KV Social Media Team in Naupang Genthei Panpih

“Maban a panpihna piak beh hi ding….”

Pic: KHALVONTAWI Social Media (WhatsApp Group)
KHALVONTAWI Social Media Admin Team te’n tuni 03-03-2019 Sunnung dak 2:30pm in Lamka CCpur District Hospital a om Tingneihat leh a naute panpihna pia uhi.

Hih hun ah Lianminthang @ Minji Thangkhal, Admin KHALVONTAWI in makaih a, MG Thangkhal in thugenna nei in, Elco Kamlianlal (GBC Bible Student) in naupang damlou a dingin thumsakna nei hi.

Pic: KHALVONTAWI Social Media (WhatsApp Group)

Tualeh Alex Khaltal in Naupang Panpihna sum-le-pai kidawng khawm Rs 2000 (Two Thousand) piakkhiatna nei in, hun zou uhi.

Pic: KHALVONTAWI Social Media (WhatsApp Group)
MG Thangkhal, Admin KHALVONTAWI in agenna ah Naupang pe’n adamlouh dante leh apianna nu’n pasal dang neihsan ahih dante Newspaper leh Social Media Group tuamtuam apatin zakin om hi.

“Hih thu a zak phetin, KHALVONTAWI Social Media a aseppih Adminte thuzak pai a, panpihna KHALVONTAWI WhatsApp Group tungtawn in bawl ding ahihdan gen in, Group tungtawn in ngetna bawl uhi. Group Member-te patin Panpihna lutte leh Admin Team-te apatin dawnkhawm (collection) in om chi a, huo-te apan in panpihna pia ahi,” chi’n MG Thangkhal in KHALVONTAWI Online hilh hi.

Pic: KHALVONTAWI Social Media (WhatsApp Group)
MG Thangkhal in agen zelna ah maban ah zong nausem damlou panpihna piak hiding chi a, naupang damlou a ding leh a innkuante ading in Donation paitou zel ahihdan zong gen hi. Hih hun a KHALVONTAWI Admin apat Pasal 6 leh Numei 2 kalsuan thei uhi.

KHALVONTAWI Social Media Admin min a kalsuante mi gentheite a ding a pan hong lah tou sem sem di’n iki deihsak uhi.

May God BLESS the hapless CHILDREN!

 ~ Editor, KHALVONTAWI Online


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