Manipur violence: Agreement on Naga Women Assaults

Agreement, 11 Dec. 2023: The joint meeting of the Rongmei Naga Council Manipur - Ntayphay Luangrian (RNCM- NTL) along with its sub ordinate units and leaders of Lamadong  Apunba Nupi  Lup, Bishnupur Youth Citizen forum discussing the incident that occurred on 8th December 2023 at Bishnupur  where the petition (Jangaina and Ritalu Dangmei) were pick from Macha Ibemma and were detained at Ningthoukhong Bazar and was handed over to Bishnupur Meira  Paibi, Later they were handed to some of Bishnupur youth and  they were physically and mentally  tortured, beaten them  blue and black.

The joint meeting  agreed and resolved the following points to avoid any untoward incident in the near future.

1. That, Mr. Lourembam Kennedy place a 5 hands span of pig as a customary practices to avoid further altercation  and to proceed the meeting.

2. That, As a Customary law practices of Rongmei Naga,  The Culprits/ accused Mr. Lourembam Kennedy and friends  as found guilty agreed to pay a sum of Rs. 20,00000/- (Twenty Lakhs) as a penalty for assault and physical harrassment  to the victims (Jangaina and Ritalu Dangmei) of Thingpui (Laimanai) Village  on or before the date of 16th December 2023.

3. That, the Culprits fully cooperating and  admitting of his crime and confession, tender apology to public gathering today.

4. That, In any cases, the valley base civil bodies must stop and avoid frisking the Rongmei Naga people in Bishnupur  district for communal harmony and peaceful co - existence.

5. That, In any case related to the incident of 8th December 2023 occurred  again and found  harassed the  victim, the above mentioned organisation of Bishnupur district  and individual shall held responsibility.

6. That, the incident of the 8th December 2023 committed by Bishnupur Youth citizen  forum and Lamangdong Apunba Nupi  Lup at Bishnupur district  is amicably solved on this day of 11th December 2023 at Chuangphun Village, Kangpokpi District.

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