Kuki Youtubers Association (KYsA): On the Arrest of David Khaigoulen Kipgen

Press Statement
On the Arrest of David Khaigoulen Kipgen
15th June, 2024

We, the members of the Kuki Youtubers Association, are deeply concerned and disturbed by the recent arrest of David Khaigoulen Kipgen, a respected Kuki film director, actor, and active YouTuber. David Khaigoulen Kipgen, who serves as an executive member of our association, was detained under unfounded allegations that the media equipment he purchased was intended for use in the ongoing Kuki-Meitei conflict in Manipur.

David Khaigoulen Kipgen is a well-known figure in the Kuki community, celebrated for his contributions to the arts and his commitment to promoting Kuki culture and stories through various media platforms. His work as a filmmaker and YouTuber has always been focused on creative expression, cultural documentation, and community engagement, and he has consistently advocated for peace and understanding through his content.

The accusations against Mr. Khaigoulen Kipgen are not only baseless but also deeply damaging to his reputation and the broader efforts of the Kuki Youtubers Association. It is important to emphasize that the equipment he acquired was solely for the purpose of enhancing the quality of his productions, and any suggestion that it was to be used for conflict-related activities is entirely false.

We urge the authorities to conduct a fair and transparent investigation into this matter and to release David Khaigoulen Kipgen at the earliest possible opportunity. We stand by Mr. Khaigoulen Kipgen and reaffirm our support for his work, which continues to be a source of pride and inspiration for our community.

Furthermore, we call on the media and the public to approach this situation with caution and to refrain from spreading misinformation that could exacerbate tensions. It is crucial that the truth prevails and that individuals like David Khaigoulen Kipgen, who work tirelessly for the betterment of society, are not unjustly targeted.

The Kuki Youtubers Association remains committed to fostering a spirit of creativity, unity, and peace within our community and beyond.

Information & Publicity Department
Kuki Youtubers Association (KYsA) 

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