BSNL job scam in Churachandpur, Manipur

A bogus company which operates by the name of Broadcasting Service Network Ltd. and projecting itself as a 3G Indian Mobile Service has been duping persons seeking employment by giving them fake appointments in their fictitious company.

The ‘clients’ are charged in the tune of Rs 2 lacs to 7 lacs for a post equivalent to their qualification.

The main office of the ‘company’is located at Lamboi Khongnangkhong, Imphal West and comes under the Lamphel Police Station jurisdiction. There is no banner or signpost which confirms the existence of the company.

Sources mentioned that the scamsters in question started recruiting people from March 2012 onwards.

The modus operandi of the culprits is to engage touts for roping in potential job seekers in their fraudulent firm. What is required is for a person to hand over 8 passport photos, proof of qualification and an appointment letter, which is given at the office once the entrant doles out the money.

The ‘appointed’ person then gets a cut if another candidate is roped in.

The post available ranges from security guards, peons and officer levels.

The officials are termed as assistant zonal officers,zonal officers, managers etc.

Sources further confirmed that the company has a policy of recruiting about a thousand staff from the State and was subsequently to be posted throughout the northeast and other districts of the State.

The scamsters had also opened makeshift offices at Jiribam, Kakching, Churachandpur, Saikhul, Moreh and Ukhrul among other areas. It has been learnt that at least more than 600 individuals have been ‘appointed`.

The ‘BSNL’ acronym created confusion among the applicants and the local BSNL office at Babupara and officials were approached by the job seekers to inquire if there are any posts available.

The culprits operated on the pyramid scheme model or Ponzi scheme. The money of one client was further distributed to the person and others. Thus, the money collected was distributed to the new arrivals and the other staff.

It was observed at Lamboi Khongnangkhong that persons within various age groups came smartly dressed and for ‘work’ at the head office.

But the `staff` were fobbed off with the explanation that `the  3-G equipments were set to arrive in Imphal only in April 2013. As a result, the `office goers` mixed among themselves, sat on a table at the Lamboi Khongnangkhong park and whiled the time.

Ironically, they did get their salary which was collected from them in the first place.

The `salary` ranged from Rs 3000 per month to Rs 8,000 depending on their job specifications.

Further remuneration was promised after the machinery arrived and the proper commencement of work.

The scam came into light when Churachandpur police busted the makeshift office on March 9.

A high ranking police officer of the district said that the matter was beinginvestigated and the office had no credible documents to support their claim. “They did not even have fake documents,” the officer maintained.

The scamsters had opened office at Saikot and appointed about 109 persons. It was learnt that the appointed individuals from Churachandpur wanted to open an office formally by inviting dignitaries and putting up a signboard.

But, the matter was hushed down by the ‘managers’ that such activity may invite unnecessary problems from the underground organization. There was one episode of a woman appointee’s handycam being snatched by the managers as filming of the office was not permitted.

The self appointed joint director I Kunjakishor,–, s/o Pradeep Singh of Waiton Awang Leikai, Deputy Chairman, A Ibochouba Singh—of Sagolband Yengkhom Leirak and executive member , I Nilamani Singh,54, s/o I Ibobi of Lamboi Leikai has been arrested by the police. They have been remanded to police custody for 10 days.
Source: kanglaOnline

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