"EULOGY to Our Fallen Heroes"


S/o Pu Kamkhomang Gangte & Pi Domkhongai Gangte

Nalon Village

Kangvai Subdivision, Lamka

[Completed B.Th from Biblical Bible College]


S/o Pu Seilal Haokip & Pi Lhingneithem Haokip

S. Canaan Veng

Tuibong Subdivision, Lamka

[Reading Class IX from Soikholal Ideal High School]


The Wall of Remembrance Massacre

"There is no tyranny greater than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice."

While the deeply biased, vindictive and authoritarian Meitei Government has been relentlessly carrying out a series of anti-tribal agendas, the latest took the form of suspension of a Kuki Head Constable Siamlalpaul by Mr. Shivanand Surve, SP Churachandpur for an alleged offence that thousands in the valley have been allowed to get away with for far too long.

The love of a nation runs deep, transcending all ages and genders. An injustice and oppression upon one member of the community is felt to the core by all. And in necessary protest against the injustice of the state, two young lives have fallen, and at least 25 others injured by the bullets ordered to be directed at the civilian protestors by the powers that continue to disdain and oppress us.

Our frontlines are not just the buffer zones. They exist wherever our enemy exists, wherever oppression and tyranny exists. Those who die in the name of the nation at such a time are all martyrs for the same cause, and all are heroes whose names will live on. The nation salutes our martyrs of the The Wall of Remembrance Massacre.

KSO consoles the ultimate sacrifices made by Mr. Letlalkhuol Gangte and Mr Thanggunlen Haokip to the extent of laying down their lives in protesting against the unjust suspension of Mr. Siamlalpaul, and in defense of our ancestral Kuki lands.

To the parents of the deceased, to their beloved brothers and sisters, to  their near and dear ones, the KSO offers our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences. We will continue the fight against the evil forces. 

May God now grant them eternal peace!

KSO Media & Documentation Cell

15.02.2024 (Thursday)


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