Lalhmangaih Hauzel in IIT Bombay apat MBA degree mu


Tv. Lalhmangaih Hauzel S/O (L) Siamhnun Hauzel, Headquarters Veng in leng Master of Business Administration sangtak in July 2023 in zoukhia a, Feb 2024 in IIT Bombay Convocation na hun ah degree va sang hi. 

Hiai MBA degree pen Olin Business School, Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri, USA leh School of Management, IIT Bombay te kigawm a apiak uh ahi.

Sangtak [GPA of 8.5 out of 10, approximately 85%] a a zohkhiat kia hilou in, subject 5 ah High Pass (Full/Letter Mark) grade mu hi - Financial Accountability, Data Analysis, Strategic Management of Innovation, Strategic Cost Analysis, Organizational Design & Change.

Biakna ngaihsak mahmah, Shillong, Bangalore leh Mumbai a saptuam (ZCF leh EBCC) a heutu dinmun tuamtuam ana len tou den, Praise & Worship makai a le kizang den mi ahi.

Tulel in Bangalore ah TATA Aerospace & Defence (TASL le kichi) ah Process Excellence Lead in sem lel hi. Aman May 2011 in TISS Mumbai apat in Master of Hospital Administration degree sangtak in ana zoukhe khin a, SSPP GHQ in "New Field Explorer" pahtakna lai January 2012 in ana pia hi.

Eimi khangthakte lamlakna ding tawh kisai veina liantak nei in Arise Lamka project ( Jan 15, 2023 in ana pankhia a, Shillong-based NGO Consultancy start-up Frame Impacts Pvt. Ltd ah le Chairman of the Board leh Co-Founder hilel hi.


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