Northeast girls harassed by CISF at IGI airport in New Delhi

While women continue to demand for safety in Delhi, yet three Northeast girls were harassed by a CISF man at the IGI airport. On 29 June 2013 between 1pm to 2pm three girls from Northeast India were allegedly harassed by a CISF Constable, Ram Chander Chaudhury at IGI domestic airport. The three girls were harrassed by the constable while they were waiting for their siblings coming from Imphal to Delhi by Indigo flight which was to arrive at 1:30pm at the airport.

The girls told the North East Helpline that Mr. Ram Chander Chaudhury, a CISF constable came and asked us 'Why are you sitting here for so long' and when we replied we are waiting for a flight then he continued on asking unnecessary things 'Which flight, show me your Identity card'.

"There were many people sitting near us, some have been sitting longer than us but Mr. Ram Chander Chaudhury didn't ask anything from them. We were too shocked that he was targeting only us since we look different. He took advantage of our young age and different looks from the rest of other Indians sitting nearby us. His intention was to stalk us as he was roving his eyes all over our bodies while abusively demanding to show him our identity cards," the three girls said in tearful eyes.   

Dr. Alana Golmei, General Secretary of NE Helpline said, "They are my nieces and I was also standing few metres away from them along with my cousin sister when the incident happened. One of my nieces called me on my phone and told me to rush to where they were being harassed by one CISF man, who was in civilian cloth. Then I rushed to the place where they were sitting. I immediately intervened and asked politely to Mr. Ram Chander Chaudhury what was it all about and he angrily replied he was doing his duty according to the order of CISF Vigilance. When I requested for the standing order he tried to persuade me to go with him and see from his office. I insisted him to bring the standing order of CISF (any order that says one should not sit in IGI domestic airport for more than one hour). Meanwhile I also spoke to another personnel from Ram Chander's phone and the man on phone said the same thing that they were vigilance personnel of CISF and that he saw nothing wrong on the behaviour of Ram Chander.  Later, another CISF official whose name was R.S. Sharma appeared along with Ram Chander. He was trying to justify on behalf of Ram Chander saying that there was no harm in asking for their Identity cards and added that the girls could have just showed it which further appalled me".

Inspite of repeated calls to the concerned authorities and central government regarding the discrimination and harassment of Northeast community residing in Delhi and NCR region no visible action has been taken up so far.

The North East Helpline strongly urged the Ministry of Home Affairs (Govt of India) and any concerned authorities dealing with CISF Vigilance at IGI airport to take strong action against Mr. Ram Chander Chaudhury for harassing and stalking the three NE young girls on June 29 2013. This is not the first time, there were many unreported incidents in the past where NE community were harassed by the security personnel and airline officials as well in IGI airport, New Delhi.

The North East Helpline also sought clarification from the concerned authorities whether there is such rules imposed to people who look different especially the Northeast community to be harassed in this way. And this incident happened while Mr. Ram Chander Chaudhury was carrying out his official duty, therefore, we appeal to the concerned authorities to be answerable for the said matter at the earliest. 

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