A PCJSS terrorist leader's impersonation exposes

On 13th December 2023, a Parbattya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samiti (PCJSS) leader Mr. Loyal David Hauheng (also known as Loyal David Bawm) met the Chief Minister of Mizoram posing as the leader of the Kuki-Chin Community (broadly known as 'Zo Hnahthlak'). 

It is known that he disguised himself as a leader of the Kuki-Chin or Zo Hnahthlak, hiding the real name of his political organization the Chakma-led "PCJSS". Later, when his malice and disguise came to light in the cabinet meeting, he was able to leave Aizawl and flee to Shillong.

The one with him was Lalngaisang Pangkhua, a commander of the armed wing of the JSS. According to KNF's intelligence branch, within this week Mr. Loyal David bought a large quantity of weapons from a rebel armed group in Myanmar. 

It has been procuring weapons to set up Jumaland against the state even as it enjoys projects, regular salaries and other government facilities from the Santu Larma-led "CHT Regional Council". 

Those weapons are also being used in the fratricidal conflict in the hill regions. Thousands of innocent activists are being killed with that ammunition, genocide is being carried out. 

According to the intelligence branch of the KNF, he (Loyal David) met the Chief Minister of Mizoram shortly after purchasing the weapons using the name of Zo Hnahthlak leader to facilitate his arms buying or trade. 

However, flattery and hypocrisy have also been exposed in various NGO organizations in Mizoram state. Various organizations of the Kuki-Chin community of Bangladesh, including the Mizoram-Bawm Students Association, have condemned his anti-national activities.

Colonel Solomon
Media Wing
Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF)

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