Zo Holy Bible 2nd Edition Honna Um

SUGNU – Tu, 08 July 2018, zingkal nai 10:15am  in St. Joseph’s Parish, Sugnu, Chandel District, Manipur ah “Zo Holy Bible 2nd Edition” honna um hi. Zinglam nai 10:15am in tami programme hinguop Chief Guest leh Guest of Honour-te vaidawnna in Sugnu Zou Catholic Khangnote’n hun zahna nei uhi. 10:30am in Kithawina Siengtho (Holy Mass/ Latna Siengtho/ Eucharistic Celebration) tungtawn a Pasien biehkhawmna um hi.

Tuonah Siempi (main celebrant) Rev. Fr. John Kashiprii, Vicar General, Archdiocese of Imphal in lamkai hi. Biehna kikhopzou dah 12:30 in programme kipan hi. Amasa in St. Luke Chapel Choir te’n Alleluia Chorus siemtah in sa uhi. Tuajou in Zo Holy Bible masa First Edition 1983 ana buoipi mi masa Reverend, Pastor, Upa, Laymen ana muolliemsa mi 24-te zatatna leh suunna hun zahna um hi. 
Rev. Fr. John released 
Zo Holy Bible (2nd Edn) 

Pu John Jamkhomang, Chairman, Zou Catholic Literature & Liturgical Committee, Manipur (India) in vaidawnna thu gen hi. Tuoleh Bible honna leh siensuona Rt. Rev. Dominic Lumon, D.D., Archbishop of Imphal damlouna zieh a haw theilou, amasih-le-tangin Rev. Fr. John Kashiprii, Vicar General, Archdiocese of Imphal in tami hun zahna nei a, thugenna ngainuom huoitah zong nei ngal hi.

Tuobanah Bible Glossary leh Minimal Dictionary kithuo laibu honna Rt. Rev. S.K. Manlun, Bishop, MELC in nei hi. Ama’n tuni programme a hingpei khawm leh a kisaikhahpi Rev., Pastor leh Upate thaluong in thugenna zong nei ngal hi.

Tuobanah "Chronicles of the Holy Bible in Zo" laibu honna leh thugenna Miss Jeannette Ralte Street in nei hi. Tam Holy Bible sutna dinga dangkaa beiteng sponsor-tu Robert Zomawia Street (Founder & Chairman, St. John’s School Whitehall & St. Dominic's College, Shillong, Meghalaya) khu a hing pei theilou jiah a atanu Miss Jeannette Ralte Street in apa tang a tami programme hing uop hi. Ama’n a genna ah a sanggampa (L) Dominic Ralte Street theigigena ding a apa (Pu) Robert in tami Bible sutna bangkim a sponsor ahi chi hi.

Tuoleh tami Bible ahing pienna ding a Pu John Amchinkam Munluo, Retired Catechist leh a tanu Cicilia Chongboi ngaikhohdan leh a panlahdan uh banah Zou Catholic Literature & Liturgical Committee-te pawnthawna jal a tambangte hing pien theiziehin kipah mama ahidan gen hi. 

Zo Holy Bible with Apocryphal 
Tuoleh Pu Robert Ralte Street leh Sie Khai @ H. Chinzakhai memento piehna zong um hi. Tuoban ah Ex-Catechist Pu John Amchinkam Munluo in tam Zo Holy Bible 2nd Edition apienkhiet theina ding a pan lahdan bangkim genna zong nei hi. 

Ama’n a genna ah Pu Stephen Semkholun in ngaikhawh tah a Zo Holy Bible 2nd edition poimaw mama ahidan a gen in a lungkhoi mama a, Pu Robert Street in a tapa theigigena ding a biehinn lamding a sawmlai pen mun zousie a kizangthei ding Bible sponsor zaw ding a diipkuo sasa a angetna pen Pu Robert in a sanpieh ziehin kipah mama ahidan gen hi. Tuoleh Pu Stephen Semkholun in Zo Holy Bible 2nd Edition a awlmawdan thupi a sahdan zong gen hi.

Late (Pu) Aloysius T. Nehkhojang translated 
the 1st Edition of Zo Holy Bible with Apocryphal 
in 1983. -  ZO World Page
Tuobanah Pu Chinlunthang, President, UZO (Hqtrs) Manipur in thugenna a nei banah Zogal Centenary lai a kibawl “History of the Zou” laibu Rt. Rev. Dominic Lumon, D.D., Archbishop of Imphal a ding leh Pu Robert Zomawia Ralte Street a ding piehkhietna zong nei hi. 

Pu Leo Kamchinthang, Vice Chairman, Zou Catholic Literature & Liturgical Committee in kipathu genna nei hi. Tami programme pen Pu Xavier Nengkhanlam in conduct hi. Programme hun sung ah Pu James Khamchinsuan @ James K. Zou, Secretary, Zou Catholic Literature & Liturgical Committee in First Edition 1983 ana buoipi a shisate innkuonte, adamlaite tuoleh Second Edition ana buoipi translator, donator-te banah tami programme uop Rev. Fr. Immanuel Kholli, Parish Priest, Good Shepherd Parish, Rev. Fr. Mark Mangkhanpao, Rev. Fr. Athanasius Mungno, Sister-te banah ZYO Ghqtr President leh ZSP Ghqtr President tekungah Bible Presentation piehnanei hi.

Bible ki-present teng a bawn in 140 vel pha hi. Tuobanah tami programme hun ah lasiem tuomtuom banah The Nightingales of the Good Shepherd Parish CCPur-te leh Sugnu Zou Catholic Youth-te a kipan laamna zong um hi.

Tuni programme ah hing kihel ut mana nanleh buoina khohtah jieh a hing kihel theilou Pu Ginsuanhau Zou, Chairman, MANIREDA & MLA 60-Singngat A/C message simna zong um hi. First edition leh tua second edition kikal kum 35 kihal hi.

Tam progranme mun tuomtuom a kipan hattuom tuomtuom in uop a, mipi a sang a sim te’n tam programme Zou khangthu a cheimte thamching nuomtah leh ngaina tahin uop in lawching mama hi.

Pic: Christina Ching, Owen Mang  
RVA Zomi Chin Radio Veritas

Note: The Holy Bible - LAISIENGTHOU (ZOMI)

The “Zou – Zo” tribe is mainly found in the districts of Chandel and Churachandpur in Manipur and in border areas of Myanmar. They have a population of 24,000. They belong to language group of Tibeto Burman. The Zou Christians consist of Protestants (75%) and the Roman Catholic (25%). The Zomis witnessed two major events of publication work by the Bible Society of India in their language, the New Testament was published in 1981 and the complete Zou Bible CL was published in 1992.

This translation, published by the Bible Society of India, was published in 1992

If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy, please contact the Bible Society of India at www.bsind.org

Source: https://www.bible.com/versions/1065-zomi-laisiengthou [Accessed on 09 Aug 2018]


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