Some recent incidents on NE people

Collections of unwanted incidents among the North East people in Delhi and NCR collected from Facebook group North East Support Centre & Helpline...

NE girls molested by landlord
Two chakma girls from Arunachal Pradesh was molested in Gurgaon on 13/02/2014 night by the landlord and his friends. The girls ran away and in the morning the landlord came again and tried forcing one of the girl's friends to sign a paper. Tigra Village, Gurgaon where the girls stay falls under Sadar Police Stations. Heard that FIR already lodged. (Source: Seven Sister's Project).

NE Girl Robbed in Delhi

A staff nurse from Manipur, who works in GB Pant hospital, was robbed by unknown man near the hospital last night. The incident occurred while she was returning home at around 9.30pm on 12/02/2014.

The man forcibly snatched away her mobile phone and her bag [which contained important documents and money/Rs 7000].

"This incident happened in a busy place. While our sister was confronting the man face-to-face, there were many people around her who simply stared at her. No one helps her during the scuffle took place. Atlast the man decamped with her things,” sources told NE Helpline few minutes ago. FIR lodged.
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'Racial' heat on Doordarshan

The Telegraph | Sumi Sukanya | New Delhi, Feb. 11:

Acting on a complaint filed by a group of Delhi University teachers and students hailing from the Northeast — who accused Doordarshan of being discourteous towards them and showing “racial bias” after inviting them for a talk show on DD News — Prasar Bharati has formed a fact-finding committee to look into the allegations.

“We were told that the teachers would be put on the panel but on reaching, the studio we were told that they just wanted us to be part of the audience as they had already selected six panellists. When we protested, they started insulting us. The DD staff, particularly anchor Sharma and producer of the show Subhash Jain, were discourteous and they misbehaved with us.


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