In light of recent events, the Naga community residing at Kanglatongbi Namdilong wishes to address the ongoing conflict and our unwavering commitment to peace and neutrality. Since the eruption of the conflict last May, we have diligently maintained a stance of neutrality, ensuring free access in our area for both warring factions. Despite facing provocation and testing circumstances, our resolve for peace has remained steadfast.

Regrettably, on date 8/05/2024 at approximately 6:30 PM, four unidentified masked individuals, reportedly belonging to the Meitei community, perpetrated an act of violence in Namdilong village. These individuals forcefully entered the home of Tangamthuibou Ringkangmai (43), a member of the Naga community, brandishing firearms, and subsequently looted approximately 50000 rupees. This incident occurred behind the LNBA Sub Centre Church in Namdilong Kanglatongbi. A reprehensible incident transpired before the eyes of the family, plunging them into a state of shock and inflicting lasting psychological distress. The wife and children of Tangamthuibou Ringkangmai, who bore witness to the ordeal, are grappling with the profound impact of the trauma inflicted upon them. Such egregious acts not only leave an indelibly negative mark on the mental well-being of women and
children but also underscore the urgent need for collective action to prevent their recurrence.
In the wake of this distressing event, there is an impassioned plea for justice to be swiftly meted out. The aggrieved family, alongside concerned members of the community, is vehemently demanding that the government take decisive action to stem the tide of illegal activities. Of particular concern is the prevalence of illicit demand letters circulating in the area, which not only sow seeds of fear but also pose a grave threat of escalating conflicts to perilous levels. The affected family and the community at large are earnestly beseeching government officials to undertake immediate and concerted efforts to address this pressing issue. It is imperative that authorities conduct thorough investigations and implement robust measures to combat such unlawful practices, thereby restoring a sense of security and tranquility to the community. Failure to heed this urgent call to action may compel the affected parties to pursue further recourse to safeguard their rights and well-being. Timely intervention is essential to not only redress the grievances of the aggrieved but also to prevent the perpetuation of injustice and ensure a safer, more equitable future for all.
As residents of the buffer zone, we have consistently exercised the utmost restraint, prioritizing peace above all else. However, we caution against interpreting our commitment to peace as a sign of weakness. Our history is imbued with resilience and fortitude, and we refuse to yield in the face of adversity. Should such provocations persist within our jurisdiction, we may be compelled to retaliate, risking the escalation of the conflict beyond repair. Let this serve as a clear warning against further acts of aggression, as we remain committed to peace but steadfast in our resolve to protect our community.

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