Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) Demands Scrapping of Draconian UAPA

Samyukta Kisan Morcha Condemns UAPA Sanction by Delhi L-G on Esteemed Author Arundhati Roy and Academic Sheikh Showkat Hussain 

Modi-led NDA Government Once Again Attacking Freedom of Expression

RSS Silent Despite Recently Asking Modi to Not Consider Opposition as Adversaries

SKM Demands Scrapping of Draconian UAPA

New Delhi | June 20, 2024: The SKM finds it abhorrent that the BJP-led NDA government with PM Modi and Amit Shah at the helm have already begun the illegal prosecution of dissenting voices in the country. This time, the hammer of authoritarianism has fallen on noted author Arundhati Roy and former professor of law Dr Sheikh Showkat Hussain. The draconian UAPA has been slapped on both individuals after a gap of 14 years, with Delhi L-G Vinay Kumar Saxena sanctioning the Delhi Police on June 14 to act on an FIR filed in 2010. 

While Roy is being charged of making a ‘separatist speech’ regarding Kashmir, no such statement is available for Hussain. Further, in the last 14 years, there has been no incident of violence that can be traced to the alleged speech. A careful examination of the speech given by Roy shows that she had shown the lack of democracy existing in different parts of India, including Kashmir, Northeast and Central India. In her talk, she urged people to be on the side of justice, justice for even the weakest sections of society. Thus, it was more of a call for establishing a true democracy where people need not live under threat.

The slapping of UAPA reflects that the present government, although cut down to size in recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, nonetheless wishes to continue with its older line of clamping down on any dissent and branding it as ‘anti-national’. Thus, we have seen that the National Investigation Agency sent to jail 16 leading intellectuals and activists with false charges in the Bhima-Koregaon case. Student activists like Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam and others too are behind bars for many years. We may also remember that last year, NewsClick Founder-Editor, Prabir Purakayastha was arrested under UAPA. 

Prof. G N Saibaba, famous Indian Scholar and former Assistant Professor of Delhi University was acquited by the judiciary after he spent 10 years in jail under UAPA. No compensation given to him and there was no punitive action against the officials responsible for such illegality.

What is interesting is that the parent organization of the BJP, the RSS has publicly asked the ruling party to respect the country’s Opposition. Speaking at an event in Nagpur three days before the UAPA sanction on Roy and Hussain, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said that the Opposition should not be considered as an adversary in a democracy and their views should also come to light. Such high phrases are praiseworthy but only if they hold any real meaning. The truth remains that RSS holds no respect for either dissenters or the Opposition at large. Their silence as the police moves to arrest Roy and Hussain is proof of this.

The UAPA is single-handedly the most draconian law at the behest of this government to attack the Opposition. It is also patently unconstitutional and strikes at the very roots of Indian democracy. For these reasons, the law must be thrown into the dustbin of history. The SKM demands that all political prisoners in jail under the UAPA be released immediately, and that the UAPA is itself scrapped. 

The SKM stands in complete solidarity with Arundhati Roy and Dr Sheikh Showkat Hussain. 

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Media Cell | Samyukta Kisan Morcha 
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LAMKA and Churachandpur are two different locations altogether and have different stories of origin. However due to the political manipulation of the Meitei people of the valley, the two have been amalgamated into one. It might sound confusing but if you know the histories and origins of both these places, the two are not the same and should not be confused with. The real Churachandpur is a hillock 15 kms west of Lamka, which was previously known as Songpi. Songpi was later changed to Churachandpur to honored the Maharaja Churachand. Lamka, the current District headquarter, on the other hand existed separately and had no connection with Songpi. Songpi was the old sub divisional headquarter which was abandoned in 1930. After 10 years of this abandonment, the new Sub-Divisional headquarter was moved to the present Lamka town, which was incorrectly put in the paper as Churachandpur by the people from the valley.

Background history of Songpi as SDO office:
After the Zou gal (the Kuki Rebellion) in 1919, the administration of the Hill Tribes was in the hand of the British Officers, Political Agents, Vice-Presidents and Presidents of the Manipur State Darbar (Manipur Raja). However the British Government refused to hand over the hill administrations to the Raja of Manipur citing that they would be too dangerous. (Notes written by Col. Maxwell, Col. Woods and Col. Shakespear. 29 July 1937, File No. G.S. 2753 of 1940, Dillip K. Lahiri & Binal J Dev: Manipur Culture and Pollitics 1987, pp 111-112)

From Songpi to Churachandpur:
In the year 1919, Manipur Hill areas was reorganized and the whole of Manipur Hill Areas was divided into three administrative units. Songpi was made the South-west Sub-Divisional Headquarters, the others headquarters being at Ukhrul and Tamenglong. In 1921 Mr B.C. Gasper, the SDO of Songpi threw a feast in honour of the France returnees and the Maharaja of Manipur, Churachand Singh also took part in the feast. On that occasion Songpi was renamed to Churachandpur after the name of Maharaja Churachand.

How Churachandpur (Songpi) was abolished:
On 1st January 1930 the South-west Sub-Division was abolished and the headquarter abandoned. The whole area was placed under the President of Manipur State Darbar with two Sub-Divisions - Western Sub-division with its headquarter at Tamenglong and the eastern part annexed to Sadar Hills Sub Division with its headquarter in Imphal. This was how the Churachandpur Sub-division abolished.

From Songpi to Mission Compound:
After the abandonment of the Songpi Sub-Division Headquarter, the Darbar Resolution No 2A of 29th January 1930 approved to leased all Sub-Divisional properties to the North East India General Mission (NEIGM) with a yearly fee of Rs 600. Later on 26th September 1930, after the verbal agreement of Semthong Haokip, the chief of Songpi and Mr Coleman who represent NEIGM, the chief agreed to transferred the land and all the rights he had to the mission. Accordingly the NEIGM made payment to the village chief for the land and called Mission Compound and not Churchandpur. However some people still refer to it as Old Churachandpur.

Origin of Lamka:
In 1930 around the same time two Paite gentlemen established the present Lamka. Pu Phungkhothang Guite established the present Hiangtam Lamka and Pu Zenhang Valte established the present Zenhang Lamka. This two villages were together called Lamka. At that time when they established this twin villages there were no other villages nearby and the whole area was under thick forests, abound in wild animals, teemed with mosquitoes and devoid of people. Malaria was too common and people from the hills were reluctant to live in the valley. But slowly Lamka began to flourished from village to town and the population increased rapidly.

How Lamka became District Headquarter:
Ten years after the abolition of Churachandpur, there was need to re-established the Sub-divisional office. So Mr. Pearson and Pu Thangkhopao Kipgen came for site selection for the SDO's Office. They went to see the old site at Churachandpur (Songpi), but found abandoned structures left behind by the American troops after the World War II. Considering the poor condition of the old site Churachandpur, Lamka seems to be a better location for the SDO headquarter. Therefore, the Circle Office was housed at the present residence of the Deputy Commissioner, Lamka. However with the political manipulation of the Meitei, the new SDO headquarter at Lamka was still imposed with the old name of Churachandpur, which was already given to Songpi.

On 14 November 1969, Manipur was re-organized into 6 administrative units and Lamka/Churachandpur was the headquarter of Manipur South District. Later in 25 May 1983, Manipur was re-organized again into Districts and Churachandpur District was one of the hill district.

Chief of Hill Town Pu Dongzakai Gangte who was the Municipal Chairman in the year 1986 declared that Lamka was the correct name for Churachandpur District via 44th Municipal Board Meeting Misc Agenda No. 4 Dated 18.12.86 and the Municipality Board forwarded the request to the government for approval.

On 27 October 1982 the following 7 chiefs gave their consent for the correct name Lamka, and agreed to the memorandum that was submitted to the Deputy Commisioner by APSU to change the name from Churachandpur to Lamka : (1) Hiangtam Lamka, (2) Bijang Loubuk, (3) Bungmual, (4) Tuibuang, (5) Chiengkonpang, (6) D. Phailien and (7) Headquarter

Let me also add what Pu H.K. Neitham, Executive Officer (Town), Autonomous District Council, Churachandpur, 1982 have to say about it:
"In my opinion the present Churachandpur Town will be more appopriate and correct if it is called 'Lamka' in view of the fact that during the British Rule in Manipur State, this place was called as 'Hiangtam Lamka'. The so called Churachandpur which was after the name of late Sir Churachand Singh, Maharaja, was at a place of the present Mission Compound or Old Churachandpur or Songpi, a distance of about 15 kms from the District Hq, Churachandpur"

Songpi is history now, which was an abandoned sub-division headquarter and it should not be confused with Lamka - the current District Headquarter. Although the name Churachandpur applied to Songpi, the meitei manipulated the government record and incorrectly called Lamka as Churachandpur. The aspiration to change the name of Churachandpur District is to correct the imposed name of Lamka which is the current District Headquarter and not the Churachandpur that was associated with Songpi.

Book reference:
1. This is Lamka by Dr. Tualchin Neihsial
2. Account of the valley of Munnipore and of the Hill Tribes by Major W. McCulloch 1859
3. Foreign Deparment Report on Chin-Lushai Hills, Sep 1892
4. Dr. H. Kamkhenthang "Lamka Town vis-a-vis Churachandpur, 1995 

By Ginza Vualzong

(Views expressed are personal)

*via WAP.

Thangkhal Sinlai Pawlpi (TSP-GHQ) Manipur: Notification

General Headquarters

THEIHSAKNA | 19th June, 2024 

Ahung tung ding  13th July 2024 ni chiang a Thangkhal Sinlai Pawlpi (TSP-GHQ) Manipur saina nuai a Class 10 & 12 a lawhchinna nei te Felicitation-cum-Career Guidance kineih na ding a lawhchinna nei a Min hung pia teng hih a nuai a te ahi uhi.

Gelh khaklouh/diklou/pia nailou ten hih anuai a Ph.No. a akin thei bang a hung khak ding in kung thei sak uhi.

Lun: 9366155055

Amos: 8787351205


1.Chingmuankim d/o Paukhanthang

2.Hangmuanlian s/o Kapninthang

3.Thanghaumang s/o Khupmuanthang

4.S Nianghoihkim d/o Haumuan

5.Chiinnunhoih d/o Laanglianpau

6.Haukhannuam d/o Gousommung

7.Khamliankhup s/o Zamsuanthang

8.Nianghoihnuam d/o Chinlunthang

9.Nehmalsawm s/o Thangkhohau

10.Naomi Chiinneidim d/o Khuplamthang

11.Chiinbiakkim d/Hauchinpau

12.Pauneisiam s/o Gouzalun

13.Jenny Lamneiching d/o Khupkhanpau

14.Haulalsiam s/o Chinsuanlam

15. Jennifer Lianlunching d/o Khupzapau

16. Niangngaihnou d/o Thanghaupau

Class -12

1.Chiinsuanching d/o Chinlianmung

2.Khaigenthang s/o Thangsuankhai

3.Suanlamthang s/o Chinsuanhang

4.Nemneihoih d/o Jangkhomang

5.Chinghatkim d/o Chinsuanlian

6.Chingzokim d/o Zamsuanthang

7.Tete Laltlingmoi d/o Kholdeihching

8.Khaisuanlian s/o Khupkhanlam

9.Kammuansiam s/o Haukhankap

10.Thangmuanlian s/o Kamsuanthang

11.Thangmuanlam s/o Gousommung

12.Thangmuanlian s/o Khupsuanhau

13.Daimuanlal s/o Khupkhanpau

14. Chiinbiakhoih d/o (L)Thangsianmang

15. Kapittlian s/o Chinsuanlam

16. Manghauthang s/o Thangaikhup

17. Niangneiboi d/o singenthang


Education Secretary
Thangkhal Sinlai Pawlpi (TSP-GHQ)


BA/BSc. 1st Semester (NEP)(2023) to be commence from 24th-27th June, 2024


M. Khaigoumuan promoted to ASI


Pa M. Khaigoumuan S/o (L) M. Zingthang of Dorcas Veng, New Lamka ni bangzahhiam paisa a Promotion order asuah toh kiton in tuni (29.06.2024) Asst. Sub Inspector (ASI) piak in om hi. Sum a lei thoh hilou a lohkhiak thoh hiai bang lohchinna hon ngah i vengsung mi a omkhak ikipahpih mahmah ahi. 

Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽ‡

False Claims by Meiteis: Dr TS Haokip

                        ~ Dr. TS Haokip
                       The 19th May 2023.

"Clarifications on MLA Nishikant and Karan Thapar Interview" ~ The Wire

In regards to Meitei MLA Nishikant's claim over SONGPI-LAMKA
(Churachandpur) in Kuki Hills as Meitei Land in his interview with Karan Thapar in the WIRE on16th May 2023, stating that Churachandpur was named after the name of Meitei King of Kangleipak Churachand Singh, one needs to know the underlying historical facts and official gazettes and orders.

The origin and original name of present day Churachandpur was SONGPI @Songpi-Lamka in Manipur South district, located within the erstwhile 'HAOKIP RESERVED' (Cosgrave's order, Manipur Darbar Hill Misc. Case No. 616 of 1907,Haokip Reserved) in Kuki Hills (History of Kuki Hills in Kanglei Manipur 1852-1949, 2010).

The word LAMKA means Road Junction, named since longtime back, even before the colonial regime in Indian sub -continent, by the Songpi Chief
   1. PU THONGHEL HAOKIP, (1775-76)
   2. Khellet
3. Helkhup
4. Letthong
5. Khupkhosem
7. Thongkhomang
8. Semthong
9. Mangkholun
10. Thenkhogin
11. Lunminthang, f/o a minor boy,
12. Letminlen Haokip (2023) [12th Generations from (L) Pu Thonghel ].

(Source: DS Haokip, Lunkhosei & Teiseng Haosapi)

As per Thadou-Kuki customary 'Law of Inheritance & Governance', the current Incharge Chief of Songpi village is Pu Kamthang Haokip, till the 5 years old minor boy attains the age of 15 years of age to hold the Chiefship of Songpi village.

Geo physically, Songpi-Lamka is the meeting point of 4 (four) routes as Sugnu-Imphal -Thingat-Tipaimukh' roads. Basically Songpi-Lamka, briefly known as LAMKA (Junction) was a marshy wetland infested with insects, flies and leeches with grooves of huge oak trees between. Pu Zenhang Valte and Pu Phungkhothang Guite were the first settlers of present day Zenhang Lamka (former BIJANG LOUBUK) and Hiangtam Lamka in the jurisdiction of Songpi as per gifted to Zenhang and Phungkhothang by Songpi chief (L) Semthong Haokip [Great, great Grandson of (L) Thonghel ] with a Kuki traditional system of acquiring/ gifting of land through a Jar of wine (Jubel/ Dangkabel), after independence officially  during 1956-57. Both Zenhang Lamka and Hiangtam Lamka were recorded as a scheduled villages by LHUNKHOLET KIPGEN, SDO SONGPI (SW) SUB-DIVISION in the Manipur Gazette, dated, the 4th December 1957. As a sign of Kuki
traditional gratitude, shri Zenhang named his son as LETBOI (current Chief of Zenhang Lamka, 2023) after the name of SDO Khupkholet, as KHUPKHOLET- LETBOI as per Kuki traditional system of naming.

Prior to Indian Independence, SONGPI was the headquarters of Manipur South-West district, and Mr. B.C Gasper was the SDO of Songpi (Dr. Tualchin Neihsial, Understanding the Zoumi, 2023, p.183) during 1919-1925 with all administrative offices and Christian Mission centre at Songpi Mission Compound' till late 1960s. Predominantly, the so called Manipur/ Kang Leipak@ Kangleipak was in the Central valley with Kuki Hills in the first outer layer, towards South-east and Manipuri Nagas inhabiting the 2nd outer portion Northwest of present day Manipur.

For administrative conveniences, Manipur Hills was divided into 3 divisions as Manipur South, Manipur North and Manipur East divisions respectively by the British. Later in the
year 1969, Manipur East was changed into UKHRUL, North into TAMENGLONG and South into CHURACHANDPUR, (after the name of Churachand Singh K.C.S.I.C.B.S the Maharaja of Manipur) by an order of Manipur Government No. 20/39//69-D, dated the 12th November 1969, thereby dividing Manipur into 5 districts having 25 sub-divisions. Manipur South district was again consolidated as Churachandpur for the second time by the Revenue Department's Order No.43/2/81-R(pt), dated, 15/07/1983,

(Source: District Census
Handbook- Churachandpur 2011).

To prove the true ownership of outer Manipur including Songpi-Lamka
(Churachandpur) in Kuki Hills, with Kangleipak (Manipur) in the middle, it is imperative to mention the order of British Officer BC Gasper, SDO (SW), dated the 22nd June 1925, Case No. 25 of SW Crossiur of 22/6/1926, that stated the Meiteis (Manipuris) to give Ukok (Tax) to Kuki chief, Waison Haokip of Waison Leirik village to cut large trees for boats, bamboos and plantain leaves at Thangting (Thangching) Range of Kuki Hills in the form of tobacco etc. ..

(Sources: B.C Gasper‟s Order 1925 & Hill House Tax Payment Slips, 1915-1916.

In regards to the name of Songpi-Lamka which is equivalent to Moirang-Lamkai, sometimes called only as LAMKHAI, Songpi-Lamka, named by the original pattadar/ owner of the land, Pu (L) Thonghel Haokip during 1775-76, was mostly called only as LAMKA for convenience sake, as in the case of Moirang-Lamkhai as LAMKHAI (road junction for Imphal-CCpur-Kumbi'. Relating to this issue, in the year 1982, several organisations such as 'All Paite Students' Union (APSU), Churachandpur Students Union (CDSU), All Zomi Students Associations (ALZOSA), and Paite Media and Communication Committee (PMCC) had submitted a 'Memorandum' to the then Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur, Mr. D.V Singh, vide No. nill, dated, the 27th October 1982, signed by E. Vungkholian, general President and G. Langchinkham, General Secretary, requesting for renaming Songpi-Lamka (1775-76) then into Churachandpur (1969) as LAMKA.

Accordingly, the then DC Mr. D.V Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur
Vide Memo.No.2/DC/(S)/234/83, dated, the 23rd March '83, forwarded it to the Secretary (Revenue), Government of Manipur, Imphal with the subject, "Renaming of Churachandpur Township as L.A.M.K.A". the Government of Manipur through the Revenue Department's Order No.43/2/81-R(pt), dated,15/07/1983,consolidated as Churachandpur.The probable reasons behind might have been due to non-co-operation from the part of other tribes at oneside and the Government of Manipur to annex Songpi-Lamka into Kanglei Manipur on the other perspectives, which resulted into the Government of Manipur's Genocidal War 2023 epicentre at Songpi-Lamka.The district continued to be officially called and known as Churachandpur, which the Meiteis in general and in particular MLA Nishikant claimed as the Land of the Meiteis in his interview with Karan Thapar in the WIRE on the 16th May 2023.

Regarding the  'Tug of War' over Churachandpur and Lamka of former Songpi Sub -Division, then into Manipur Southwest and then into Manipur South district and finally into Churachandpur district officially, by Churachand Singh K.C.S.I.C.B.S the Maharaja of Manipur by an order of Manipur Government No. 20/39//69-D, dated the 12th November 1969, and consolidated as Churachandpur for the second time by the Revenue Department's Order No.43/2/81-R(pt), dated, 15/07/1983.

In this connection, mention can be made of Calcutta re-christened into its original native name as Kolkata, Bombay into Mumbai and Orissa into Odisha etc etc can be a 'Guiding Light' to re-name Churachandpur into its original and native name as SONGPI or SONGPI-LAMKA or Songpi District, Lamka town to solve the long pending Socio-Political issue and name of Churachandpur, former British SONGPI SUB-DIVISION, 1919.

Churachandpur profile : Sominthang Doungel

Churachandpur is a famous district of Manipur. It is situated within the eastern hilly regions of Manipur 60 kilometres south from the Capital Imphal. It covers 4570 square kilometres and lies in 93.15 degree East and 94.0 degree East Longitude, 24.0 degree East and 24.3 degree north Latitude.It is on an elevation of 914.4 metres with beautiful landscape and salubrious climate. The district is bounded by Sadar Hills in the North, Myanmar in the south, Chandel and Bishnupur in the East and Assam and Mizoram in the west.

The climate of Churachandpur is at best in the month of October to March. It is extremely cold in the month of December and January. The District attracts huge rainfall from April to September.

 Before the coming of the British, Churachandpur was inhabited by different tribes who were collectively known as Kukis.During those days the present town which is the greatest valley in Churachandpur district was known as L. Haokip reserved areas. 

Haokip reserved areas extended till Paldai lui near Singngat in the south. It is bounded by Koite river in the north, Khuga river in the east and Tuila river in the west.This valley part of L. Haokip reserved areas was infested with mosquitoes and people felt safer to reside in the hilly side which came to be known as Songpi village. It is rather abtruse to locate the exact date of the establishment of Songpi. 

However, taking into account events of the boundary dispute, Songpi had with Singngat it is believed to be as old as Singngat village which was established in 1800 AD.Songpi, the biggest village during those days was made one of the three Sub- divisional Headquarters and BC Gesper ( ICS) was posted as the first SDO of Songpi Sub-division. During those days there was not a single Village in the Present Churachandpur town. However, in the surrounding areas some villages like Khopibung, Gelmol , Teising , Bijang and Songpi were already there. . Thus, the entire area of the present churachandpur town was under the authority of Songpi Chief.

With the return of some natives who joined the Allied British Force as Labour corps in France during the First World War, BC Gesper, the Sub-divisional Officer of Songpi organized a grand feast to welcome them. Maharaj Churachand Singh was also invited to attend the feast as Guest of Honour. To venerate the visit of Maharaja Churachand Singh, the Songpi sub-division was renamed as Churachandpur sub-division.In 1993, Churachandpur sub-division was further divided into two circles namely - Churachandpur and Thanlon. 

At the end of the Second World War in 1945, the two circle offices were placed under one sub-divisional unit known as Churachandpur sub-division.As the Christian Missionaries ( NEIG Mission) set up their HQ at Songpi village it came to be known as Mission Compound or Old Churachandpur, which remains relevant till today. 

The district came under Japanese aerial attack during II World War. It was a battle ground between the INA supported Japanese Army and the British Army.The Songpi sub-division being already occupied by the Missionaries, a new administrative office was established at Hill Town.

 On 21st January, 1972 Manipur was confered the status of a full - fledged state under the Indian Union. The following year, three more Legislative Assembly Constituencies were carved out in Churachandpur namely : Henglep, Tipaimukh and Singngat.Churachandpur district now has 6 Assembly constituencies and hence 6 members of Legislative Assembly. In 1961, Churachandpur town was notified as a small Tribal Community which was upgraded to a municipality in 1978.

 Ten years later the Municipality status was abolished as it could not have the privilege of Rural Development funds.

The district is divided into five Revenue Sub- Division namely -i) Churachandpur Sub- division, ii)Singngat Sub- Division, iii) Thanlon Sub- Division,iv) Tipaimukh Sub- Division and v) Henglep Sub- Division.

Revenue sub-divisions are contiguous with the Tribal Development Blocks except for Churachandpur sub-division where there are two blocks namely : - Churachandpur and Samulamlan Block. The Sub-divisional officer also act as a Block Development Officer. 

In 1980, the Border Road Task Force ( BRTF) constructed Tipaimukh and Guite stretched of road upto the boundaries of Mizoram. The district is now well connected by roads. 

Almost the entire district is affected with shifting cultivation practices resulting in creation of ecological disturbances. Shifting cultivation involved the slash-and-burn of felled trees and a thick smog and huge eclipse the sun when jhum areas are burnt during the month of April and May.

The earlier 15-20 years cycle of shifting cultivation on particular land has reduced to 2 - 3 years now. This has resulted in large scale deforestation, soil and nutrient loss, and invasion by weeds and other spices.

 Attempts have been made to provide other alternatives of livelihood to the local population by the Govt. agencies and NGOs.Apart from large number of timber species, there are innumeral varieties and kinds of orchids, medicinal plants, ferns, bamboos, canes, wild relative of large number of our cultivated plants and even plants of biological curiosities. The forest division of Churachandpur is gently hilly in the southern part.The general appearance of the hill ranges is that of irregular ridges, occasionally rising into conical peaks and flattened ridges of bare rocks.

 Varieties of flowers and trees and different animals like bear, deers, wild hog, reindeers and many more different species of animals and birds are found. Rivers like barrack river, Tuijang, Tuipi, Mongkai, Leimatak are the important rivers of the districts. Among the rivers from the south, Tuitha river flows in the eastern heart of the Churachandpur town.

Churachandpur is currently inhabited by different tribes of Kukis. Languages spoken in Churachandpur district includes : 
Thadou Kuki language 
Paite-kuki language 
Hmar-kuki language
 Vaiphei-kuki language 
Gangte-kuki language 
Zou-kuki language
Simte-kuki language
Kom-kuki language
Aimol-kuki language
Chin-kuki language

These different tribes have a common customs and cultures and comfortably communicate by using their own dialects. This shows that they are ethnically one group. 

Churachandpur has a modern outlook and cosmopolitan culture is visible everywhere.

 In the beginning of the 20th century, Christianity spread in the district which has a great bearing on the life of the Kukis in Churachandpur district.

People from other states like Bihar, Assam and Uttar Pradesh also migrated to start their own business. Most of the grocery stores and other small business are owned by these group of people.

 Among the hill districts of Manipur, Churachandpur is the most rapidly developing district headquarters. The lingua-franca in this district is each own dialect.All societies are patriarchal and the system of hereditary chiefship is prevalent. Their cheiftainship passes by the right of birth. The women group also plays a very pivotal role in agriculture and animal husbandary. There are few entrepreneurs since they traditionally ran after government jobs only. An overwhelming majority of the people of Churachandpur are now imbibed into Christian faith. The rapid spread of education and Conversion into Christianity has not materially changed the social order, but it helped in bringing to an end the savagery that characterized an early tribal life.

As of 2011 census Churachandpur has a population of 271274. It ranks 575th in India out of the 640 districts. The population density of it is 59 inhabitants per square kilometres with a sex ratio of 993 females for every 1000 males.

 According to 2011 census a total of 477 people lived on foot-path without any roof to cover. This approx 0.17% of the total population of the district. About 6.70% of the district population lives in urban region and 93.3% lives in rural region. Churachandpur has a high literacy rate, which can be attributed to the initiatives of the church, NGOs and Private edu-preneurs. There are two government degree colleges- Churachandpur college and Lamka college. 

Several Govt. schools with fake teachers are non-functional and the absence of good govt. colleges compelled many students to seek admission elsewhere.

However, the district is well served by competitive private schools. Some of the schools which have made excellent contribution to the educational standard of churachandpur district are - Donbosco school, St. Mary School, St. Paul Institute, Blue Star Academy, Salt Brook school, Rayburn school, Sielmat School, Young Learners' School, etc.

The unprecedented ethnic clash between the Paite-Kuki and Thadou-Kuki in 1997-98 disturbed this delicate human ecology in Churachandpur town.

However, better sense prevailed among the two groups and the town recovered from the bitter agonies of ethnic conflicts.There are all sorts of amenities and facilities available for daily needs. There are Tourists house, circuit house, hospital, custom checkpost, stock offices, inspection bungalow, sub- divisional offices and educational institutions.

Khuga Dam, a multi-purpose project located in south of Churachandpur in August 2016 ::

There is also a Mini Stadium at Tuibong with construction nearing completion. State owned All India Radio has a local station which transmit various programme of mass interest. There are also various cable operators offering quality services which telecast on incidents occuring in town such as events, festivals and accidents.There is a telegraphed facilities and telephone companies like Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea etc are also rendering their services in the district. Some notable museums of Churachandpur are Agape Museum at Tuibong and Tribal Museum at Hill Town. 

The general administration of cChurachanndpur rest in the hands of the Deputy Commissioner. Social responsibilities lies in the hands of the Chairman, Autonomous District Council and law and order rest in the hands of the Superintendent of Police and the Commander, Assam Rilfes.

Churachandpur district has tourist spots like Khuga Dam ( a multipurpose project dam) which is about 7kms from Churachandpur town. The dam project began in 1983 with an estimated cost of Rs. 15 crores. The dam is constructed to irrigate the plains of ccpur within 20kms of the dam site. It is expected to provide 1.7 mega watt of electricity for the town and supply 5 million imperial gallons of drinking water for the town.The dam was set to be completed within four years.

 The construction came to a standstill due to alleged financial irregularities. The project resumed in 2002 and the estimated cost has gone upto over 280 crores. It is now one of the most beautiful artificial lake of North-East India.About 32 kms from Churachandpur is the Tonglon cave, an important tourist attraction. There is also Ngaloi waterfall about 5kms from the town near the old headquarter Songpi where tourist lodge has also been constructed by Manipur Government.

 Set on the panoramic western banks of Tuitha river, Churachandpur is one of the most beautiful districts of Manipur. 

(Views expressed are personal)
*via Social Media


The State Bank of India (SBI) has released recruitment of Specialist Cadre Officers posts under various regions.

Pay scale: Rs. 28,170/- to Rs. 69,810/- per month.

Name of the post: Special Cadre Australia (Chartared Accountant Specialist MMGS-I)

Total no. of posts: 18 posts

Age limit: 21-35 years

Eligibility: Chartared Accountant (Would be preferable if passed Chartered Accountancy in one attempt)

Registration: Eligible and interested candidates can apply for the post by visiting  the official website

Application fee: Gen/Others - Rs. 750
SC/ST - No fee

Starting date: 07 June 2024

Last date: 27 June 2024

#Recruitment #Job #Hiring #Vacancy #Career #Bank #SBI #CA #Banker #India

What Happened on 8th June to 17th June in 2023 (One year ago)

JUNE 20, 2023 ni in Meitei terrorist te apat attack a um lou Zieh in 8th June - 17th June ate ina report khalou te uh report bawl vai.

πŸ›ž KukiZ🟣 20 June 2024 | Thursday

Tam 8 June apat 17th June 2023 sung in Ana ki gen minthang Khamenlok area a Khamenlok, Boljang, Songjang, and Aigejang a kikap tuah na thupi te tuang a, MEITEI ten bieh inn sung a voh gouba zu leh sa toh a lopna te uh ki gen kha hi.

8TH JUNE, 2023
Two indViduals of Meitei origin, namely Laitoniam Kuber (54) son of the late Ibopishak, and Louriyam Niakanta, also known as Sanathoi (23), were suspected of conducting surveillance in the Prem Nagar area of Lemakhong, were apprehended by vigilant Kuki- Zo village guards. However, it's important to clarify that they were subsequently released upon the request of Brigadier Neil John, Deputy General Officer Commanding
(Station Commander) of the 57 Mountain Division, based in Leimakhong. Contrary to certain Meitei media reports, it is essential to emphasize that these individuals were not arrested by Kuki-Zobarmed groups. Rather, their detention was carried out by dedicated village volunteers.

9TH JUNE, 2023
The Meitei Militants dressed in army combat attacked Khoken in the New Keithelmanbi area of Kangpokpi
district in the early morning of around 4 a.m. The villagers thought it was a combing operation by the Arny
as they all were dressed in Army Uniforms. Suddenly the villagers were shot with automatic rifles.

Three villagers died on the spot. They were
1. Jangpao Touthang
2. Domkhohoi
3. Khaimang Guite

Two were injured:
1 Tongneh
2. Thangkhojang

One villager is still missing.
Lalkhohao Khongsai (26) s/o Dongkam Khongsai (Later found dead)

12TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei Leepun and Arambai Tenggol cadres led by State Police Commandos approached Khamenlok and attacked Kuki-Zo villages from three fronts - Aigejang, H. Khopibung, and Khamenlok. Around 45 houses in H. Khopibung were Burned to ashes at around 5:30 PM, injuring four persons. Meitei commandos attacked Loklaiphai village at around 2:30 PM One Kuki- Zo village volunteer Muansang Naulak (22) died in the attack.

13TH JUNE, 2023
At approximately 730 PM, Meitei radical groups led by Manipur police commandos. including Arambai Tenggol and Meitel Leepun, launched another assault on the Khamenlok area, The affected villages in this devastating attack included Khamenlok, Boljang, Songjang, and Aigejang. In a disturbing display of aggression, the attackers, feeling triumphant, took part in a celebratory act by killing pigs in Aigejang. They proceeded to indulge in drinking and merriment within a church. However, the village volunteers, seizing an opportune moment when the Meitei attackers were least prepared, launched a counter attack, resulting in the death of several Meitei assailants.

14TH JUNE, 2023
Thangza Village (30 houses), Phailengjang (22 houses), and Saizang (12 houses) from Island Block of
Kangpokpi District were Buned by Meitei radical groups. BJP lone woman MLA Nemcha Kipgen's quarter at Lamphelpat was Burned down.

15TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei radical group Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun cadres attacked New Lambulane and Checkon areas in Imphal and Burned down 3 houses and 1 school belonging to the Kuki-Zo people. School Burned Baby Seikam Memorial English School Meitei radical group Arambai Tenggol, Meitei Leepun, led by state forces - Manipur police commandos and
IRB attacked Phuoljang, Gothol, and Kangvai villages injuring one village volunteer.

16TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei radical group Arambai Tenggol, Meitei Leepun, led by state forces - Manipur police commandos and IRB Continued their attack on Kuki-Zo villages in and around the Kangvai area. Firing continues from last night's attack.

17TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei radΓ­cal groups Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun attacked Kangvai in the early morning around 4:00 AM. No casualties Wwere reported. One Edward Haokip (54) was arrested and framed in Imphal for burning houses in Checkon and New Lambulane.

🌎 Kuki-Zo Civil war Series News🚩 




06:30pm: Slovenia vs Serbia
09:30pm: Denmark vs England
12:30am: Spain vs Italy

Fortaleza vs Gremio
Juventude vs Vasco
Sao Paulo vs Cuiaba

Cruzeiro vs Fluminense
Internacional vs Corinthians

Vitoria vs Atletico Mineiro

Al Ahly vs Arab Contractors

Montreal vs New York Red Bulls
Charlotte vs Orlando City
DC United vs Atlanta United
Inter Miami vs Columbus Crew
Toronto vs Nashville

Cincinnati vs Philadelphia Union

Austin vs Los Angeles
Dallas vs Minnesota United
Houston Dynamo vs Seattle Sounders
Sporting Kansas City vs Real Salt Lake
St.Louis City vs Colorado Rapids

Los Angeles Galaxy vs New York City
San Jose vs Portland Timbers


πŸ”– UEFA Euro 2024 Results: 19-03-2025

Germany enters Knock-out Round

⭕ 19-06-2024 Result (Wednesday):
1. Croatia 2-2 Albania.
2. Germany 2-0 Hungary.
3. Scotland 1-1 Switzerland.

πŸ”² 20-06-2024 Fixture (Thursday)
06:30 pm - Slovenia vs Serbia.
09:30 pm - Denmark vs England.
12:30 am - Spain vs Italy.

Thangkhal Youth Organisation in Jiribam a Kuki-Zomi-Hmar te di'n panpihna pia

Tuni Date 19 June 2024 ni'n Jiribam lam a Sanggam Meitei gal ziak a buaina tuak te panpihna  ding Thangkhal Youth Organisation (TYO-GHQ) Manipur a pan a Thangkhal khua leh Saptuam omna teng a pan in Rice 50kgs - 03, 26kgs - 03 bags, leh Puansilh  - 01 bag, Dal - 1kg le Sum  Rs 2100/-(Sum pen hng lut beh lai dia gintak ahi)  don khiat a omteng  JPO GHQ ah va kipia hi.

Tua leh Khuasung-Vengsung /Saptuam / mimal hitaleh, neih khamkham siit lou a kiphal tak a nana piak khiat na tung uah I TYO min in genseng louh lungdam thu kung gen hi. 

Chimoh beidong te panpih jou din I Biak Pasian in Hong gual zawl chiat ta hen ... 


Information & Publicity 
Thangkhal Youth Organisation (TYO-GHQ)

Powerful Speech: Pu Lalduhoma, CM, Mizoram

“Striking down 28 fake appointment of teachers
in one night is uncomfortable…”

πŸ”­Long Live CM Mizoram
Fire Speech
Very Powerful SpeechπŸ’ͺ
🎚️ Thanks to Pu Duhoma! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘




Home Minister Amit Shah, who left Manipur with a promise to return within ten days and resolve the conflict in the said period, finally revisited the state after 11 months in view of MP election. The statements he made during his visit are all lies.

Instead of standing by the promise he made 11 months ago, he is reiterating the same statements like a broken record player.
It seems he (Amit Shah) has forgotten how to behave and speak like a leader, seeing how he is bringing up unfortunate incidents, which is likely to cause tension.No solution has been achieved in any of the incidents occurring during BJP's term.


KSO-Bangalore welcomes aspiring Kuki Journalists on their Educational Journey

Bangalore, June 18, 2024 — In a significant stride towards empowering the Kuki community in the field of journalism, four dedicated Kuki students have embarked on their educational journey at the prestigious Don Bosco Institute in Kerala. This achievement has been made possible through the unwavering support and resources provided by Eimi Times, which recognizes the critical need for representation and voice within the community.

The Kuki Students' Organisation (KSO)-Bangalore is proud to encourage, pray for, and extend a warm welcome to these aspiring journalists. Today, prior to their departure for Kerala, a special reception was held at the residence of Pr Tonglen Saum, the incumbent advisor of KSO-Bangalore. This gathering served as a platform to celebrate their aspirations and offer them the community's heartfelt support and blessings.

We are immensely proud of these young individuals who have chosen to pursue a path in journalism. Historically, the Kuki community has had limited representation in this field, which has often resulted in our rights and stories being misrepresented in the media. We hope these students will inspire others to follow in their footsteps and believe that their future contributions will be invaluable in advocating for our community.

We wish them the best of luck in their studies and look forward to the positive impact they will have on society.

Issued by:
Mr. Seilalmuon Haokip
Secretary, Information & Publicity

Dead body found in Thoubal

THOUBAL, 19 JUNE 2024:  A dead body of a man reportedly found in Thoubal, Manipur this morning.

The deceased has been identified as Thongchom Arun Meitei. Details awaited.

> Hwjik ayuk Thoubal District Ki Manung Channa Leiba Sangaiyumpham Gi Panjeng Lambi Hainna Khangnba Salamacha Dagi Saban Faoba Yaba Lambida Ashiba Hakchang Ama Taduna Leire.

> Nungtigi asiba tarambagi pao na wai chaire.

Tuzingkal in Thoubal district ah Thongchom arun meitei* sisa in kimu.   


18th June 2024 | 2:30pm

Kawlpi pan Tedim lam a kahto (taitou) SAC' mawtaw (gari) 3 te Taingen tungnailo uh hi, ci in People Defence Army (PDA) thunei khat tung pan kiza hi. Kawlpi tawh tai 3 (3 miles) a kigamla Mualpi gam ah SAC te khe tawh Tedim gam lam hong manawh uh ci in zongh kiza hi.

Tedim lam pan SAC mimal 100 te in Thuamvum lazo kikta uh a, Kawlpi pan zong mawtaw (gari) 3 hong kahto (taitou), Mualpi gam ah zong khe tawh Zogam lam hong manawh SAC te om ahihman in Taingen zong a ngahkik nading uh hong hanciam kik mai ding hi, ci in PDA te khat in gen hi.

Pic: Taingen khua


Matupi Township CB Operation Chu Pass Ani, CB Lam An Lung Awi Lo

June 18, 2024: ⁠Chinland ram Chin State Matupi township Military Council SAC 304 Camp chu nimin June 17 khan Chin Brotherhood AA, YAW ARMY - YA tangrual chuan an lak fel thu operation buat saih tu Chin Brotherhood lam chuan vawiin ah tlangzarhna nei.

CDF-Matupi Brigade-1 ( Battalion 1,5 ) chuan Pasaltha 5 an chana, ralthuam tha hnem tak laksakin SAC sipai man te pawh an nei bawk a ni.

Matupi Township operation kal pui a nih laiin CNA leh CDFs a thawhpui ten Chin brotherhood leh a thawhpui te chu an kah thu Chin Brotherhood lam chuan an sawia statment te pawh an chhuah nghal a ni, CNA leh CDFs lam atangin eng thu mah sawi fiahna a la awm lo.

Boruak erawh a sang ang tih a hlauh awm hle. Chanchin Update zawm leh a ni ang.

~ Zofa Journal 

Assam govt relocation

Assam Solkal in Departmental relocation a bawlna uah Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in sabeu lian tangpen. 

Between Nirjuli & Banderdewa (video)


18 June 2024: A portion of NH415, along with a culvert, was washed away at the #Karsingsa sinking zone in the morning, snapping connectivity between #Nirjuli and #Banderdewa in Arunachal Pradesh.


Condemnation by LM Khaute, MLA



18th June 2024: Falam-CNDF vs CDF-Hualngo vai zong buaina sosang ta ahihman in a sawt lo in Chinland Council a zopnop kei uh leh kikapna piang thei ding cih CDF-Hualngo makai Puite-a in gen hi. Hualngo tangdung teng a siah khon (tax dong) khempeuh zong na lakhia un, cih phinna _warning_ zong bawl khin uhi.

Hualngo te'n CNF te zawn a, ZRA hong do' uh pen Hualngoram' deihna hi. Galkap kumpi (ukna buluh) paulam a gam kek nuam uh hilel, cih Falam te'n zong thei uh hi. Tuahang mah in zong tu'n kipawl khawm lo khin uhi.

CNF te' khα»₯tzat te zong lungkim zo nawn lo ta uhi. CDF-Tonzang in zong bangtan hong khan' (semkhawm thei) ding uh? cih ngaihsutna khat hong lut hi.

Zoland supporter pawl te'n ZRA panpih teng list akaihkhop saan laitak uh ahi hi. USA kumpi' tungah khiat ding leh nasiatak a action laak sawm ahihdan uh zong ging hiauhiau hi.

Photo: CDF-Hualngoram-te Tedim district Len Nupa (Buannel) ah.

Chinland Council Chuan Sawi Fiahna Nei

June 18, 2024: BURMA Chinland ram Chin State Matupi township operation na ah Chin Brotherhood lam chuan CNA leh CDFs tangrual ten an kah thu chu an sawi a. Chinland Council lam chuan AA a dem hle a ni.

CDF-Matupi Brigade-2 leh Chinland Council ( CNA, CNFs ) tangrual chuan Matupi township military council SAC camp 140 chu May 17 ah kap turin hmalakna an lo nei a, mipui raltlan chu Chinland Council Pasaltha ten an buai na ah Chinland Pasaltha pakhat chu AA leh a thawhpui ten an lo man a. AA leh a thawhpui ten Chinland Council hmalakna an lo tih buai vang leh kawng an lo dan chah avanga in kap an nih thu a sawi ve.

Chinland Council chuan Matupi SAC camp 140 chu lak ngei a la tum thu leh an hna thawh lo ti buai lo tur in thu chhuahna nei ve a ni.


AA leh CB in Matupi SAC sakhan a kapna ah CNA in SAC te huh ahih man in CNA+SAC vs AA+CB kikapna piang hi.
CNA te SAC tawh a kikop gige uh hi a,Zomi te hong khemnop na,Zomi te hong khenkhap nopna uh tawh ZRA minsia sak uh hi.

SAC leh CNA Mopawi tuni Matupi pan mipi nautang in muta hi.

CDF Hualngo makai Puitea Ngapik in a zuaugen te ama tungah tukik🫣
Chin Aung Laing (CNA )ki deih nawnlo hi


KAWLGAM in mipi thuneihna (democracy) hon neihma in CNF/A te ngongtatna ziakin mipi kithuahpihna ki tasam mahmah ua, amau leh amau leng ki enkol zoulou dekdek in mihing hileh Hospital ICU ah om tawh kibang hi uhi. Hiaiziak mah in a bitna di un Kawlgam in mipi vaihawmna (democracy) hong muh Myanmar sorkar toh ceasefire agreement suaikai masa lawi in pang uhi. I theih di ua poimoh tuh Kawlgam sunga Ethnic Armed Organisations (EAOs) tuamtuam mipi thuneihna diktak leh federal union deih taktak, a bik in Kachin te bang in ceasefire himhim ana sign ut vetlou uhi, a ziak ahihleh huai hun a democratic government kibulphuhna danbupi (constitution) ah kichetlouhna (loophole) tampi om hi.

Hun hong paitou zel in, 2021 in Kawlgam sepaih heutute'n coup hon bawl taktak uhi. A tung in gambuppi kiphinna hon om mahleh armed conflict hon suah takin Kawlmi taktak te thawmging hon dai deuhdeuh in, Ethic Area-te kia ah kidouna hon  om hi. Hiai kidouna pen phaze sa in Junta sepaih dou ding chih paulap in Chin sunga nam tuamtuam mipite khemzou ua, himahleh Hakha gam mipite interest kia a nasem uh ahih hong chiang deuhdeuh hi.

Khalui lam in Junta sepaihte dou ding leh Chin state apat nohkhiat ding chih paulap in Zomite luahna gam beihpi hong suah ua, mi chitaklou leh gin-om lou heutu hih ut khenkhat te ziakin i gam tamzaw amau thunuai ah om tadih hi. CNF/A te'n junta galdou ding chisek mahle uh uh theihsiam haksa mahmah bel zan (17/June/2024) in Chin Brotherhood kipawlkhom ten Matupi Khawpi junta-te apat lakik dia aki saklai un CNF ten ana nang mawk uhi. Hiai apat Hakha pawl CNF-te'n Junta sepaih toh kizopna guk nei ahih uh kichian a, policy kichian leh ethics himhim neilou ahih ban uah amau pawlpi lalna ding in numei kizuak banga gamtat poisalou ahih uh theihtheih hi.

Munchih a om Zomite i khangloh hun petmah ta hi. I gam leh nam phungvuh a nasem iki saklai ua namdang policy semsuahtu a pangkha i hi hiam chih ki etkik poimoh petmah hi.

.A zekai luatma in ka Zomi pihte... Ganhing in zong khomialma khomui hun in a chipih sapihte kiang zuan hi.  πŸ™πŸ™

~ Truth and Freedom! *BTT*



17th June 2024: Tuzing a kipat in NH-37 (Jiri-Imphal) ah Nupi pawl (KIJTN Women's Wing)-te'n lampi daal in, hiai Highway tawn in gari lian hi'n gari neu hileh taai phallou uh hi'n thutut kingah hi.

KIJTN= Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenglong & Noney

©π™π¨π πšπ¦ πˆπ§π’π’π π‘π­

Manipur divides into 3 parts?

The report to Home Minister Amit Shah divides Manipur into three distinct parts, each represented by a different colour. This category most likely reflects the security forces' administrative strategy or mode of operation. Regardless of the technicalities, the Central Government clearly recognises the isolation of tribal communities from mainland India. The colours also represent Manipur's three primary communities: Nagas, Meitei, and Zo people (which include the Kuki, Zomi, and Hmar). 

~ The Tribal Post

Bangchi leh KHAMTHEIH KHUKPI Puumpelh ding

Awareness ah

Numei, Pasal
Kum 10 to 18

Dancing siam etnop huai leh nuam taktak
zong om jel2 ding ahi,

Date, 22.6.2024
Time, 1pm
Vanue, YPA Kanaan New Lamka

Organised by
DaakMual Team


UNLF MPA echin enao ningol mcha sing amsung piba macha sing punma ngasi Eid gi kumhei pangthokminaba❤️❤️❤️


Rebuttal to Kuki Lies Exposed


1. British Chassad Area,  Kuki Hills -1907
2. British Jampi Area, Kuki Hills- 1907
3. British Mombi Area, Kuki Hills- 1907
4. British Songpi Sub-Division, Kuki Hills-1919

ETHNOGRAPHY (Caste & Tribes) by Sir Athalstane Baines, published in January 1, 1912 at Page 160 stated as:

# KUKI - 67,200
# MEITEI - 69,400
Difference - 2,200 only.

After 110 years in 2023:
# MEITEI - 15,00,000
# KUKI (O&N) - 6,50,000
Difference - 8,50,000

Blood is Thicker than Water:
All Kuki-Zo ethnic blood related, related clans & sub-clans which the British Imperialism divided into Old and New Kukis to suppress and subjugate them are having same Culture, same Tradition and same Language with related dialects.

They were subjugated and further divided into CHIN, KUKI and MIZO after Independence, who were furthermore divided into Tribes during 1956 ST/ SC Modification Act.

They still are one inspite of suppressions and subjugations, and 'Divide & Rule' into Chin -Kuki-Mizo and as New Kukis and Old Kukis.

~ KReF & WKZIC ~ 


Govt. Regd. No. 239/M/Sr/1991

18th June, 2024 || TUESDAY

Kuki Film thusim adia suhmil theilou Salem Veng Saikul Bazar Sadar Hills (Kukiland) a cheng Pu Boilet Singson, Director/Producer Kuki Film LUNGLENNA CHOLLHA in janni chun BP Stroke jeh in Super Care Hospital, Meghalaya (Shillong) mun ah leiset gimna mun dalha in eina dalha tauve.

Amahin 1990-91 kum vel chun Kuki Film *Lunglenna Chollha* kiti Kuki Film hi nam mipi muthei din ama Director/Producer hina noijin ana bol doh e.

Tunia Kuki Film thusim adia it umtah Kuki Filmmakers lui khat in eidalhah nau chung ah; Kuki Film Industry, *KUFIDA* in ka it nau vetsahnan lunghempina thuthot kahin nei uve.
PU BOILET SINGSON, Kuki Film Lunglenna Chollha* Director pan tunin eidalha tajongleu adamlaija ana boldoh Film hi Kukite khang thusim ma Film min kisut na chan a mang talou ding ahi. Pathen in adalhah insungmite lhamonna bukim hinpe jing tau hen.


Deff Mate
Secretary, Information and Publicity 

Kuki Inpi Jiribam, Tamenlong & Noney District: Suhtheng na



18/06/2024: Moreh mipi hongphal tah a Nam gollhang VV ho neh leh chahding hijat hin cho ho chung ah kipathu seijoulou ahung kiphong in ahie.

Pathen in phatthei naboh jing tauhen,Gam leh Nam adia napan uhi Pathen in hoijo sem a napan thei nadiu vin damna chuleh phatthei na lhingset nangho leh na Insungmite chungah pejing tahen.

From :

CDF-Matupi Pasaltha Pakhat Kan Chan Leh Ta

June 17, 2024: Chinland ram Chin State Matupi township lam ah Chin Brotherhood lam chuan operation an nei mek a, vawiin ah CDF- Matupi Brigade-1 Pasaltha Pa Tu chu ram leh hnam mipui zalenna tur atan a nunna a hlan thu hriat a ni.

CDF - Matupi Brigade-1 chuan Pasaltha 3 an chan tawh a, Zofa Journal chuan kan tuarpui tak zet ani. Boral ta Pasaltha te chu Salai Thang Boi, Salai Shwe Lian leh Salai Pa Tu te an ni.

~ Zofa Journal 



Man found shot dead in Manipur

An unidentified man was allegedly shot dead. The body was found in Nambul Mapal, with bullet marks on his forehead. Details awaited.

Crime is increasing in Manipur! 

πŸ“œIrom Meijrao Mamang Loukol, Nambul Mapal ah pasal khat thau toh kaplup sa luang mukhiat in om hi.πŸ“œ

Paominlun Kipgen promoted to Flight Lieut in Indian Air Force

Mr. Paominlun Kipgen S/o. (L) Thanggin Kipgen of KMC was promoted today from the rank of Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant of the Indian Air Force. 



Chapang jankap ho jendan khat:

  Chapang, Adeh a naosen hohi ajeh beiyin akap ngaipoy akitin ahin.
   Isiltheng lou jeh ham, Ivah va lou jeh ham,  Anun neh lou ding aneh jeh a a oi na ham, ahilou leh Ajeh dang khat jeh a kap ji ahi.

     Sei theilou ahijeh in Naosen chu silthenga, vahva set a, anun jong naosen asin sunga neh lechah kiven tei tei ngai ahi. Idu du neh a inao aka teng ihmu mo toumo umjong, Ngolman, Lopman a eile ei ki-engbol akihi e.

   Ijemtia Ajeh kihelou va jan khangkim dunga kap ahikhah leh Vailou/Loubong do le apah kihal phabep lah a, Inoilhoh a atwi chu Chapang Oipoh,Luchang,Dehpang, lujang ho ijutpeh jileh apha e. 


Viral video: CDO-IM-UGs

 Cdo , NSCN IM leh Sani UG.

*via social media


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