Thangkhal Baptist Church inaugurated in Delhi

NEW DELHI — For the first time in Thangkhal history, the Thangkhal Baptist Church (affiliated to American Baptist Association) has been inaugurated in New Delhi on Sunday, September 02, 2018.

TBC (ABA) Headquarters Manipur President (elder) Thangsuanhang declared the inauguration of the church, ‘Thangkhal Baptist Church (ABA) Delhi’; which was followed by the blessing prayer of Rev Khaikhanthang, who is the speaker on this Inaugural Worship Service.

The designated leaders for the Local Church Committee (TBCD) were: Rev Khaikhanthang as the Local Pastor cum Acting Chairman; Mr Kamkhanlian as Acting Secretary, Mr Khailianlal as Finance cum Treasurer, and Mr Khamkholianthang and Mr Kapmuanlal as Members.

Women Department will be led by Mrs Nu Nengkhanniang as Chairperson, Miss Nianlamching as Secretary, Mrs Rebeka Chichiin as Finance cum Treasurer, Mrs Nianghauchiin and Mrs Chingthianmawi as Members.

Youth Department will be led by Mr Mangzamuan as Chairman, Mr Khaiminthang as Vice Chairman, Mr Dalsuanthang as Secretary, Miss Jennifer as Joint Secretary, Miss Nianlunching as Finance cum Treasurer, Mr Hausawmthang and Mr Kaplianlal as Members.

In the beginning of this year, the Thangkhal Bible Church has been bifurcated into – Thangkhal Bible Church (Independent Fundamental Churches of America International) and Thangkhal Baptist Church (American Baptist Association).

The Thangkhals received the ‘Gospel’ through evangelist (late) Pu Thawngluan in 1939.

The first congregation of the Thangkhals “Thangkhal Christian Association” came into being in 1981.

Prior to the church formation, both the Thangkhal Peoples’ Organisation (TPO) and Thangkhal Youth Organisation (TYO) formed wayback in 1978.

A New Testament (Bible) in Thangkhal dialect released in 2010. The translation of the Old Testament is expected to complete by 2023.

Thangkhal is a group of people belonging to the ZO tribesmen of Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi family, having a peculiar dialect, customs and traditions. The Thangkhal established 40-50 villages in southern Churachandpur district of Manipur State. They seeks ‘tribe recognition’ from the State Government for many decades, yet, futile!
~ Bruce K. Thangkhal

Report in Thangkhal dialect

Delhi ah TBC (ABA) kiphut khia

NEW DELHI — Thangkhal Tangthu a om ngai vawt louh tepteh taak ching, Pasian lemguat na zal in Delhi ah Thangkhal Baptist Church (ABA) kichi September 2, 2018 (Sunday) ni’n dinkhiat in omta hi.

Himi programme ah Upa Kampau, Assistant Secretary, TBC (ABA) HQ Manipur in program makaih in Upa Thangsuanhang, President, TBC (ABA) HQ Manipur in “Thangkhal Baptist Church (ABA) Delhi” phuh khiat ahi chih phuangkhiatna nei in paikhawm mipite’n namdetna zong nei uhi.

Rev Khaikhanthang, Local Pastor, TBC (ABA) Delhi in hunpi zangin lamkai dia seh a omte Pasian kiangah thumsakna nei hi.

TBC (ABA) Delhi member te’n tunung sawtlouin membership ana lakna uh Zomi Christian Fellowship Delhi ah apawtkhia member teng min list submit ta ding uh a, kikhopna ding zong lemtang leh nuam asakna mun khat uah regular Sunday service neita ding uhi.

Local Church Committee ah — Rev Khaikhanthang in Local Pastor cum Acting Chairman panmun tu ding a, Pu Kamkhanlian in Acting Secretary, Pu Khailianlal in Finance cum Treasurer banah Member ah Pu Khamkholianthang leh Kapmuanlal ahi uhi.

Women Department ah Chairperson – Nu Nengkhanniang, Secretary – Lia Nianlamching, Finance cum Treasurer – Rebeka Chichiin banah Member ah Nu Nianghauchiin leh Nu Chingthianmawi guan in om uhi.

Youth Department ah Chairman – Tg Mangzamuan, Vice Chairman – Tg Khaiminthang, Secretary – Tg Dalsuanthang, Joint Secretary – Lia Jennifer, Finance cum Treasurer – Lia Nianlunching, banah Member ah Tg Hausawmthang leh Tg Kaplianlal guan in om uhi.

Tuni TBC (ABA) Delhi honna leh kikhawpna ah mi 43 pai khawm thei uhi. Tunia paikhawm saptuam mipite’n itna ankuang sawk khawmna nei uhi.

Tu kumbul lam in Thangkhal Bible Church (TBC) sung ah kitheisiam louhna a om manin pawl nih — Thangkhal Bible Church (Independent Fundamental Churches of America International) leh Thangkhal Baptist Church (American Baptist Association) belh pawl in kikhenna piang hi.

MISSIONARY STONE:  Paying homage to late Pu Thawngluan at his 
memorial stone in New Lamka  by the photographer on 30 Dec, 2002. 
Manipur Churachandpur ah Gospel lutnung kum 29 zohin Thangkhal mite lak ah Pasian Thu lut hong pan hi. Convention Saptuam (tu’n EBCC) evangelist Pu (Late) Thawngluan tungtawn in ‘Thangkhal Kual’ (Thangkhalte tenna gam, Tuitha leh Guun tetuah kikal teng) a T. Khajang khua ah Gospel 1939 in hong tangkou hi. Tua-na pan in Thangkhal nammawlte lakah ‘tanchinhoih’ zaak-le-theih khiat in hong om pan a, Pu-Pa Biakna—Singbul Suangbul Biakna, Kithawihna leh sil hoihlouh tampite tawpsan in Lei-le-Van siamtu ‘Pasian Siangthou’ (Jesus Christ) biakna hong piang khia hi. Dawi-le-Kau biakna, Pusa Biaknate leh Zinmang henkol sung pa’n Thangkhal mite’n suaktatna ngah uhi.

 Thangkhal kichi nam te’n Pasian Biakna khat a kikhai khawm ding lunggulhna a om manin M. Tanglian khua ah ‘Thangkhal Christian Association’ chi’n 04 April 1981 in phutkhiat uhi.

Thangkhal mite Saptuam khat a omkhawm masang in MGP, KCA, Convention, leh a tuam tuam ah ana kitheh thaang ua, tuni tan in Thangkhal mi tampi omden lai uhi.

Thangkhal ngaina lamkai mualliamsa – Pu (L) S. Lianzakap, Pu (L) Khuphenpau, Pu (L) Albert Gengoukhup Mate, Pu (L) T. Thangkhanlam – te’n “Thangkhal Peoples’ Organisation (TPO)” chi’n Singngat ah 1978 in na phut uhi. Thangkhal Youth Organisation (TYO) zong 1978 kumin ana kiphut a, tualeh Thangkhal Sinlai Pawlpi (TSP) 1989 in kiphut hi.

Tunai in Thangkhal Peoples’ Organisation pen Thangkhal Tribe Council a kikhek ziakin bangtan hiam lungkimlouhna om a, tulelin TPO leh TTC pe’n Thangkhal Tribe Organisation (TTO) chi’n kituak tak khek uhi.

Thangkhal Baptist Church (ABA) HQ Manipur, Executive Committee in Emergency Meeting July 10, 2018 leh August 13, 2018 ni a ana thupukna bang un tuni September 2, 2018 in Pa Kamkholianthang tenna inn, Munirka, New Delhi ah saptuam phutkhiat in om hi.
~ MG Muanlal Thangkhal


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