Solution to Manipur Violence and National Integrity of India: IIPF

PRESS RELEASE | 4th March 2024:  After finding the reality and main causal of the present violence in Manipur for permanent peace and tranquility between the warring Meiteis and peace loving Kukis, to end the ongoing violence between the two and to prevent similar situations in future, India Integrity Protection Forum (IIPF) is convinced that the following points should be considered and implemented as a matter of top priority to prevent National Integrity from Meitei separatists. The proposed solutions are as given below:

1.            The present architect of ethnic cleansing or genocide upon the Chin-Kuki community is Mr. N. Biren Singh, Imphal CM and Mr. Leishemba Sanajaoba, MP, Rajya Sabha, leading to loss of precious lives in hundreds and loss of properties in billions. As such, the duo should be either hanged in public or imprisoned for life-time or transported to Andaman & Nicobar Island (Manipur Island) for life as of Maharaja Surchandra and his accomplishes.

2.            Mr. Korounganba Khuman, self-style commander in chief of Arambai Tenggol (Hitler of Imphal state) should be hanged without any condition.

3.            All the Meitei related Media houses should be banned, for they are biased and one sided and pollute the sanctity of journalism by telling lies after lies.

4.            Implement NRC with 1951 as base year with documents obtained by all genuine Manipur people as proof of citizenship.

5.            Special attention be given to individuals who enrolled in the census record after 1951 particularly those who came from Bangladesh in East Pakistan by then and Cachaar district of Assam by now.

6.            Government of India should immediately remove Meiteis from lists of SC and OBC and placed them in their earlier position of General category.

7.            Government of India should make it illegal to obtain SC and OBC certificates to Meiteis, any minority benefits and schemes in the name of SC and OBC required such benefits including employment, admission and schemes obtained under quota to be forfeited or cancelled.

8.            Government of India should exclude Meiteis from SC and OBC in all future censuses for they are well developed and the most advanced community in the North East Region of India.

9.            Identify illegal immigrants in electoral rolls and removed them from the rolls.

10.          Manipur Legislative Assembly consisting of Imphal state Meitei MLAs could passed any bill for Meiteis within the area of 700 sq. Kms and the rest of 21,627 sq. Kms in area is in the purview of Hill Areas which is under the Jurisdiction of Article 371(C) in terms of administration. If need be, a bill for Hill Areas could be discussed and passed by the Hill Areas Committee (HAC) alone.

11.          Government of India should banned Arambai Tenggol (AT), Meitei Leepun (ML), CoCOMI, Meira Chubis (formerly Meira Paibis) and all the Meitei CSOs who are dancing and acting according to the dictation of Separatists Valley Based Insurgent Groups (VBIGs) and Arambai Tenggol terrorists.

12.          Government of India should freeze the bank accounts of all meitei organizations for they are supporting and working for independence of Kangleipak as war declared on 30th, October 2019 in the United Kingdom (UK) at London by Government-in-Exile in Britain with the consent and Authorisation/permission vide order no. 12 of 2013, dated, the 15 March 2013 of Manipur Titular King Leishemba Sanajaoba, the present Rajya Sabha Member (MP) and assisted by Imphal CM, N. Biren Singh, wherein Shri Yambem Biren as Chief Minister and Shri Narengbam Samarjit as Minister of Defence and External Affairs.

13.          Government of India should banned all Meitei related books on history(ies) and religion(s) for they are all fabricated and make-up imaginations only.

14.          Government of India should monitor the movements and activities of Meitei Centric Imphal MLAs and MPs (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) for they had taken an Oath under Arambai Tenggol (AT) at Kangla on the 24th January 2024, by hoisting the Meitei National Flag (Jek Salai Taret’s Flag), which was a direct challenge to the National Integrity of India.

It is in the wisdom of Indian Leaders, either to let-loose the activities of Meitei Separatists and disintegrate the national geographical area of India or to clasp or control the activities of Meitei Separatists and keep intact of the national geographical area of India.

Secy. Information & Publicity
India Integrity Protection Forum (IIPF)

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