1. Everyone including Modi is unsure of the swearing in ceremony today.

2. Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar do not want Amit Shah to become the Union Home Minister. They don't want to risk anything and would not want any police or other agencies being directly under Amit Shah.

In fact one of them doesn't want him in the Union Cabinet.

3. Naidu will not compromise on the Lok Sabha speaker's post because the two criminals have misused this position everywhere to break parties.

4. Chandrababu Naidu also wants the Union Finance Ministry so that all these raids and subsequent arrests etc are not misused to break away opposition political parties. His own arrest last year is fresh in his mind.

5. BJP is unwilling to part away with four ministries that are part of national security - Home, Defence, Finance and External Affairs. Additionally, it doesn't want to give the position of the speaker. This rigidity is further fuelling speculation about Modi and Amit Shah's real intentions in future.

6. It seems BJP reached out to Nitish Kumar to mediate and was offered the position of Deputy Prime Minister for the job. It seems that's not going down well with Naidu as he sees this as a brazen attempt to drive a wedge between the two king makers.

7. Besides this, it seems Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath almost came to blows while trying to put the UP's debacle blame on each other. The situation went almost out of hand when Yogi stormed out of the meeting and flew down to Lucknow. Amit Shah has reportedly held back his two deputies, Brajesh Pathak and Keshav Prasad Maurya, in Delhi for further discussion. The two deputies are basically Modi's men who were appointed to keep Yogi under watch and ward. Yogi was so infuriated that he called an emergency cabinet meeting even though the deputies were not there.

8. Meanwhile reports in Delhi about 7/8 BJP MPs switching sides in West Bengal has unnerved the Modi, Amit Shah, and Nadda. But none of them are able to firefight the emerging crisis in Bengal because they are ceased of the crisis in Delhi that's put spanner into Modi's immediate prospects of becoming the PM once again.

Overall the situation is dire for the BJP. Maharashtra has almost slipped out. Both NCP and Shiv Sena rebels are kind of waiting on the lines to be readmitted into their respective parties.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan who has been four full term Chief Minister and delivered all 29 Parliamentary seats and also removed as Chief Minister is sulking not in any hush hush manner. 

Nitin Gadkari is openly disregarding the authority of Modi and Amit Shah. He was the only MP who did not rise to applaud Modi upon being announced as the PM candidate.

BJP party MPs are also pissed off. They were asked to assemble but were reduced to just headcount and nothing more. With the authority and command both taken a severe beating, both Modi and Amit Shah have never appeared this tentative and vulnerable.

Congress in the meantime, watching all this happening from the sidelines, has thrown in its towel into the ring. It seems it has sent feelers to Nitish Kumar for making him the Prime Minister and to Chandrababu Naidu to give the speaker's position. Besides, a generous package to both the states will be given under the special category status.

Extremely interesting times ahead until 6 PM tomorrow. 

This way or another, snap polls look certain in India. And Modi's PMship has never looked so uncertain and tentative ever since 2014.

Tyrants, fascists, criminals et al anywhere and everywhere have a shelf life and an expiry date.

I'm not a journalist. This is a summary of my discussion with friends in the media in Delhi. And I am absolutely not ashamed or unhappy about all this. Rather I'm happy and proud that democracy is back in vogue and our Constitution is inviolable for the time being and can't be harmed unless we have a bigger Modi with bigger evil designs.

We owe a big thank you to you Rahul Gandhi for saving the country just in time.

~ Sufyan Sadiq


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