KIM: Suhtheng nale Ngaidam thumna nei dinga Hetsah

Date 21st April, 2024: Date 20 April, 2024 nikho a, Kuki by blood Facebook group khat a kon, hung viral "Mangra Gi Mang" kiti khat in Pu Ch Ajang President, KIM le Pu Paotinthang Lupheng min pan na comments ahin bolla, social media a ahilou louva joh thang nale suhminsetna ahin nei hi, akikhol lin, jou le nal thu hetoh louva, kisemthu, adihlou, bulle Bal nei lou ahibouvin, Kuki inpi Manipur ki noise nale Nampi noise na in akila in, akin thei Penna Kuki by blood facebook admin team in hiche thuso dih Lou, kijoh thang nale kisuh minset na mai2 dinga thuso hung kibol hi koibol ham, date 23rd April, 2024 sung kah a ahin khol doh dingin hetsahna ahung kinei in ahi.

Chule thuso hin bol "Mangra Gi Mang" kiti pa hin, athusei hi adih monge ati ale Evidence proof chule Witness ahin pohdoh a Pu Ajang Khongsai, President KIM, le Pu Paotinthang Lupheng@Paotin, Spokesperson, KIM chung changa thuso ahin bol hi, evidence proof le witnesses statement pumma hilchen nale Suhtheng na date 23rd April, 2024 sunga hin pedingin hetsahna ahung kinei je.

Iham tia phat kitep peh sunga KIM President le Spokesperson pu chunga thu hung kiso hi evidence proof le witnesses statement hin pelou a, Suh chenna le suhthengna ahin nei lou le Kuki by Blood admin team chunga thukhol na kinei ding chule "Mangra Gi Mang" chunga FIR kibol khum ding, legal action lah nading kichepi ding, themmo na jouse Kuki by blood facebook group team le "Mangra Gi Mang" kiti pa hin, akipoh ding, koima oimo na ahin neithei lou ding ahi.

Lenin Haokip
Legal affairs, KIM


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