KUKI INPI DYA observes Van Mahotsav

Observation of Van Mahotsav 2024 by Department of Youth Affairs, KIM

Throughout India, Van Mahotsav, also known as Forest Festival or Tree Plantation Week, is observed from July 1st to 7th. The Kuki Inpi Department of Youth Affairs, in collaboration with the District Forest Department, celebrated this event by planting 1,100 saplings across 12 different villages and sites, marking a significant tree plantation drive.

On July 3rd, at 7 AM, a modest event was held at the Kuki Inpi Secretariat. The event was attended by members of Kuki Inpi, Kuki Inpi Department of Youth Affairs, and three representatives from the District Forest Department. The event was led by Ms. Breeze Kimneithem, followed by a speech from Mr. Boimang, Range Officer, District Forest Department, Churachandpur (CCpur). Mrs. Lhing, wife of Mr. Khaikhohauh Gangte, the Kuki Inpi General Secretary, had a blessing prayer for the plantation drive and the closing prayer.

After the event, the Kuki Inpi Manipur Department of Youth Affairs team and the District Forest Department representatives moved to K. Lhangnem to witness and participate in the plantation. The Youth Affairs team continued planting at other villages, including K. Lhangnem, S. Toljang, and S. Gamnomjang, while plantation activities were simultaneously carried out at other designated spots.

Plantation Sites:

1) T. Munnom
2) K. Lhangnem
3) Haolai Khopi
4)K. Khonomphai
5) Tuijang
6) T. Khonomphai
7)S. Toljang
8) Mongkot
9) Bethesda Khankho Foundation
10) S. Gamnomjang
11) Sangai University
12) Kuki Inpi Secretariat

Types of Saplings Planted:
1) Bauhinia: 30 saplings
2) Gulmohar: 100 saplings
3) Bokul: 100 saplings
4) Leihao: 100 saplings
5) Tel: 100 saplings
6) Lemon: 100 saplings
7) Chal : 50 saplings
8) Palm leaves/plant: 70 saplings
9) Parkia: 100 saplings
10) Manahi: 89 saplings
11) Golden Shower: 11 saplings
12) Theimuhkoi: 200 saplings
13) Mixed: 100 saplings

The Kuki Inpi Manipur Department Youth Affairs extend their gratitude to:
1) The District Forest Department, CCpur, for providing the saplings.
2) The Koitelui Area Youth Association (KAYA) for their cooperation and mobilization efforts.
3)The village leaders and youth clubs from the aforementioned villages for their active participation.

The Kuki Inpi Manipur Department of Youth Affairs initiated this tree plantation drive to foster environmental awareness and stewardship among the youth and the community. The goal is to combat deforestation, enhance biodiversity, and contribute to a healthier environment and ecosystem. This initiative also aims to instill a sense of responsibility and connection to nature in the younger generation, ensuring a sustainable future. 

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