Manipur: ZRO spells out UPF’s aspiration

Imphal, March 18, 2013 [TSE] --- Zomi Revolutionary Organisation (ZRO) has made it clear that the political aspiration/demand of the UPF is to create an autonomous hill State within the State of Manipur without affecting its territorial integrity.

Notably, UPF and KNO are two conglomerates of Kuki armed groups which are under tripartite SoO pact involving the Government of Manipur and the Government of India.

ZRO/ZRA is a constituent member of the UPF. The other members are KNF, KRA (U), ZDF, HPC (D) and ZRF.

Speaking to media persons at Churachandpur today, ZRO/ZRA external affairs secretary Calvin and home secretary Khuptang decried that the tripartite peace process is too slow.

One of the foremost demands put forward from the side of UPF for the political dialogue is creation of an autonomous hill State within Manipur without compromising its territorial integrity under which there can be a separate administration for the hills.

The UPF has already submitted memorandum to the Government of India as well as the Government of Manipur highlighting its political demands which would encompass all the six Autonomous District Councils.

However, the peace process is making little progress and it is not desirable at all, they said.

Claiming that ZRO alone has more than 400 cadres, Calvin and Khuptang informed that around 100 cadres are staying in the Mulvai designated camp while the remaining cadres would be housed at the designated camp being constructed near Thanlon. Arms and ammunition of the cadres have not been handed over to the Government rather they are kept in safe store with double-locking system.

They further confided that they found it hard to manage daily affairs with the meagre Rs 3000 given by the Government to their cadres as monthly stipend.

As of now, the Government has not made any arrangement to impart vocational training to the cadres stationed in the designated camp.

"We would wait and see what kinds of trade Government would take up for vocational training and it is also essential to ascertain what the cadres want for their vocations", they said. On being asked about the recent spurt in drug smuggling activities, the rebel leaders claimed that abuse of drugs has gone down considerably in Churachandpur district following a ban imposed by the party.


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