"Rape is like domestic terrorism" - Preity Zinta

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Known for her feisty spirit, Preity Zinta is very perturbed by the growing incidents of rape in the country. She attributes it to the fact that Indians have very short memories which is what leads to escalating crimes against women including rape. 

The actress who is on a high after her team won the IPL match against Pune Warriors in Mohali on Sunday, is however critical of the social apathy towards crimes against women in the country. 

After Nirbhaya, Preity reacted sharply to the brutal rape of the five-year-old girl in Delhi as she took to venting on social media and could not contain her angst even when she was conversing with people.

She says, "We have this whole thing in India about reacting for a very short period of time. We have such short memories. When an incident happens, we react, create jams and protests and we forget about it all and go home and sleep." 

Not stopping at that, Preity terms rape also as a form of terrorism. "This (crime against women) is also terrorism, it is domestic terrorism and these culprits unleash terror on women," she vents.

Yet, Preity doesn't think the lapses for the escalating crimes are the onus of the government or the police alone. "Half the time we blame the police for lack of action. But that's not true. 

The awareness for stopping these crimes has to come from within each one of us. We as citizens have to wake up to the fact that we have to take action to stop this. This really bothers me a lot. And somewhere even we as women have to take responsibility for saying this is enough," she adds.


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