Manipur: Landslide kills 21 in Chandel

NEW DELHI, 01 AUG 2015 — In a shocking incident, a landslide killed atleast 19 persons in Manipur.

Landslide in Chandel district, Manipur on Aug 01, 2015. 
Joumol village, under Chakpikarong sub-division of Chandel district, was almost completely swept away by a massive landslide in the early morning of August 1st, 2015, leading to the death of 19 villagers including women and children.

Some reports say 21 died.

Some of the villagers who died in the tragic incident are:-
1. Semkhothong Baite (60) S/o Ngamjaon Baite
2. Khamneng Baite (60) D/o Semkhothong Baite
3. Semkhothang Baite (60) S/o Ngamjaon Baite
4. Semkhoson Baite (65) S/o Khupjang Baite
5. Khanching Baite (60) W/o Semkhoson Baite
6. Semkholet Baite (50) S/o Khupjang Baite
7. Jangminlun Baite (20) S/o Semkhoson Baite
8. Mangkholet Baite (40) S/o Ngehkang Baite
9. Hoineilhing Baite (30) W/o Paolet Baite
10. Doujam Baite (03) S/o Manglet Baite
11. Paojamang Baite (01) S/o Manglet Baite
12. Thangmang Baite (40 M)
13. Holmang Baite (40 M)
14. Thangkhenlal Baite (40 M)
15. Mary Baite (35) W/o Thangkhenlal Baite
16. Jangginlal Baite (25) S/o Jamkholun Baite
17. Tongkhothang Baite (35) S/o Hemlet Baite

Serou Bidge in Chandel district, Manipur. Pic: Social Media
Friends from Sugnu area of Chandel district also confirmed that many people died in Joumol, which is a far-away village located in the border of India and Myanmar.

Chakpikarong bridge in Chandel, Manipur. Pic: Social Media
Joumol has 21 families with a population of 96, of which 53 are males while 43 are females as per Census 2011.

Mr Jason A Shimray, Secretary (R&DM), Govt. of Manipur send a message today to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Chandel, Superintendent of Police (SP) Chandel, Autonomous District Council (ADC) Moreh, and Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Moreh.

“The District Administration Chandel has verbally reported that 20 villagers of Joumol village have been swept away by landslide today 01-08-2015 morning at 6.30 AM including 12 houses. Joumol is located 83 kms (motorable) Holenjang + 15 kms (non motorable) from Tengnoupal HQ, Rescue Operations undertaken by Assam Rifles and Villagers from nearby, Aibol Joupi 4 kms away. Only 1 (one) villager could be saved,” Mr Shimray stated.

Many people are now in distress and helpless after the tragic incident.

Air rescue operation is currently underway in Chandel, as latest sources reported.

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