ZORO snubs 3rd World Zomi Convention

KANGGUI, Aug 19, 2013 [TSE] --- The ZoRO (Zo Re-unification Organization) has decided not to take part in the 3rd World Zomi Convention/3rd Global Zo People Convention to be organised by Zomi Council of Manipur.

according to ZoRO general HQs, Aizawl (Mizoram) the Convention being organised by the Zomi Council of Manipur is not sponsored by the ZoRO.

ZoRO said that the Peoples' Conference Party of Mizoram and Zomi National Congress Manipur jointly hosted the 1st World Zo Reunification Convention on May 19 and 20, 1988 at Champhai in Mizoram which is always called "Zo Khawpui", where the generic name 'Zo' coined by different writers was deliberated for naming the Zo nation and hence instituted "Zo Reunification Organization" for their social, cultural, economic, spiritual and political affinity.

Different Zo-folks from different parts of the world also adopted a joint resolution to unify all the Zofate (sons of Zo) within the Constitution of India in the Convention, the ZoRO HQs said.

It further informed that the Zofate (Sons of Zo) are under tripartite divisions of India, Myanmar and Bangladesh since the British period.

Realizing that it is the UNO where to put up their aspiration for reunification and not within the framework of Indian Constitution taking into account that it is not appropriate to put up the issue from one country under the supervision of one political party, they resolved to sustain the issue under the banner of NGO.

Consequently the 2nd World ZoRO Convention was convened at Vanapa Hall, Aizawl in July 1991 where a fresh ZoRO (Zo Reunification Organization) was constituted thereby keeping it aloof from any political party keeping in mind the decision of the Chin-Lushai Conference of 1892 at Fort William in Kolkata.

Hence, the ZoRO, acting from different angles as an independent organization for reunification of all Zofates participated in sessions of the World Indigenous Peoples under the auspices of UN namely UNWGIP, UNPFII, EMRIP and other seminars and training conducted in respect of the rights of the Indigenous Peoples of the World.

It continues to participated in such sessions from 1999 till date. Therefore ZoRO does not feel it imperative, as of now, to conduct convention of all Zofates since it finds no other compelling issues, said the ZoRO General HQs.


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