KIM appeal for safety and security of Kuki-Zos

Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
New Delhi

Subject: Earnest appeal for safety and security of the Kuki-Zo people.

Hon'ble Sir,

Kuki Inpi Manipur, the apex body of the Kuki tribes in the Manipur region, is writing to you amidst escalating tensions among the general public and growing apprehensions about adverse circumstances facing the Kuki-Zo people in the ongoing ethnic persecution.

The recent arrest of five Kuki-Zo individuals, including a juvenile, has sparked widespread outrage
among our community. While the Meiteis are openly brandishing sophisticated arms and ammunitions
without the least consequences, the arrest of five Kuki-Zo individuals is a betrayal of our sincerity and
commitment towards law enforcement efforts by the Government of India. There is an unequal and
discriminatory regime in the hills (where AFSPA is under force) and plains (where it is most needed but lifted), Correspondingly, the biasecd actions of central security forces colluding with Meitei militias in these arrests and targeted intimidation of our people are deeply regrettable and can only worsen the law and order situation in the Manipur region.

To that regard, the Kuki Inpi Manipur would like to place the following for your kind perusal and needful intervention:

I. With regard to law and order situation; law enforcement agencies must duly consult with the Kuki Inpi Manipur for coordination and cooperation in law enforcement efforts of various government agencies.

II. In incidents of arrest of any Kuki-Zo individual by law enforcement agencies on statutory grounds; the arrested individuals must be handed over to the District Police of either Kangpokpi or
Churachandpur and must never be taken to the valley districts under any circumstances.

II. Kuki lnpi Manipur strongly disapproves of the appointment of Meitei Army and Police officers as
Operational Commanders due to documented cases of biased conduct detrimental to the rights of the
Kuki-Zo people. Similarly, the home-posting of almost all Meitei officers in armed forces who are
relentless to terrorise the Kuki-Zo people is greatly disquieting to our community.

IV. The five arrested individuals must be unconditionally released as the arrest is arbitrary and highly partial against the Kuki-Zo people and may trigger protest movements that may be disruptive to
effective enforcement of law and order in the region.

The violence in Manipur, which has persisted for more than a year, has had adverse and devastating effects on the Kuki-Zo people. It has brought education to a standstill, with many Kuki-Zo students becoming victims of the educational policies of the Meitei authorities, including the non-declaration of examination results and the withholding of educational certificates.

Furthermore, the economic blockade
of the hills, especially in Kuki-Zo areas by the Meiteis, the limited availability of only one 9-seater helicopter service from Churachandpur to Aizawl, subject to seasonal restrictions and frequent landslides, the lack of development funds, and the obstruction of local efforts to build roads and bridges are critically alarming issues faced by the Kuki-Zo population due to Meitei aggression. The exploitation of state
machinery against the Kuki-Zo people grossly contravenes constitutional values and principles.

The repeated targeting, arson attacks, and unwarranted arrests have highlighted the systemic failure to
protect Kuki lives and properties. Establishing a distinct administration would ensure the protection of our
rights, foster a sense of security, and pave the way for harmonious coexistence by addressing the unique
needs and aspirations of the Kuki people. As the Kuki-Zo people continue to bear the brunt of targeted
ethnic oppression orchestrated by the Manipur state government, Kuki Inpi Manipur writes this letter with
fervent hope in your capable administration to expedite the ongoing political dialogue with the Kuki-Zo
SoO groups for lasting peace and stability in the region, and to safeguard the rights and privileges of the
Kuki-Zo people as equal citizens of the country.

We urge you to recognize the necessity of this solution and take decisive action to establish a separate administrative setup, thereby ushering in a new era of peace, prosperity, and harmony in Manipur region.

With warmest regards.

Sincerely Yours
Kuki Inpi Manipur

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