Two Kuki-Zo youth died in Chennai


29th March, 2024: 
ROYAPETAH GOVT. HOSPITAL mun a T. HAUSAWMLIAN SIMTE s/o  Pumzathang Taitom of Rengkai Bethlehem Veng, leh  CHIIN DIM NIENG of Ngoiphai Village,

Postmortem zoh in Pastor  K. Thangsuanmung  in Pathian thu tungton in  hasotna leh  aluang uh haahdohna nei in, Mortuary apat  EMBALMING bawl diing (JFINN & CO) Agency  in podoh ta uhi.

Aflight uh dt 30th March 2024 (Saturday ) 5:00 am ah Chennai International Airport apat hung kipan doh diinga, Aizawl Lengpui Airport chu daah 2:30 pm veel a hung tung diinga lamet ahi. Aizawl Airport apat YMA Ambulance in hung po diing hi. 

ZYA CHENNAI REGION in innteehna la in haahkhiatna Mortuary apat vaai chu zoh ahi ta.

EBCC Pastor Quater ah i sanggamte suunna / condolence program tuzaan ZYA CHENNAI REGION leh EBCC Ch, inntehna in condolence program neih hidiing hi.

Lamkaal tuikaal a subuaithei thil te apat lamzangtah a ahung pai va inn lum lou lum ahung tun theihna diingun, Pa Pathian kawm a thumoih/haamteipih diingin i ki ngen uhi.

Two Kuki-Zo youth died in Chennai
SUUNNA | Date 28-03-2024

The deceased
1. Ms. CHIIN DIM NIENG  @Lali  (22)

89, Chamiers Rd, opposite Starbucks Coffee shop, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Home address: Ngoiphai, Lamka, Manipur


89, Chamiers Rd, opposite Starbucks Coffee shop, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Home address: Rengkai Bethelem veng, Lamka, Manipur

Source: Social Media

Sekhmet Club manager has been arrested for negligence, a day after an interior roof collapse claimed three lives. The bar has been sealed too. The upmarket pub was preparing to receive guests early on Thursday evening, when a portion of the interior roof collapsed on Table 34, killing three staff members – Cyclone Raj, Max and Lalli. The state excise department has sealed the Sekhmet Club’s liquor serving area and the rooms for the customers. Abiramapuram police arrested the Sekhmet Club administrator incharge-cum-manager Satish under Section 304 (A) of IPC (death caused due to negligence. As it was a non-cognizable offence, the police let off Satish on his bail. The Abiramapuram police have written a letter to the public works department (PWD) to assign an engineer to visit the Sekhmet Club to check the building's stability. The engineering team will also ascertain if the building is stable now. One of the police officers, who witnessed the rescue operation at the club after Thursday’s accident, said: “The portion of the room on the north side of the building caved in claiming three lives. However, due to the impact, a portion of the roof on the ground floor was also damaged.” Adding that he said, the portion of the building that was collapsed seemed to be an annexure. The staff had done some patchwork on the roof. “We will confirm this after the PWD engineer’s report and also review the building plan permission obtained from the government agencies to check if they had violated the norms.” Another officer said, “The whole building was shaking when the NDRF, commando force and the fire personnel, who were drilling the caved-in roof to recover the corpses.” Many officers were wearing safety gadgets and helmets while witnessing the rescue operation, said the officer. The investigation officers have collected the documents of the club, including their license and other government permissions, from the manager Satish, who was not there when the accident happened around 6.45 pm. The club’s owner Ashok Kumar was not there at the venue when the accident occurred. “Soon after the accident, Ashok Kumar went absconded. We will summon him for an inquiry,” said an investigation officer. Meanwhile, the dead bodies of the migrant workers Max, 24, and Lalli, 24, a transsexual, hailing from Manipur, were handed over to their family members. “The embalming process is being carried out on the guest workers’ bodies at a city hospital, while the third body Cyclone Raj’s body was handed over to his family. They took his body to his hometown near Dindigul to perform his funeral rites.” The corpses of Max and Lalli will be sent to Manipur by air on Saturday, said an officer.

A Selvaraj


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