Rahul Gandhi visits Lamka, ITLF submits Memo (Pics)

Monday, 08 July 2024

Shri Rahul Gandhi, 
Leader of Opposition, 
Lok Sabha.


Subject: Prayer to support the demands of the Kuki-Zo in Manipur and alleviate the sufferings of the Kuki-Zo people

Respected Sir,

The Kuki-Zo people congratulate you and are grateful for your continued leadership of the opposition in the Lok Sabha. We appreciate your renewed efforts to put an end to the violence in Manipur and bring about peace in the region. The Congress Party has consistently supported the welfare of all Indians, particularly the oppressed tribal people. Also, we appreciate that you’ve selected Mr. Alfred Kanngam Arthur, honourable MP, Outer Manipur, to represent our grievances during this tragic and difficult period. 

ITLF Chairman Pagin Haokip spoke to Rahul Gandhi after giving the memorandum.

We would like to use this occasion to quickly apprise you of the following: 

 We do not have a state government; the one that exists is hostile to us and only supports a certain community. We are facing numerous challenges from the state BJP government, which is utilizing both its official machinery and non-state players inside the Meitei community. Our existence as a political entity is at stake.

Pu Ginza Vualzong presented ITLF book to Rahul Gandhi.

  There has been no improvement in the security situation following over a year of killings and displacements; citizens continue to face daily danger of death. A year after the violence began, Kuki-Zo homes and properties are still being set on fire and destroyed. To date, almost 7,000 homes have been demolished, nearly 200 Kuki-Zo have lost their lives, over 360 place of worship were destroyed and about 20,000 have been homeless. 

ITLF has given a copy of Rahul Gandhi's memorandum to
Pu Alfred Arthur, MP Outer Manipur

 As a minority community with fewer numbers and even fewer resources to protect ourselves, we are under constant threat of being attacked by militant groups like Arambai Tenggol and the proscribed UNLF, who have access to a large arsenal of weapons bought from across the border or looted from state armories. They have openly stated that their aim is to either kill all of us or drive us out of our lands.

Shri Rahul Gandhi interacts with IDP children in Lamka on 08 July 2024. 

 All commodities, even essentials, have been prohibited from entering the Kuki-Zo areas for more than a year. Frequently, even simple medical supplies like cotton swabs run out. This has negatively impacted the quality of life of the Kuki-Zo people. The condition of our internally displaced people is not up to par, with frequent lack of relief materials and amenities.


 All development activities, including maintenance and repair of public infrastructure, have grinded to a halt for the past year in all Kuki-Zo areas, while all Meitei-controlled valley areas enjoy state patronage. The valley-based population even resorts to destroying public utilities like electricity, denying us our basic rights.

Pu Richard Hmar, Secy Hmar Inpi and Executive member of ITLF presented tribal shawl to Rahul Gandhi today.

  Due to the loss in connectivity, we have to travel over 350 kms to the nearest airport, which is in Lengpui, Mizoram. Central competitive examinations and emergency medical care suffer serious consequences as a result. Helicopter services are not reliable due to limited seats and frequent flight cancellations. This connectivity problem need to have an immediate fix.

 With the Kuki-Zo unable to travel to the state capital, the Meitei-controlled state government is using this opportunity to conduct mass job recruitments. As a result, many job opportunities have been lost for the Kuki-Zo, showing that the state government is openly partisan.


 Students have also been adversely affected, especially those in technical lines, as all major centers of learning and all head offices are located in the capital.

An immediate political solution is required to break the cycle of violence and atrocities in Manipur for the reasons mentioned above. Clearly, the Kuki-Zo minority will never again be able to live a dignified and safe life in Manipur, given the extent of bloodshed and the radicalization by the majority society.

In order to achieve our socio-economic and political goals, the political settlement stipulated in the Congress party’s manifesto must be fulfilled. The cornerstone of any settlement is justice. We trust that your leadership and good office will bring an end to all of our sufferings and help us get justice as quickly as possible.



MUAN TOMBING, General Secretary,

Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF)

Email: itlfmediacell@gmail.com Website: https://itlfmediacell.com


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