LAMKA, 27 JUNE 2018: Thangkhal Sinlai Pawlpi (Thangkhal Students’ Association) General Headquarters saina in Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (KKL) Complex a FELICITATION Cum CAREER GUIDANCE Programme tuni’n neih uhi.

 Programme patna ding in (L) Kapsuanthang of T. Khajang in ana phuak TSP Anthem laa sa in, Music Zomi Fins (Thangkhal Band) Pu Kammuanpau, Director of Zomi Fins in makaih a Thangkhal artist Kappi leh alawi te’n TSP Anthem “Nun Bang Nuam E” mapui in hun pat in om hi.

Compere Miss Marina, Finance Secretary, TSP/GHQ leh Thangliantung, Ex-President, TSP Lamka Block in makaih uhi. Evan Cinsuankap in hun honna thumna nei a, Welcome Speech ahileh TSP Tuibuang Block apat ngaikhiat in om hi.

Thangkhal Youth Organisation (TYO) President Pu Lianzamung in short speech genna nei hi. Guest of Honor Upa Thangsuanhang, President, Thangkhal Baptist Church (ABA) in thugenna nei hi. Tuaban ah tukum a Class X leh XII Exam teng lak ah percent (%) sangpen Top Award Mr Kamzamung Guite S/o Khupsuanhau kiang ah TSP President Khaisuanlam in present piakna nei hi.

Tualeh Sia Hausuanthang kiang ah TSP GHQ in Memento piakna nei a, Sia Hausuanthang Thangkhal (Advance Coaching for Medical and Engineering neitu) apat in Sinlaite maban ding leh, laisimna lam a mabanah panlak ding dan Sinlaite kiang ah sinsakna pia hi.

Sia Hausuanthang Thangkhal in a thugenna ah “Thangkhal ham zang (Thangkhal Students) Medical leh Engineering lam lunglut i omleh kei kiang a free in zil thei ding” chi hi. Pu Ginlun, General Secretary, Thangkhal Tribe Council (TTC) in hun tom kim in gen a, TSP Tuibuang Block apat in etnuam huai tak mai Choreography show bawl uhi. Banah Function President Pu Khaikhanhau, President, TTC apat in hanthawn thugenna ngaikhiat in om hi.

TSP GHQ in Chief Guest Pu Vungzagin Valte kiang a present piakna nei a, Pu Vungzagin Valte Hon’ble MLA Thanglon and Chairman MTDC in Thangkhal Sinlaite hanthawnna thu gen hi. TSP GHQ Class X leh XII exam a lohching teng kiang ah thilpiakna hun neih hi.  Class X pass teng mi 20 pha a, Pu Vungzagin Valte in piakkhiatna nei a, Pu Khupdoulian, Vice President, TTC in Class XII pass mi 15 teng kiangah piak khiatna nei hi.

Programme hun sung in Kappi, Pauboi, Chingthiankim leh Siasiam-te apat in Phatna laa ngaih tak takte ngai khiat in om hi. Tuni programme ah TSP Ccpur College Unit in Usher mohpuakna lah uhi.

Tang Eric Hanglamthang, General Secretary, TSP GHQ in kipak thugenna nei in, Rev Khaikhanthang, Director, ‘Thanglai leh Tuhun’ (Gospel Movies in Thangkhal) in tawpna thumna leh Annkuang thumna nei in mipi paikhawm tengin Sinlaite kipakpihna Annkuang umkhawm un hun zou uhi.
~ MG Thangkhal


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