Myanmar Army blow up Laitui bridge

Myanmar regime forces destroys a bridge in northern Chin state in an attempt to cut off transport links for people in the region

Tedim, 09 June 2024: Myanmar's junta regime forces have destroyed a bridge connecting Tedim to Rihkhawdar, which is one of the main border trade route between India to Myanmar via northern Chin state in Tedim township. This act of destruction will severely impact the livelihoods of local residents in the region. 

Chindwin was told that the junta regime forces from Tedim went down to the Mung Seng bridge in early morning yesterday and exploded the bridge to destroy it. 

On 26 May, local People Defense Force (PDF) Zoland and its allied force launched an attack on the junta regime military base in Tedim town, aiming to disrupt their operations and weaken their control in the area. However, the junta regime's military base proved to be well-defended, and the attacking forces were met with heavy resistance.

In response to the attack, the junta regime retaliated with artillery shelling and counterattacks. The intensity of these attacks forced local residents to flee the town, seeking safety in nearby villages. The junta regime's artillery shelling also caused fires, destroying dozens of houses in the process.

The destruction of a bridge between Tedim, Laaitui, and Rihkhawdar will further exacerbate the already difficult living conditions for citizens in the region. Without access to this vital trade route, the local economy will suffer, and the prices of essential goods are likely to rise. This bridge provided a crucial link for the transportation of goods, including food, medical supplies, and other basic necessities.

The destruction of this bridge will have far-reaching consequences for the communities in this region. It will disrupt trade and travel, making it difficult for businesses to operate effectively. It also hampers the ability of citizens to access essential services, such as healthcare and education, which are now more inaccessible.


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