Zomi Council Steering Committee (ZCSC): Press

ZCSC Press Release
Lamka, May 30, 2024

More than a year has passed since the complete geographic, demographic and emotional split between the Meiteis and the Zo ethnic tribes (comprising of the nine Zomi tribes as well as the Kuki-Zo and Hmar-Mizo tribes) have been realized by the majoritarian Manipur Government-backed Meitei radical groups.

The past 12-13 months saw numerous freak and unexplained happenings and natural phenomena occurring within the 700 square mile Meitei ancestral territories, for which the Meitei Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh and his ilk were quick to put the blame on the Zo ethnic tribes. The inability of the Meiteis to re-evaluate, introspect and retrospect on their past actions, while always ready to accuse the Zo people for being responsible for whatever ill that befell them speaks volume about their abject hatred for the Zo ethnic tribes and their overall mentality which has been degraded and indoctrinated beyond repair.

Accusing the Zo ethnic tribes as being responsible for the massive hailstorm that battered Meitei ancestral territories on May 3, 2024, or for the ongoing massive floodings in and around Imphal due to Cyclone Remal are nothing short of comical, to say the least. The Meiteis must also consider the fact that a few days of rain causing such devastating flooding could only be the result of cumulative failure of successive majoritarian Manipur governments. The excessive concentration of all State-initiated development and infrastructure in the Meitei ancestral territories, lack of planning, encroachment of open spaces by people in power and decades of neglecting tribal areas for which the tribal people have been lamenting over since the past many years have now manifested through the flooded leikais of Imphal after it rained for just a couple of days.     

While empathizing with the sufferings of the Meitei community during these difficult times, the Zomi Council Steering Committee (ZCSC), a body representing the nine Zomi tribes, would like to humbly request the Meiteis at large to contemplate and review their past actions as a community and work for their own community's future without the urge to grab what belongs to others. We appeal that each Meitei accept the fact that the Sovereign Lord, whom they had mocked and despised, is in control of the heavens and the Earth. While we sympathized their suffering, we pray that the people in power and the radicalized Meiteis repent their sins and seek forgiveness from the Lord Almighty so that we all may thrive and prosper as good neighbours within our respective administrative units.

Moreover, the ZCSC would also like to harp on the fact that actions of the Meitei community in general over the past year has cemented the impossibility for the Zo ethnic tribes to share the same administrative unit with the Meitei community ever again.

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