Thangkhal NT Bible khat UTC Library ah koih in om

Bengaluru, 15 Dec 2023: Tuni'n unaupa Bruce K. Thangkhal in United Theological College, Bengaluru ah Thangkhal New Testament Bible (Thukhun Thak) khat Librarian khut ah piakna nei hi. Hih hun ah BD-III year a simpih minih -- BJ Emmanuel Raj (Andhra Pradesh) leh D. Apostle (Chennai) te'n kipakpih in zui uhi. Librarian in ana kipakpih in Thangkhal Bible thu ah houlimna zong nei uhi. 

Tukum, 17 Oct 2023 ni'n New Testament leh Old Testament kigawm "Thangkhal Holy Bible" ahileh  Rev. Dr. Kavito G. Zhimo, General Secretary, Bible Society of India (BSI), Bangalore in online tungtawn in Pasian kiangah aap in hongkhie hi.

OT translator ahileh Rev. Thangdoulal Suantak ahi a, New Testament ahileh Rev. K. Ginkhankap in letkhie'n, Rev. Dr. Z. K. Rochil, Auxiliary Secretary, Bible Society of India, Dimapur in TBC Central Church Tuibuang ah 18 July 2010 in hongkhie hi.

Karnataka khawpi a om United Theological College (Senate of Serampore Univeristy) in a Library min pen 2021 kumin "E.C. John Library and Arcives" chi'n phuakthak hi. Himi libary ahileh Asia pumpi banah India gamsunga theological library lianpen a record ahi a, niteng phial in library ah laibu sim ding ahilouleh a en ding ahoh UTC student hilou pulammi om gige hi. State tuam tuam leh college tuam tuam apat a en ding mawng mawng a hoh zong om gige ahihdan libararian in zong gen hi. Library min thang mah mah khat ahi.

Tuletu in UTC a student omzat ahileh: BD I = 28, BD II = 26, BD III = 27, BD IV = 29, MTh I = 44, MTh II = 55, DTh I = 15, DTh II = 18, DTh III = 16, leh DTh IV= 8. A kigawm sinlai mi 266 om a, DTh a zou nailou, a omlai bangzat hiamkhiat zong om lai hi. Ei Lamka tualkuan mi 10 vel om uhi. Eimi student te'n Manipur buaina kipantni zingni (May 4) apat in zan 11 pm - 12 pm chiang Mid-Night Prayer, tutan tatlou in nei uhi.

Maban ah Thangkhal Holy Bible zong koih hiding a lunggulhna om hi.


New Testament Bible in Thangkhal dialect released

~ Bruce K. Thangkhal

New Delhi, July 20, 2010: In a significant event for the Thangkhal peoples, a New Testament Bible in Thangkhal dialect has been released in Manipur for the first time on July 18. The Thangkhals who did not have Church for more than 40 years and Bible for almost 30 years in the past could now leap in boundless joy.

Brief history
‘Thangkhal is a dialect-based community in Manipur. The word ‘Thangkhal’ derives from its village name, somewhere in Myanmar’s Chin hills, in which the Zous and Sukte tribes settled together in olden days. Haidawi, Khodai, Khuongnung, Tungkuo and Thangkhal are considered as the composite dialects of Zou tribe.

Thangkhal comprised of different clans practising same custom, culture and tradition from time immemorial. This lesser-known group ranging from 2000-3500 population identified themselves as ‘Thangkhal’ is constantly seeking tribe recognition; while the majority of them strongly advocated that they belong to Zou tribe. Thangkhal dialect is closely related to Paite, Tedim and Zou dialect.

The Thangkhal fore-fathers set-up their first home at ‘Mulam village’ in the southern part of Churachandpur, the exact year is yet unknown. Mulam, literally means ‘an eagle casting over its prey’.

Early Church
The first Thangkhal church ‘Thangkhal Christian Association’ was established on April 4, 1981 at M. Tanglian village, about 15 kms away from Lamka town (Churachandpur). Since then the Thangkhal peoples unified in one denomination. M. Tanglian is the new location of Mulam. The initial ‘M’ stands for Mulam.

Arrival of the Gospel
Known for their fierce ‘head hunting’, the villages of Thangkhals remained untouched for many decades. These dreaded warriors in Churachandpur hills received the gospel in 1939. A pastor from Evangelical Convention Church (Now EBCC) called ‘Thawngluan’ landed at T. Khazang village on March 7, 1939. This hamlet soon became the epicentre of Christianity in ‘Thangkhal Kual’, the hilly lands occupied by the Thangkhals in Manipur.

In Manipur, Thangkhal Peoples’ Organisation and Thangkhal Youth Organisation was formed in 1978. The Zomi Fins (music band) formed in 1985 and Thangkhal Sinlai Pawlpi (students’ union) in 1987.

The Bible
Earlier several attempts failed to obtain the permission of Bible translation. For the first and the foremost in the history of Thangkhals, a New Testament Bible in Thangkhal dialect has been remarkably released by Rev. Dr. Z. K. Rochil, Auxiliary Secretary, Bible Society of India, Dimapur at Churachandpur’s Thangkhal Bible Church in Tuibuang village on July 18, 2010. Over 1000 crowd gathered at the historic event.

Rev. Dr. Zaihmingthanga, Assistant Director, BSI, Shillong, who tirelessly paved ways for Bible translation, could not attend the gathering. He send his greetings to the Thangkhals. The Thangkhal Bible Church has expressed their ‘heartfelt thanks’ to him.

On this auspicious day, Dr. Rochil encouraged the gatherings: “I want the Thangkhals should have a complete Holy Bible atleast during my tenure. I am ready to help the Thangkhals as much as I can in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” The audience applauded Dr. Rochil’s words.

Speaking to our reporter over telephone from Manipur yesterday, a senior Thangkhal Bible Church leader Rev. Khaikhanthang, said “20,000 Bible has arrived now. One would be priced at Rs. 50. We are overwhelmed by the new Bible. We are very happy so much so that we could not express our happiness. Too see the much-awaited Bible for over many decades, is really amazing.”

“The news of the arrival of Thangkhal Bible touched each and every corner of the Thangkhals in Manipur. People sang jubilantly on this day. Everyone is happy to see the Bible. Even the Sunday collection on the releasing day touched Rs. 3945. This is the largest collection in a single day so far,” he added.

“It’s really great to have Bible in our own dialect. We’ve waited for so long,” says Mr. Kammuanmung, a Ph D student in JNU, New Delhi.

Behind the successful of this newly released Bible, the worth-mentioning prominent Thangkhals were Shri Ginsuanhau, President, United Zou Organisation, Manipur, for contributing Rs. 50,000; Shri Khamthang, Chief of Zoukhonuam and Shri Thangkhenhang, Chief of S. Zezaw village, for contributing Rs. 5000 each. From faith promised Rs. 10,000 collected and another Rs. 10,000 gathered from various sources. These are the total cost of the released Bible. One New Testament Bible cost Rs. 40 in printing.

Rev. Ginkhankap, B.A., M. Th., began the New Testament translation in May 2006. The same translator is preparing to carry out the next herculean task for another five or six years.




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