The recent gun-attack by unknown miscreants upon the Advance Escort Party of CM of Manipur between Noney and Kangpokpi districts has thrown up more questions than answers!  It was apparent that the Standard Procedures of VVIPs Security and official security protocol were not properly adhered to by the CM's Office and the MPHQ on that day! The armed attack looked has become a bit over-rated! 
     The Standard Security Protocol is nothing new! Since an Ethnic War is going on for a year, any visit to troubled spot along a volatile route calls for absolute adherence to Security Protocol! The CMO and MPHQ should have informed the IGAR(South) and HQ IGAR(East), and even HQ GOC 57th Mountain Division, if there is to be a CM's visit to hill areas! District police SPs and other paramilitary forces posts along the route should be properly informed about VVIP's visit! There should be sharing of intelligence and other necessary informations between the military and the police, ie, evaluation of threat perception and sanitising of dangerous locations atleast a day before and during such visit! Close and direct coordination of all security units is of utmost importance to make things as safe as possible! 
     If the CMO and MPHQ informed the HQ IGAR(S) and HQ IGAR(E) about the CM's Advance Escort party on their way to the burning Jiribam district, the 33rd Assam Rifles, 19th AR and 39th AR, situated along the route, would have sent out ROPs and mobile patrols in sensitive and hostile areas along the route! Back-up teams or Quick Reaction Teams(QRTs) could be kept on stand-by! The district SPs should also have deployed police party at strategic locations! When they came under fire, the jawans could only mentioned, "Call the CRPF,... CRPF... CRPF"! How could the CM Advanced Escort Party did not know the contact number of the nearest Army/AR HQs to the ambush site? This clearly showed CMO and MPHQ did not properly follow the VVIP Security Procedures! In this case, the CO 19th AR, SPs of Noney and Kangpokpi Districts could not be held accountable for lapse of security in and around their areas of jurisdiction! 
    The identity of those CM's Advanced Escort Party was quite an enigma! The viral video footage of one of the ambushed teams clearly showed something hitherto unknown and unseen! The jawans wore the unit's initials which reads:"VIP"! In Manipur, there are only MP, MR, IRB and CDO but there is no known unit called " VIP"! Were they "Very Important Police" unit? If there is such "VIP" Unit,wearing totally different uniform, surely the formation, training, induction and passing-out parade must be known by other state police officers and the state media!
     The badge they were wearing on their forearms was not that of the Manipur State Armed Forces, which is Red and Blue colour badge with the image of Kanglasa imprinted! In it was written, "VIP Protection.... " with "Manipur Police" underneath! Their strange uniforms closely resembled the ones worn by some Arambai Tenggol members! The camouflage pattern was a bit similar to the new uniform worn by the CRPF jawans! Strange VIPs indeed!

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