Kuki Inpi Manipur appeals Govt of India

 Appeal for Government of India’s Immediate Intervention and Impartial Investigation over 
the incessant Attack on Kuki-Zo Tribal dominated Areas. 
Lamka, the 25th April, 2024

Kuki Inpi Manipur condemns the incessant attacks on Kuki-Zo villages and the recent attempt to disrupt the crucial economic lifeline of the state before the upcoming Lok  Sabha elections in Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency by the combined forces of the valley-based insurgent groups, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and MP Sanajaoba’s private militias like Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun. Manipur is presently bedevilled by an abundance of security challenges that gnaw at the very soul of the nation’s existence as the attacks and killings  by Meitei terrorists with impunity have become daily occurrences even when the reportage is repetitively downplayed. Such attacks by these misfits is pervasive and have the potential to exacerbate Manipur precarious state of fragility and demonstrate highest level of insecurity in the  state and the government’s loss of its internal security mechanism due to its inaction on Meitei armed militias in the state. 

By all accounts, Arambai Tenggol, Meitei Leepun and Meitei CSOs including COCOMI and 
Meira Paibis who introduced the notion of ‘Narco-Terrorism’ and ‘Burmese illegal immigrant’ as 
a pretext to justify the continuation of the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing against the minority 
Kuki-Zo tribal Christians should be held accountable as the ongoing crisis in Manipur is all about 
annihilation and grabbing of land belonging to minority community in the state. The impunity of 
Meitei perpetrators who openly called for such annihilation and inaction of the state forces due to 
communal bias and dilution of charges against such perpetrators is the main reason behind the 
continuation of violence in Manipur. It is imperative for the sake of justice that all perpetrators 
pertaining to the ongoing ethnic cleansing should be held accountable and brought to justice as per 
the law of the land but invocation of ethnic or communal affiliations in criminal investigations 
risks inflaming tensions and undermining the impartiality of law enforcement. Therefore, central 
investigative agencies should investigate the issue and pursue justice based on evidence and legal 
principles, not on ethnic or tribal lines which will further fuel the ongoing conflict. 

Furthermore, government of India should ensure the safety and security of the minority 
community by initiating legal action against CM N. Biren Singh and his cohorts and stop 
embarking on communal agenda against tribals and immediately intervene and expedite the KukiZo tribals demand for ‘Separate Administration’ for lasting peace. Meitei terrorist groups should 
curb the culture of hatred and religious discrimination and stop playing a victim card while 
continuously provoking and attacking Kuki-Zo villages and refrain from disrupting the upcoming 
Lok Sabha election in the hills. 

Issued By:
Department of Information and Publicity
Kuki Inpi Manipur

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