What Happened on 8th June to 17th June in 2023 (One year ago)

JUNE 20, 2023 ni in Meitei terrorist te apat attack a um lou Zieh in 8th June - 17th June ate ina report khalou te uh report bawl vai.

๐Ÿ›ž KukiZ๐ŸŸฃ 20 June 2024 | Thursday

Tam 8 June apat 17th June 2023 sung in Ana ki gen minthang Khamenlok area a Khamenlok, Boljang, Songjang, and Aigejang a kikap tuah na thupi te tuang a, MEITEI ten bieh inn sung a voh gouba zu leh sa toh a lopna te uh ki gen kha hi.

8TH JUNE, 2023
Two indViduals of Meitei origin, namely Laitoniam Kuber (54) son of the late Ibopishak, and Louriyam Niakanta, also known as Sanathoi (23), were suspected of conducting surveillance in the Prem Nagar area of Lemakhong, were apprehended by vigilant Kuki- Zo village guards. However, it's important to clarify that they were subsequently released upon the request of Brigadier Neil John, Deputy General Officer Commanding
(Station Commander) of the 57 Mountain Division, based in Leimakhong. Contrary to certain Meitei media reports, it is essential to emphasize that these individuals were not arrested by Kuki-Zobarmed groups. Rather, their detention was carried out by dedicated village volunteers.

9TH JUNE, 2023
The Meitei Militants dressed in army combat attacked Khoken in the New Keithelmanbi area of Kangpokpi
district in the early morning of around 4 a.m. The villagers thought it was a combing operation by the Arny
as they all were dressed in Army Uniforms. Suddenly the villagers were shot with automatic rifles.

Three villagers died on the spot. They were
1. Jangpao Touthang
2. Domkhohoi
3. Khaimang Guite

Two were injured:
1 Tongneh
2. Thangkhojang

One villager is still missing.
Lalkhohao Khongsai (26) s/o Dongkam Khongsai (Later found dead)

12TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei Leepun and Arambai Tenggol cadres led by State Police Commandos approached Khamenlok and attacked Kuki-Zo villages from three fronts - Aigejang, H. Khopibung, and Khamenlok. Around 45 houses in H. Khopibung were Burned to ashes at around 5:30 PM, injuring four persons. Meitei commandos attacked Loklaiphai village at around 2:30 PM One Kuki- Zo village volunteer Muansang Naulak (22) died in the attack.

13TH JUNE, 2023
At approximately 730 PM, Meitei radical groups led by Manipur police commandos. including Arambai Tenggol and Meitel Leepun, launched another assault on the Khamenlok area, The affected villages in this devastating attack included Khamenlok, Boljang, Songjang, and Aigejang. In a disturbing display of aggression, the attackers, feeling triumphant, took part in a celebratory act by killing pigs in Aigejang. They proceeded to indulge in drinking and merriment within a church. However, the village volunteers, seizing an opportune moment when the Meitei attackers were least prepared, launched a counter attack, resulting in the death of several Meitei assailants.

14TH JUNE, 2023
Thangza Village (30 houses), Phailengjang (22 houses), and Saizang (12 houses) from Island Block of
Kangpokpi District were Buned by Meitei radical groups. BJP lone woman MLA Nemcha Kipgen's quarter at Lamphelpat was Burned down.

15TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei radical group Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun cadres attacked New Lambulane and Checkon areas in Imphal and Burned down 3 houses and 1 school belonging to the Kuki-Zo people. School Burned Baby Seikam Memorial English School Meitei radical group Arambai Tenggol, Meitei Leepun, led by state forces - Manipur police commandos and
IRB attacked Phuoljang, Gothol, and Kangvai villages injuring one village volunteer.

16TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei radical group Arambai Tenggol, Meitei Leepun, led by state forces - Manipur police commandos and IRB Continued their attack on Kuki-Zo villages in and around the Kangvai area. Firing continues from last night's attack.

17TH JUNE, 2023
Meitei radรญcal groups Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun attacked Kangvai in the early morning around 4:00 AM. No casualties Wwere reported. One Edward Haokip (54) was arrested and framed in Imphal for burning houses in Checkon and New Lambulane.

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