Munirka residents waited 620 Bus for over an hour

Buses for Munirka to Connaught Place is almost invisible today

New Delhi, May 18, 2013 [Media Incharge, NE HELPLINE] --- To catch a bus for Connaught Place, one must think twice now. I have waited Bus No. 620 from Munirka bus stand today intending to reach my office in Connaught Place, at around 12.40 pm. However 620 did not come for more than an hour. There were many people beside me, who are also eagerly waiting for 620. Young children, women and men have been sweating under the scorching sun in the bus shed for so long. Especially the Munirka residents who are waiting the much awaited 620 buses faced the brunt of the negligence of DTC officials. Some says these buses were hardly found like this in the recent past. Many buses which have 764 numbered arrived repeatedly one after another in non-stop.

When the 620 buses became invisible to our eyes for so long, I began to record the frequency of buses which appeared before our eyes here in Munirka bus stand, as given below.

Timing                       Bus Route No.
1.16 pm                      Two buses arrived at the same time - 680 and 507
1.17 pm                      511A
1.19 pm                      764
1.20 pm                      507
1.22 pm                      764
1.23 pm                      764
1.26 pm                      507 (followed by DTC AC Bus which has no route no. It was empty!)
1.27 pm                      Four buses arrived at the same time - 764, 448A, 511 and 764
1.29 pm                      448A
1.31 pm                      Two buses arrived at the same time - One AC (Red) bus which has no Route No. The last 4-digit No.  is 7852. It was followed by 764 Last 4-digit No. 6393.
1.32 pm                      448A (AC) Last 4-digit No. 8723
1.34 pm                      OMS RK Puram-1 Last 4-digit No. 7781
1.35 pm                      Four buses arrived at the same time – (1) 511 (AC) Last 4-digit No.  9392, (2) 615 (Green) Last 4-digit No. 8569, (3) 615 (Green) Last 4-digit No. 8193 and (4) 764 (AC) Last 4-digit No. 7144.
1.37 pm                      764 (Green) Last 4-digit No. 7720
1.38 pm                      Two buses arrived at the same time - (1) 511A (Green) Last 4-digit No. 7607 and (2) 764 (AC) Last 4-digit No. 8733.
1.40 pm                      Two buses arrived at the same time - (1) 615 (AC) Last 4-digit No. 7728 and (2) Outer Mudrika (OMS) Last 4-digit 7232
1.41 pm                      511 (AC) Last 4-digit No. 9453
1.42 pm                      511A (AC) Last 4-digit No. 9502
1.45 pm                      511A (AC) Last 4-digit No. 7105
1.47 pm                      507 (AC) Last 4-digit No. 8952
1.48 pm                     Two buses arrived at the same time - 620 (AC) DL-1P-C8969 immediately followed by 620 (Non AC) DL-1P-C8593, which I boarded (8593) with a 15-Rupees Ticket No. 64529. This was the luckiest time for those who are waiting 620!
Imagine, after a long wait, two 620 Buses – one AC (Red) and the other non AC (Green) arrived together in which the AC was followed by the non AC, with a gap of about 3-4 feets only. Why was so at the same time? Why not in a different interval? These need a prompt response from the concern authority?

The total waiting time taken in waiting 620 Buses was definitely 1 hour and 8 minutes (98 mins) as I have waited the bus at 12.40 pm which and last till 1.48 pm. The record began at 1.16 pm. Before the record began, around 8 to 10 buses appeared, none of them is 620.

From the above recordings, it is crystal clear that 764 Buses have the highest frequency while 620 have the less, twice at the same time! The less frequency of 620 buses created a big problem to the daily commuters who are residing in Munirka as well as others in south Delhi areas.

Why was DTC Bus 620 so less today between 12.40 pm to 1.48 pm? There is something wrong from the DTC officials or DTC drivers.  The concern authority must take immediate action to remove the hurdles meted by the daily commuters.


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