Thangkhal Peace Committee in TSP ngetna pom sak

Thangkhal Peace Committee in TSP ngetna gen khawmpih

LAMKA, 2019 MARCH 10 – Thangkhal sung a lemna bawl Thangkhal Peace Committee (TPC) kiang ah THANGKHAL SINLAI PAWLPI (TSP-GHQ) in ngetna lai khak hi.

Ngetna laikhak in ataklatna ah, Thangkhal Nampi President ding, Consensus a mi khat guan thoh ding toh kisai Thangkhal Peace Committee in gen khawm ahih in TSP-GHQ kiang ah bangmah theisakna om lou chi hi.

TSP-GHQ in saupi ngaisut veng veng in, Nampi lamkai di Consensus a khat guan di chi pe'n TSP-GHQ in kipawm theilou ding hi chi hi.

Maban ah Thangkhal nam sung Fresh Election om ding in TSP in Peace Committee kiangah ngetna bawl hi. TSP in Fresh Election a om masang Thangkhal namsung abuai ngai a buai ding ahihdan taklang hi.

Nam lamkai ding mipi teel (elect) hilou a khat mawk guan chi pen paidan hilou, ngaina hilou chi hi. Nampi lamkai ding khat mawk guan thoh a mipi lungkimna ahihkeileh phatuam lou ding ahihdan TPS in gen hi.

TSP-GHQ in Thangkhal sung damna ding deih taktak nahih uleh, mipi deihna bang a Election paipih ding chia ngetna a bawl uh pe’n Thangkhal Peace Committee in pawm sak ta hi. Hih thu pomsak ahih khitin,  zani mah in THANGKHAL TRIBE ORGANISATION (TTO-GHQ) kum 3 sung vai pua ding guanna kichi pen Cancel kik in om hi.

Maban a mipi deihna bang a, TTO-GHQ Election om thei ta ding hi. TTO-GHQ President "teel" (elect) theihna dingin TTO Unit teng a Election neih masak ngai ahi manin, zani in TTO Unit teng Election sai dingin mi 10 ki guang hi, mi 10 guan a om teng in khabang zah pua thei ding uh chi mipi paikhawm teng in genna nei uhi.

TSP-GHQ in TPC kiang ah ngetna lai

Thangkhal Pastor-te leh CSOs lamkaite leh Thangkhal Hausate deihna bang in, December 2019 tan a pua thei ding uh chi'n THUPUK bawl uhi.

TTO-GHQ 2019 December tan a guan a om tengin December masang in TTO Unit teng Election neih pih ding ua, December kha sung in Thangkhal Nampi UK-PI-PA (President) ding teelna neih hi ding hi.


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