.Ai ka laih saih!!. Lalkulha leh Tlangsiama te hi lar tawh sa an nih angin sport lama mipui hip tu/tiphur tu atan a bika sawm an ni a,chuvanga mipui hma a inphelh sek an ni.In elna ah erawh an tel tak tak lo.

Chubak ah thil thleng nuihzatthlak leh chu mi ang mang lo bawl deuh chi nuichunga veng ten an sponsor te pawh an tel nawk mai!!. Judge te an nuih zankhua zak zan te pawh zu awm a!!. 

Runner up hi Laldawngliana a ni a. Aizawl Millenium ah khawl(machine) dawr a siam. 2nd runner up hi Francis Darzika of Nisapui a ni.

Hemi dawta hnung zui leh tu te chu Thangchuanga a ni a Miss Mizoram contestant lar tak Rudy- i pa a ni. A dawt leh ah inchai chak Sanglura a ni. 

He Mr. Mizoram buatsaih tute hi Ramhlun (infin vek lai) Sporting Club an ni. A puipa te chu- Director Er.Dunglena, Chief Engineer P.H.E.Chief judge Lawmsangzuala, IRS, CEO KVI Board organizing secy P.C.Sangkuma llS, PIB te an ni.
A kum leh 1986 ah a organised tu te tho hian Mr.Mizoram an buatsaih leh a Biakthanmawia of Mission Veng chu Mr. Mizoram ah an thlang leh. 

Biakthanmawia hi Tourisim Director a ni thin a pension in a chhuak tawh. A nupui chu Lalrinawmi(Nupuii) D/O Pu Robuanga(L) E.E Serchhip khua a matric pass hmasa ber(1958) a ni nghe nghe.

Nupuii hi a nutapa chu guitarist turu Tornado, Forever Young band ah te pawh lo tel tawh thin Chhuanawma( L) a ni.

Biakthanmawia hi 1985 kuma Mr. Mizoram a thlan tlin Laltlanthanga'n final zanah champion kawnghren a hren tir nghe nghe. 

1985 kuma H.Laltlanthanga Mr.Mizoram a nih tum hian  kawnghren leh no mawi a dawng a. Hemi tum hian pawisa cheng singkhat inchuh a ni.Heng hunlaia cheng sing khat hi chu a tam viau ang.Mahse Laltlanthanga hian cheng 3000/- chauh pawisa a dawng thung.

A chhan ber ni a lang chu contestant an tam lutuka khawdang atanga lokal te an ni a. Khang ho kha an bus fair ilo fahran atan an sem then ve niawm tak a ni. 
Laltlanthanga hi Body Builder a nilo hrim hrim a. Martial Art/ Taekwondo lam mi hrat khaw kheng a ni. Shillong lamah te thiam na zu paw chhuak in Martial Art zirna te pawh a hawng hial. 

Martial Art lama a chetla hi an hmuh in Mr. Mizorama tel turin mit a la em a an sawm a, a tum lem loh in a tel ta a ni.H. Laltlanthanga hian Mr. Mizoram a nih hnu lawk( 1986) ah ATC ah B.Th a zir daih.

B.Th a pass hnu ah a hmasa ber atan Probationary Pastor ni turin Vairengte bial ah dah a ni. Chumi hnu ah Pastor hna a chelh laiin Serampore ah B.D a zu zir leh a 1990 ah B.D a pass a Pastor puitling a nih hnu ah Tripura lam bial a vawng thung.

H.Laltlanthanga hi Hauhnar hnam a ni a. Bawngkawn mihlun mah nise a hna avanga hmun hrang2 ah a awm kual hnu in tun( Oct.2021) ah Armed Veng bialtu Pastor a ni mek. 
-1985 Mr. Mizoram contestant te inphelh sek lai zankhat na.
-1985 Mr. Mizoram final zan.
-1985 Mr. Mizoram a tel- Tlangsiama, Raltawnvela,Lalkulha.
- Ramhlun Sporting club organising puipa te.
- 1986 Mr. Mizoram Biakthanmawia.
- 1985 Mr. Mizoram Laltlanthanga.

THU BELH- Mizorama pianthiam thlanna neih hmasak ber chu kum 1952 ah neih a ni a, Chhuanvawra Biate khua chu thlan a ni.

~ The Zoram Voice


Lamka, 16 July 2024: Nu Thang Sian Vung of Go Cin Khup Veng (pansan) damlohna hangin District Hospital ah sisan Unit -2 kisam in om a, phattuam ngaihna tawh a kisam bangin sisan Unit-2 hong piaksakte:
1. Thangjohnson Ngaihte
2. V. Ginkhankhual
Awlmawhna leh itna tawh a kisam bangin phaltak in sisan hong piaksak sanggamte tungah ZYA Lamka Block min in lungdamna i gen ahi, a piakkhiatna uh hangin damlote a dingin damna leh a piate tungah Topa in thupha hong piaksak ding ithumna hi.

ZYA Lamka Block 


Lamka, 16 July 2024: Voklusa minsa noukhat ₹100 @Highland Butchers, Bungmual. 

Zougam Salpha Te: Thanlon 1997

*via _zogam_news_16.07.2024*




Tuzan nisim 15,July,2024(Monday) zan dak 6:30PM in Siamsinpawlpi Rayburn College Degree Branch Office Vengnuam N/L ah term thak leh alui te'n Incharge kipiak khiakna kinei hi. Tua tawh kiton in Ex President (Thangkhanmuan Ngaihte) in hun zeekna nei a Vice-President (Thangliansiam) in hunpatna thumna nei in programme kizang tou hi. Committee member alui leh athak te apan kikup khawmna tuam2 leh incharge kipiak khiakna te nei in tawpna thumna Education Department apan (Siamlianding) in thumna tawh hunkhakna kinei hi.

Tua ban ah Term lui a Office a ana kizang tou den leh ipoimoh hunte a singpi tuilum leh nek ding tuam2 honpia Office a inntekte tungah kipahna latsak na leh hunpaisa a kihih zel bangin singpi awm ding(chini, bawngnoi, leh singpi te) kipia hi.

Information & Publicity

The oldest living Kuki man: Pu Lamseh Hangshing (106)

Hiche tehsepu hi kum 106 ahitai. 93 boilaiya Joupite mi 80 lol kitan lah a chu amajong jauding ahin, hinlah mithat dingho lah a Mikhat amai kitom khat chun achomlang ah eisol doh in ahi leh tuni chana kahin ahi atin, eimite thusima ding a thil kidang khat ahi jeh a chinin aphai ta hung kiso ahie.

Amin Lamseh Hangshing Joupi vangkho, Tamenglong District, kum 106 alhintah vang in meivah kichoiya jan kholai len mi toh kihou aboipoi, Amounu jong teh ahitan, tua hi atupa toh cheng ahie.

Pathenin kum 106 jouvin jong damna penalai henlang thu le la henomho hetsah jing tahen.

~ Zalengam News


15.07.2024 (๐“๐ก๐จ๐ก๐ญ๐š๐ง๐ง๐ข): Talpakte' thusuak khat in agenna ah; Kuki-te'n Naga-te dou/ nongkaisak dia kisa in, mipi/ nautaang engbawl veu uhi. Ban ah, NH-2 (Imphal-Dimapur) lampi _safe zone_ hisak un chi'n Senapati District Student Association (SDSA) in ngetna _appeal_ ana bawl mahleh ngeingaih lou uhi, chi hi.

Thusuak in agenzelna ah; ngetna kibawl ngaihsak lou in, Kuki-te daai dide in om ua, thu theihsak a om pen azuih noplouh ziak un Senapati District Head Quarter in apaisa ni nih a kipan in Kuki-te doudalna a, kiphinna/ lungkimlouh lahna in Naga siamsin-te'n _checkpoint_ hunkhop lampi ah bawl in, Highway tawn a van tuamtuam hong kipawlut-te Kuki-te' khua a puaklut ding khaam uhi. Huai toh kiton in, Kuki-te doudalna in _economic blockade_ kibawl ngal hi, chi'n taaklang' uhi.

©๐™๐จ๐ ๐š๐ฆ ๐ˆ๐ง๐’๐ข๐ ๐ก๐ญ


แ€žိแ€”်း แƒแ€แ€แ€แ€”်  แ€ฆး แ€‘แ€”် แ€†ွแ€„်း แ€™ုแ€”်@แ€‡ို แ€™ှူးแ€™ုแ€”်
15th July 2024

1. Mualkawi khuami khat CDF-Tonzang in man uh a, Ks.30,000,000 (Tein 33/ 300 lakh) tawh ki tansak uhi.
- Kimatna ahang; hih Mualkawi pa in sanggam Zo te zi in nei hi. A zi tawh kitawng in kikhen uh a, tuapan amah pen a khua uh Mualkawi ah ciah in om suak hi. A pasal in amaak ciang in a zi in Zo MuMung' kiang ah heek in, Zo MuMung in zong a galkapte Mualkawi ah pai in, hih i sanggampa man sak in, Tonzang ah ciah pih uh hi. A innkuante in a va delh ciang in Ks.30,000,000 tawh hong tan un, ci hi.

2. Department of Construction office a sem Zomi khat CDF-Tonzang in man in, Ks.30,000,000 tawh kitan sak uhi.
- Kimatna ahang; hih Thangpu (minesel) pen Zogam gungaal lam khuami khat hi a, Mualkawi khuasung a leisia (broken bridge) puah ding in a nasepna Department of Construction Uliante in asawlna uh om bang in Mualkawi ah pai in, tua lei (bridge) maanzaih (limla) in, puah/bawl (repair) theih bang in bawl in, a omlaitak CDF-Tonzang te va pai in man ziau uh hi.
CDF-Tonzang tawh kiho thei (ki Uitui) Pa Thang Tuang-Cikha leh Siamah Cing Thuai-Tonzang te' kiang ah huhna ngen in, Zo MuMung' kiang a thu le la a va kan sak uh ciang in Ks.30,000,000 mah na ngen uhi. Thangpu pen Ks.30,000,000 tawh kitan khia khinta hi.

3. Mualpi khua mi Nu Niang (minseel) CDF-Tonzang te in man uh a, Ks.30,000,000 tawh kitan sak uh hi.
- Kimatna ahang; hih i sanggamnu pen bang paulap in man uh cih a thucian kikan lai hi.

4. Mualpi khuami Pa Hang (minseel) Motor Cycle bawlsiam khat zong man in, a inn a haaltum sak dikdek khit uh ciang in, Ks.20,000,000 tawh kitansak uh a, a sanggampa zong vuagawp uh hi.
- Kimatna ahang; hih sanggamte bang hang in a inn haaltum ban ah man in a innkuante a vuakgawp bek uh simlo in, sum tawh kitansak uh hiam cih a thukician kikan lai hi.

5. Mihau Thang Kho Zam zong Ks.60,000,000 leh na JCB hong pia in ci in CDF-Tonzang makai Zo MuMung hopih thithe hi. Sum le na JCB nong piak kei leh na inn haaltum ding ci in vaubawl hi.

6. Nia Nuam kiang ah zong CDF-Tonzang makaipi Zo MuMung in hopih den hi. A sum nget zah (amount) lian bel teltak in kithei lo hi.

7. Tonzang ah July 20 ni a ziakai pen in ciahkik ding, aciah lo te na innte uh tawh-khai (kalhsak/laksak) ding ci hi.

Inn hawm ah laak theih ding vanteng beita ahihman in mi ciah leh mipi' tung ah sum ngen thei ding cih lam-etna hiding hi.

~ Zomi Innpi

CRPF jawan killed in Jiribam (new coverage)

 Courtesy: Times of India | The Hindu | New Indian Express | Deccan Herald [15.07.2024]


Trump ATTACK raises fears of Political Violence in US

 Courtesy: Deccan Herald | 15.07.2024


SSPP JHQ, Delhi-NCR in Ginpawl Kipahpih

Nisim 15/07/2024: Taang S. Ginpaul s/o Pa Khamthianmung Ngaihte & Nu S.Lalthangpuii, Nurses residential Complex, Sriniwaspuri a omlel in tunaizek in Delhi State Ranking Badminton Championship U-19 Singles Category & Men’s category ah vualtungtuanna (championship) ana ngah hi.

Hiai bang vualzohna ahon ngah na ah, kipahpihhuai isa mahmah ua, SSPP JHQ, Delhi-NCR min in kipahpihna thupuan i bawl uhi. 

Maban ah leng a hong lamzan touh zel deihsak thu i khak uh ahi. 

Information & Publicity

Mangmingthang found dead

 Unaupa Mangminthang luang tui apan tuni (15 July 2024) in lakkhiak hita.




Volunteer Mr. Thangginlal Chongloi @John (32yrs) S/O (L)Paomang Chongloi of Lhangjol village* in a hong na mualliam sanna ah JPO in suunthu i puang uh ahi.
Date of death-15/07/2024

A luang tuni 15/7/2024 a Martyr's Cemetery mun a vui ding ahi na ah JPO lamkai te atam theipen a MARTYR'S CEMETERY munlam a paikhawm chiat ding in i ki zasak uh ahi.

Hanlai na unau KKL ten mawh puakna hong laksak ding in in i ki theisak uhi.


UZO GHQ in Art & Culture secy vena nei

Lamka, 15 July 2024: United Zou Organisation (UZO GHQ) a Art and Culture Secretary Pu Khupkhanmang @KK Mang damlou SIELMAT HOSPITAL a kizen a um ahi a, ZYO-GHQ in vena vakinei hi.


Lamka khopi sung a veng khat a moulopna khat ah naupang bangzah hiam program zatna kiang a gari khawlte lak ah kimawl uhi. Naupang kimawlte lak ah numei naupang khat leng va telsawm mahleh a khanvualte'n, Nang hong tel koh na pa'n zu kham gige ana chi uhi. Numei naupang leng a lawmte lak ah tel utsam mahleh kisuanglah tak in tel ngamlou hi.

Pa leh nu hoihlouhna tatete'n a lawmte uh lak ah vuallehna, khasiatna leh kingaihsiatna in zangthei gige uhi. Naupang in a neulai a kipan lawmte lak ah a nu-le-pa te ziak a tuambawlna a tuahte mangngilh nawnlou ding a, insung a thil nuam hetlou a tuah sekte un a lungsim uh naktak in buaisak zou hi. Himahleh genkhiakna ding neilou a thuak kenkun hunkhop om ding uhi.

Nupa hinkhua ah neih-le-lam a thupipen hilou a, lungsim ngaihtuahna leh omdan hoih sawm a panlak gige leh tate muh a itna latsak a thupipen ahi. Na omdan hoihlou khenkhat selguk sawm mahle chin, na tate'n nak theihlua uh a genkhe kei uh chihman thu ahi. Naupang kimawlte apan sinlai ka na lak ahihleh, tate'n ka nu huchi, ka pa huchi, keizaw ka vangselua a chih ngoihngoih khak ding uh kivelthak se hetlou ding chihte ka ngaihtuahna hong suak hi. 

~ Anonymous


Rules for drinking water correctly

1. Drink water only BEFORE meals
Not later than 30 minutes before a meal and not earlier than an hour and a half after. So that water does not interfere with digestion and does not dissolve gastric juice.

2. Drink warm water instead of cold water.
Ice water freezes enzymes in the intestines, preventing them from digesting food properly.

3. Drink water in small portions (2-3 sips each).
This is necessary in order not to burden the kidneys.

4. After each sip, hold the water in your mouth so that it mixes with saliva and is better digested.

5. Drink a glass of warm water immediately after waking up.
This is how you flush your body and get it running.

6. Drink water only while sitting down.
This way it will be completely absorbed into the bloodstream in the intestines, otherwise it will simply be excreted.

~ Beauty_USA 


July 15 tuni in Thanlon Sub-Division sung a om Sumtuh khomipite'n a kho kiim uh lamlian vatsiangna nei uhi. Hiai lamlian dung a vatsiangna lak uh ahihleh State Highway, NEC Road chih a om Khazang leh Sumtuh kikal ahi a, mel 8.2 vel a sau ahi hi.

Singnou leh nahnoute a hong sel nawn taak toh kiton in lamnawl ah lampi suneusot thei ding loupa tampi om sek hi. Hiaite a hahsiang un gari hektute naktak in dawnzangkhai ding hi.


Guite Road hahsiangna kipan dek

15 July, 2024: I District a dia lifeline, Guite Road (NH 102B), Lungthul T leh G Bualjang kikal ah men chim thupitak a om ziakin zan apan gari tampi tang hi. Hiai toh kisai in Guite Road Chiefs' Association, Suangdoh Sub-Division Defence Committee leh  Suangdoh unit Defence Committee ten zan apan pan ana la ta uhi. Tuni in Defence Committee ten BIPL camp Maukot va pha in nasem omte va kimuhpih uhi. Camp in-charge te apan thu kiza dan in, JCB khat kia om pen sia a, Poclain puakkhiakna ding Trailer omlou, chih ahi. Hun bangtan hiam kihoukhawm ahihnungin tuni sun dak 01:00pm veel in Supervisor G Thangpi heu in Poclain khat Chiangpi lam tawn in, menchim leisaite thaikhia dingin kuankhia ta hi. 

Lungthul (T) - Bualjang Road left unfinished

National Highway Lungthul (T) leh Bualjang khua kikal Kiginni nitak a menchim tuni 15/7/2024 (Monday) tan ah Lampi hong di omlou. Hiai munlou le Company tuamtuam in kum bangzah hiam paita apan *Centre Fund zang in hon bawl ua, zawh louh ngen in koih ua, mipi a ding in haksatna thupitak tun hi.

Hiai bang thilte a hunhun a enkai pahpah din kisam kasa hi.



Kuki Women Union Manipur (KWU-M) lamkai thah ho Oath of Affirmation Ceremony.

Papaak = Mushroom (Pic)

 An woman selling edible mushrooms, which is called "Papaak", in Thangkhal dialect.

Photograph by
Upa K. Hangkhankhup
Elder, Thangkhal Baptist Church (TBC-ABA), Manipur

Photo Date: 
15 July 2024


Thangkhal Cuisine for Dinner (Pics)

 A peculiar style of making delicious cuisine for dinner in Thangkhal community.

One full-cup = Rs. 120/- only

Prepared & Photograph by
Mr. Kappi Thangkhal
Singer, ZOMI FINS band

Photo Date
15 July 2024


Suh Theng Na: Thangliensang



Tunia pat a hi keima in Nam pi ngailut na jal
leh adeh a KUKI ZO chate hi every 30 years seh leh genthei na leh genocide ena to
chung uva adeh a tuchung meiteis ten
thachi mit dinga eihin bol tah jieh uva alou thei lou va
Unao chapang kibol naleh ei tha nao miel seit na hi aki ve jou mong mong tah lou jieh ebol thei epi ham tia toh thei chan toh ding ahi tia kahung kipat doh ahin
Hiti chun muntina tha leh jung leh Nam sung a. suh tup thei bol toh thei seitoh thei
Tia kahin bol jeng toh lhon in echennao Sugnu lang hi meitei ten inleh lou kho leh
veng ho tampi ahin hal lhah jou nung a hi
Lamkai loi upa cheng toh kiki hou khom kit
a SELLOITHA LEI BRIDGE hi aki seim lou leh mipi hi gam tinna acheh chao gam tan
adeh a chandel district sunga Sugnu area hi e nung chen jou tah lou u jongleh ahithei
chan na khopi khat seim doh tei din hi lungtuop ahi tihi lungil tah a kigel a hiche selloitha bridge hi semtei tei angai tai tia pa
te ho toh kilung toh tak a pan kahin lak a keima poket money kahin ki pohdoh a asung ajan umlou va natoh na ding a nasatah a pan kahin lak a chuleh philanthropy lamkai ho jouse koma jong ka
khut kana do a nasatah a pan kahin lak a tugeiya hi kon epi seijong leh tia keima thil sanga khoh jo a kagel a kahin toh leh
Tuhin kavet leh miho Kam lhou lhah nading
beh jo chu kana hi kha tan ahi
Epi hita leh tua pat na hi ka pan mun leh Nam natoh nahi kajao tak lou din ahitai tihi hiche social media mangcha a mipi het dinga kahin sei ahi
Chuleh achesa phatsung a ngailut val jieh kana bol khel hihen kasei khel hijongleh
abon cha a nei na ngaidam uvin tia avel a kahung tao kit ahi
Mihem aki hi in e lhing lal na jong tampi um inting esei khel jong tampi um din ahi hijongleh ngailut na neipum leh uleh nao
hina jalin nei Ngaidam diu vin pakai mina ngaidam kahin thum e
Keima hi insunga pasal changkhat jong kahi in chuleh chihna hetna thiem na neijong
kahi pon ngailut na jieha pan kanah lak khah joh ahi
Tua pat na hin SELLOITHA LEI committee a
kon a jong keiman kapan mun na kona kahai tai tia kahin hetsah ahi eipi hileh achesa sunga bol khel toh khel jouse nei ngaidam uvin tia kahung tao ahi

Pathein in KUKI zo chate umpi jeng tahen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ 

~ The Tribal Post

Bride falls from verandah!

Varanda atangin tlahlum
Dorothy Vanlalremtluangi (37) d/o Lalnunpuia, Chhinga Veng, Aizawl chu zanin (14.7.2024) dar 7:38 khan varanda atanga a tlakna-a a hliam tuar loin thi.

Dorothy hi vawiin tlai khan Saron Venga an chhungte inah chaw a ei a, a pasalin a hruai tur chu motor dahna tur varanda aแนญanga a hrilh chu, varanda tlang a bawh chu lo rinawm tawk loin a leiah a tla.

Nikhaw hre loin a awm nghal a, damdawi inah hruai a nih hnuah a hliam tuar loin zanin dar 7:38 khan a thi. Naktuk chhun dar 12 ah vui a ni ang.

Dorothy-i leh Lalnunpuia hi Kimin April 18 khan Chhinga Vengthlang Presbyterian Kohhran Biak Inah an innei a ni. 

~ The Zoram Voice

ARAMBAI TENGGOL | Condolence Message: Ajay Kumar (43)




~ Paul Lalramliana

A tir aแนญangin Argentina in game an thunun a, game thunun zawk Argentina chuan goal erawh an khung thei mai lo.A hnuah, vanduai thlak takin Argentina thiampuipa Messi a inhliam zui   a, muttui nen khelmual a chhuahsan.

Champion phua a tir aแนญanga khel แนญha Argentina chuan an thiampuipa tel loin Colombia an hmachhawn zui zel a.Beidawng leh tha thlah hauh loin an khel zel a,hun tiam chhungin goal lut thei meuh lo mahse, vanneih thlak takin extra time tawp dawnah Argentina chakna goal ni turin Lautaro Martinez chuan mawi em em in goal a khung a. A hnu lawkah hun tawp zuiin Colombia 1-0 in an hneh a, Copa America nomawi an chawi ta a.

Tunah chuan, Mittui nena Khelmual chhuahsan tu Messi pawhin a ke vung ul thei nghilh แนญhak khawpin a hlim leh sรขng tawh. Ka lawmpui e.

Argentina an fakawm em emna chu an thiampuipa in a zir bawk a. Khelmual a, an nungchang a แนญha.

Champion phu an champion hi a lawmawm.

Argentina 1 - 0 Colombia
ARG: Lautaro Martinez 112' 

Central YLA Chuan Thu Chhuahna Nei

July 15, 2024: India ram Mizoram State Lawngtlai leh Siaha District a Central YLA hmalakna chungchangah lawm lo leh demna thu thang a awm avangin Central YLA chuan pawi a ti a thu chhuah na nei.

Tun ah hian boruakin zia awm lam a pan theih lo avangin Central YLA chuan hmalakna nei chhun zawm dawn a ni.

~ Zofa Journal 

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