Know Your Leader: Shri Thanglianpau Guite, President ZRO/A

UNKNOWING beforehand to be a celebrated leader of 21st Century’s ZO PEOPLE across the globe, a humble leader was born at Mualnuam Village, Churachandpur, Manipur in 1960 as the first son of Mr. Khatkhothang and Mrs. Niangchiin, a cultivator by profession from his grandfather Late Awithang Guite @ Thangbuai Guite and grandmother Late Chingkhoniang.  

Still adolescent at time of the demise of his grandfather Late Awithang Guite @ Thangbuai Guite, for better livelihood they migrated to his maternal village known as Pangmual, a few kilometers away from Indo-Burma border adjacent to Kangkap Village, India.

Nurtured and brought up amidst poverty stricken, his education from different villages to metropolitan till  MSc (Zoology) from Rangoon University by 1987 is remarkably extra-ordinary. Being a part of student’s leaders of pro-democracy movement against the Military Junta in Burma, fortune favor the brave, he survived martial laws through thick and thin.

Being a vocal pro-democratic student’s leader, his popularity favored and became a nominal elected MP from Tonzang Constituency, through Zomi National Congress (ZNC) ticket in 1990. But he was never sworn in as an MP for the Burmese Military Junta nullified the election result.

When the majority of the elected MPs fled the country for fear of execution, he directly returned to Pangmual Village and finally reached his native birth place Mualnuam Village, CCPur, Manipur in 1993 and today his family permanently settle at New Lamka, Manipur.

His statesmanship made him the first Vice-President of ZRO in 1993 alongside Khaizasong Guite, the founding father of ZRO/A as President. He is sworn in as the President of ZRO/A in August, 1997 amidst Kuki-Zomi ethnic conflicts.

Sons of the soil, on his return to ancestral home, Mualnuam Village, he left no stone unturned for the upliftment of the society. Passport, Voter Identity Card and AADHAR Card were issued accordingly as he is a citizens of India by birth.

His native place or birth place being  Mualnuam Village, Churachandpur, Manipur, the questions of his citizenship does not arise. His grandfather Mr. Awithang Guite @ Thangbuai Guite even participated in the France Labor Corps during the First World War, the list of participation from the Village can still be traced at Mualnuam Souvenir, 2005, page 27.

Though his was once nominally elected as MP during his student day, he was never sworn in as an MP. Though his education and childhood sojourn were in Burma, hi is a natives of India. 

Today, his contributions within almost 30 years as the face of the marginalize people across his ancestral land through armed struggle and were instrumental in the signing SoO agreement with Indian Government, least to say.

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