Atrocities Committed by CNA Against the Zomi Community

1. On 24th March 1994, Pu En Kap Sum (Driver) was fatally shot dead by a CNA on Lentlang Road in Tedim Township.

2. In March 1995, Pu Zam Khan Pau, a resident of Lophei village, was shot dead by CNA in Zote village.

3. On 12th July 1996, Pu C. Lalhmangaiha, Khuangleng (Mizoram)  a leader of the Khuangleng Young Mizo Association (YMA) was shot dead by CNA.

4. On 3rd August 1996, Lance Naik Vanlalpeka of Mizoram Police was shot dead by CNA

5. In October 1996, CNA entered the house of Pu Kam Hen in Saizang village, Tedim Township and stole Rs. 4 lakhs and Ks. 1 lakhs. 

6. In October 1996, the following individuals were shot dead by CNA in Saizang village, Tedim Township

a) Major Zel Za Langh

b) Mr. Pau Khan

c) Pu Khai Do Dal

7. On 15th October 2000, Pu Zam Tung Thang, the village head (VCP) of Tungzang, was shot dead by the CNA.

8. On 20th October 2000, Lia Dim Sian Ciin, a primary teacher from Fartlang village, Lawibual veng, Tedim, was kidnapped by the CNA.

9. In March 2001, Pu Kham Khaw Pau was taken 200 meters away from Rihkhawdar and assaulted by the CNA.

10. On 9th April 2001, Pu Thuam Go Pau, a resident of Tuithang village, Tedim Township, was fatally shot by the CNA in Citui River.

11. In 2002, two labourers from New Eden Base were fatally shot by the CNA.

12. In May 2002, the CNA burned seven jeeps and kidnapped passengers in Haimual village, Tedim Township.

13. On 1st May 2002, Lalnguri was seriously injured in a bomb blast caused by the CNA in Haimual village, Tedim Township.

14. In 2002, a woman from Falam was fatally shot dead by the CNA at Meihtyila Base in Laitui village, Tedim Township.

15. On 1st December 2021, Zomi Movement activist Moses Kim Tuang was killed by a CNA and two other CJDC members. After his death, his body was severely mutilated. 

16. On 16th December 2021, CNA and CDF-Hualngo entered New Haimual village and arrested EBC Pastor Khup Khan Langh.

17. On 17th December 2021, the CNA and other CJDC members opened fire on the Zomi army (ZRA-EC) in Gawsing village, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of two CNA soldiers.

18. On 23rd March  2022, the CNA and CDF-Hualngo fired on Zomi soldiers (ZRA-EC) in Lentlang, resulting in the loss of the precious life of CNA soldier Salai Tuan Peng Lian.

19. On 2nd May 2022, Pu Zel Than Lian and Pu Sum Khan Lian were struck by a CNA landmine bomb. Tragically, Pu Zel Than Lian lost his life on the spot. Pu Sum Khan Lian, however, is undergoing treatment in India, incurring significant costs in the lakhs of rupees. Despite surviving, he now lives with blindness and lameness, enduring a life of pain. Pu Sum Khan Lian has documented his harrowing experience in a book titled "Ka tuahsiatna sung pan-KA TECI PANNA TE".

20. In addition to humans, animals, particularly mithuns, have tragically fallen victim to CNA's landmine bombs. One such incident occurred on 8th May 2022, when a CNA/CDF-Hualngo landmine bomb claimed the life of a Mithun near Thinglei village. Following this incident, CNA/CDF-Hualngo provided the meat from the Mithun to the families of Thinglei-Hualngo.

21. On 4th February 2023, CNA and CDF-Hualngo soldiers engaged in gunfire with Zomi soldiers (ZRA-EC) near Laitui in Tedim District. Tragically, 15 CNA/CDF-Hualngo soldiers lost their lives in the exchange.

22. On 25th February 2023, Tv. Thang Ngah Lal (21) from Mualnuam village, Tedim district, sustained serious injuries as a result of a CNA landmine explosion.

23. On 22nd March 2023, the CNA and CDF-Hualngo engaged in gunfire with Zomi soldiers (ZRA-EC) in Muallum, Tedim district. During the altercation, a CNA vehicle was set ablaze.

24. On 30th March 2023, the CNA, CDF-Hualngo, and Zanniat CDF initiated gunfire on the Zomi army (ZRA-EC) in Muallum, Tedim district. Additionally, the CNA forcibly utilized the vehicle of the former Laitui village head while returning home.

25. Pu Langh Za Sut (69) of Rihkhawdar village tragically passed away on 19th April 2023 (Wednesday) at 10:30 AM due to injuries sustained from a CNA landmine explosion.

26. On 12th May 2023, members of CNF/A tragically killed Lian Za Thawn (32) and Ciin Hau Vung (37) between Falam and Hakha.

27. On 11st January 2024 (Thursday) at 1:00 PM, the CNA opened fire on ZRA forces in Laitui village. During the gunfight, two CNA members were killed, and two others sustained injuries.

28. On 3rd April 2024 (Wednesday), the CNA and CDF-Hualngo engaged in gunfire with ZRA-EC forces between Tauleeng and Tuisanzaang village. In the clashes, six CNA members were shot dead, and five bikes were destroyed.

29. From 1st to 3rd May 2024, approximately 200 members of the CNA and its allied forces, including CDF-Hualngo, CDF-Tonzang, PDF-Zoland, PDA, and CDM-Siyin, attempted to take over a ZRA-EC camp. During the clashes, ZRA-EC soldier Lian Hau Mung lost his life. Additionally, Salai Van Hoi Thang, Van Ceu Bawi, Thawng Thawng, and Dal Sin Mang from the CNA side were also killed.

30. On 6th May 2024, there was a confrontation between ZRA-EC and the CNA along with its allies near Lailo village, Tedim district. During the skirmish, a drone belonging to the CNA was shot down.



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