WKZIC: Word of Thanks and Appreciation to Naga Hoho

Office of the 
General Headquarters: Songpi-Lamka, INDIA

Ref.No.50/02/WKZIC/(Memo)/2023-24, The 22nd June, 2024

Pu Sulanthang Lotha,
Hon'ble President, Naga Hoho, Headquarters: Nagaland.

Subject: A Word of Thanks and Appreciation to Naga Hoho and Brethren Nagas for Peaceful Co-existence.

Hon'ble Sir,

With utmost respect and love, the undersigned, on behalf of the Kuki-Zo people and community, would like to thank and express our sincere gratitudes and appreciations to esteemed Naga Hoho and fellow tribal brethren Nagas as under.

That, on the 3rd May 2023, the All Tribal Students Union Manipur (ATSUM), a conglomerate of tribal "All Naga Students Association Manipur‟ (ANSAM) and tribal "Kuki Students Organisation‟ (KSO) GHQ, held all Manipur *"TRIBAL SOLIDARITY MARCH‟* in protest against the demand of Meiteis for ST Status. The same day in the afternoon, the "Anglo- Kuki War 1917-1919‟ "Centenary Gate" at Leisang, SONGPI-LAMKA (Churachandpur) was burnt by unknown miscreants, that broke out ethnic conflict between Kukis and Meiteis, resulting to burning down of 200 Kuki villages including 16/17 Kuki Colonies in Greater Imphal valley, assaulting, raping and killing of 187 innocent Kuki-Zo people, and vandalising and burning down 360 Christian Churches, and displacing more than 1 lakh people in designated Relief Camps and various Metro Cities all over India.
In the light of the above man made catastrophe and conflict, brethren Manipuri Nagas, good hearted Meiteis and Pangals, alongwith Central Forces (AR/BSF/ Indian Army) evacuated thousands of Kukis from Imphal valley. Apart from it, various Philanthropic organisations, Churches, NGOs and Government of India and abroad support victims from both communities.

We are really indebted to every community in general and particularly to fellow tribal Nagas of Nagaland and Manipuri Nagas that stand and support the minority Kuki-Zo people from the majority Meitei community, who are fully backed and sponsored by the Government of Manipur by giving away 6000 Arms and 6,00,000 ammunitions from all Police Stations in Manipur Valley districts. 

We therefore, urge your esteemed Organisation (Naga Hoho) and fellow Naga brethren, to continue to stand for "Justice in Christ‟ not to be taken away by "Cheap Propaganda" of sowing *"Seed of Discord‟* between Kuki-Zo and Manipuri Nagas, keeping in mind the Kukis of Nagaland, one of the Indigenous Naga tribes of Nagaland, and various Kuki-Zo blood (old Kuki) tribes in Naga Polity as a cementing force between Kuki-Zo and Naga ethnic groups fraternity, and role of Kukis in historic Naga Movement. 


Sd/-(T. BRIGHT) 
 General Secretary, WKZIC-GHQ 

President, WKZIC-GHQ

Copy to:

1. Pu. Ng. Lorho, honourable President of United Naga Council (UNC), Apex Naga Civil Body of Manipur 
       – as sign of gratitude    
       and respect for kind 

      2. Relevant File/ 
          Guard File.

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