Affordable Accomodation for North East Student at Delhi

Accommodation Facility Available for College Students in Delhi
N.E. Hostel cum Discipleship Centre

Many of our talented and educated young boys and girls were sent-off far away from home for further studies in the national capital city, Delhi by parents with high expectation to get degrees and good jobs or services. Many of them became unsuccessful due to lack of proper guardianship and safe place to concentrate in their studies which became a great burden for the families and for the society today. Now a days many of our students (youths) are living freely and even neglecting their spiritual life and relationship with the Almighty God. With all these burdens in mind, a N.E Hostel-cum-Discipleship Centre is being set up especially for students coming from the North Eastern States of India pursuing their degree course in various colleges of Delhi. The total capacity is up to 15 students, all necessary lodging and fooding, except personal daily uses like soap, tower, toothpaste, etc will be provided. Separate room allotted for boys and girls. A common mess will be served in the hostel. The monthly fee is Rs 5000/- per head.

The main aims and objectives:

Ø     To provide a safe and proper place of studies, give and help to concentrate in their study and their spiritual life in Delhi city, to meet the expectation of their parents.

Ø     To give a platform where the young boys and girls can grow in their physical and spiritual life.

Ø     To facilitate a bridge to bring peace, harmony and brotherhood to all society all over the world.

Ø     To let them know the importance and the expectation of the parents and society upon their lives.

Ø     To provide such other services as may be considered appropriate for promoting the need of fearing the Almighty God and the need of education by organising prayer meetings, counselling and educational seminars.

For more detail kindly contact:

T. Chinpu
Diploma in Ministerial Service
N.E. Hostel-cum-Discipleship Centre
HNo. 35, Top Floor
Near Prateek Market,
Munirka, New Delhi-110067
Mob.: 08447349099 / 08750457743

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