17th June 2024: The Meiteis started calling out other communities particularly brethren Nagas of Manipur to help them and  put up a united front against the Kuki-Zo tribals to save Manipur.

They said, the Kuki-Zo tribals are not only fighting the Meitei community but they are fighting to create their homeland and the Nagas of Manipur will also be affected. So a united fight against the Kuki-Zo people is to be formed. ( _according to a picture  less video voice calling out in Manipuri dialect that came viral in social media)._

Here, the Meiteis need to understand that the Meiteis, the Nagas and the Kuki -Zo have had their separate lands since time immemorial. Only during the time of the British, all of them ( territories) are united under one umbrella called Manipur. So Manipur is a union of three community based territories and not a single state.

But as long as the Union theory applies well, there is nothing wrong if all can live well together, Manipur ( pre-May 3, 2023 Manipur) can continue as usual. 

However time has changed and things have changed so much and re-union with the Meiteis or chances of re uniting with the Meiteis has gone away completely. Even one wishes it now, the road has been blocked completely by the landslide caused by the Meitei terrorists.

 As the connecting road for reunification is totally and completely cut off, no amount of energy and labour may restore it. Except God, nobody on earth will be able to do it.

Not to talk of re-union, the hatred and animosity between the two communities is likely to continue even after a  hundred generations. 

Now, the Meiteis out of desperation, may call out anyone to stand beside them, nobody is a fool to believe them. If they treated the Kukis like this, who has stood beside them in all these trying years, who is a fool to believe them now ?

Anyway gone is gone and pass is passed, instead of crying over spilled milk better we live separately and strive for our own well being so that peace will automatically return and we can grow and prosper as a good neighbour.

~ JM Kuki, displaced person 

(Views expressed are personal, not endorsed by KV ONLINE)

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