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Press Communique | March 7, 2024

COTU is appalled by the most communal Chief Minister of all Indian states, N. Biren Singh, for his most recent abusive remarks directed at the Kuki-Zo group.
During his address, he talked about how the Meitei people had been driven out of Moreh, Kangpokpi, and Churachandpur by monkeys. It's ridiculous that he would disrespect the Kuki-Zo people by calling them monkeys. Any rational citizen would detest such immaturity and imbecility in a mature individual such as the communal chief minister, Biren Singh. It is also a blatant violation of human rights.  His words and actions are equally unsound and absurd, which is unbecoming of the head of the state. At this rate, it portends some major events where the state will soon crumble under his authoritarian rule.
Why does the chief minister of Manipur openly declare that Manipur is the homeland of the Meitei people alone? If he had brought up the valley, which spans 700 square miles, that would have been acceptable to some degree. Given that the Kukis have played active roles in the nation-building process, his genocidal crusade against the minority Kuki-Zo tribals under the pretext of "illegal immigrants" is illogical and not justified.
As per Hindu faith and mythology, monkeys have an especially significant role where they are worshipped as avatars of Hanuman, the mighty ape that aided Ram in his fight against evil. Biren is unaware that Sita's rescue from Raavan was made possible in large part by the monkeys acting on Ram's orders. Biren's callous treatment of monkeys revered by the Hindus belies his professed devotion to Hinduism, as demonstrated once more.

We also request the other Tribal Community of Manipur to be more cautious on the diabol mentality of the Majority Community Meitei for tarnishing their images of their Community.
Under Biren Singh's anarchy, Manipur has been in turmoil, and peace and harmony are unattainable goals. While the rest of the world looks on in silence, such communal CM is using its ultimate authority to obliterate the Kuki-Zo people. The issue of when the Indian government would step in and put things right remains unanswered to this day. COTU questions why the Center has not exercised suo moto cognizance over the sufferings of the Kuki-Zo people and provided justice, as the Indian Constitution declares.

Information & Publicity
Committee on Tribal Unity

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