World Kuki-Zo Intellectual Council: Humble Appeal

World Kuki-Zo Intellectual Council (WKZIC)-GHQ. Songpi-Lamka, India.
Ref.No.51/02/WKZIC/(Memo)/2023-24. The 3rd July 2024.


Pu. Ng. Lorho,
Hon'ble President,
United Naga Council (UNC)
 & 10 Manipur Naga MLAs.

Subject: Humble Appeal to acknowledge the fact, "Old Kukis and New Kukis" are bonded by Blood, Language, Culture and Traditions, which colonial regime 'Divide & Rule' to subjugate Kukis, who were further fragmented as Chin-Kuki-Mizo.
Hon'ble Sir(s),

With high respect and honour,  we, the undersigned would like to put forward a few words for your kind perusal over the Imphal daily, 'THE SANGAI EXPRESS' dated, the 30th June 2024 regarding the News headline that reads, *"Settlement of Kuki issue should not touch Naga areas: Naga MLAs,"* we, humbly would like to draw your kind attentions for mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual co-operation as under.

That, we the Kukis are one of the indigenous Naga tribes of Nagaland State, participating in the Naga Movement represented by PU. LENGJANG KUKI (interpreter), one among the 20 signatories of the 'First Political Memorandum' for *'Naga Self-determination'* submitted to the *'British Statutory  Commission'* on 10 January 1929, (Courtesy: NNPGs Press Statement, dated, the 25th June 2023 under the theme: *"Understanding the Ailing Naga Generation: WC, NNPGs & Day of Reckoning: The Identity,"* issued by the Naga National Political Groups. As such, we dont want to have any misundertanding or hurt the sentiments of brethern fellow Nagas of Nagaland and Manipuri Nagas of Manipur as well.

However, it is very unfortunate to tell the truth on circumstancial compulsion that the tagging of Kukis as Immigrants or Refugees is started by some un-named groups among Manipuri Nagas of Manipur who instigated the innocent Meiteis since early 1990s, that grown matured after 3 decades, and the Meiteis launched War upon the Kukis @ Kuki-Zo on the 3rd March 2023, that too blown out on the ATSUM 'TRIBAL SOLIDARITY MARCH' day in protest against the inclusion of Meiteis in ST category, jointly organised by ANSAM and KSO-GHQ. It was the same group, who converted various minority Kuki-Chin blood, categorised by the colonial regime as Old Kukis into Manipuri Naga polity through bullets, since late 1950s. 

It is also imperative to add that minorities whom colonial regime classified as Old Kukis such as: 1) Aimol, 2) Anal, 3) Chiru, 4) Chothe (Chawte), 5) Inpui, 6) Kharam, 7) Koireng (Koren), 8) Kom, 9) Lamkang, 10) Maring, 11) Monshang, 12) Muyon, 13) Purum and 14) Tarao tribes of Manipur are all Kuki-Chin blood, inter related clans and sub-clans with same Language with related dialects, Cultures and traditions, with those Mizo tribes of Mizoram, Chin tribes of Chin Hills and Tripura Kuki tribes. All these 14 tribes and other 75-76 tribes of Kuki-Chin family claimed to have emerged from 'Khul/Khur/ Khurpui/ Singlung/ Chhinlung'. *Prof. Gangmumei Kamei (Kabui)* have stated the above cited tribes as 'Culturally Kuki and Politically Naga'. Former Tengnoupal district now bifurcated into Tengnoupal and Chandel districts, also known as 'Khulmi/ Khurmi Region' is the abode of both New Kukis and Old Kukis since time immemorial. 

The data of the so claimed 'Bone of Contention' between Chin-Kukis and Manipuri Nagas of Tengnoupal and Chandel districts goes as: "The erstwhile Tengnoupal district, now bifurcated into Tengnoupal and Chandel districts for administrative convenience, is the land and abode of both 'Old Kukis and New Kukis' in Outer Manipur with 134 old Kuki villages and 112 New Kuki villages in Chandel district and 75 old Kuki villages and 93 New Kuki villages in Tengnoupal district," [ op.cit. Kuki Orgs. React to CNPO, NSUC Claims, 09 Nov 2019 23:07:17, IMPHAL, Nov 9, The Sangai Express & Data collected by Kuki Reformation (KReF: Documentation @ 2019]. 

This Chin-Kuki blood old Kuki tribes include Aimol, Anal, Lamkang, Maring, Monshang, Muyon, Purum etc and New Kukis such as Gangte, Khongsai, Lushai, Mate, Paite, Thadou, Vaiphei and Zou tribes respectively. These old Kuki tribes have their Revolutionary Organisations as 'United Komrem Revolutionary Army' (UKRA) for Aimol. Kom, Chiru and Chothe tribes, the 'United Minority Liberation Army' (UMLA) for Monshang, Muyon and Purum tribes, and the 'Pakan Re-Unification Army' (PRA) for Anal and Lamkang tribes respectively, who are under the banner of 'Kuki National Organisation' (KNO), signing Suspension of Operation (SoO) with GoI in 2008 (Vide. Ethnicity and Insurgency in Myanmar/Burma, 2018, P- 151-52), till date, waiting for Kuki Political solution by the Government of India. 

On account of blood relation, same language with related dialects, cultures and traditions as stated above, your respectable office and esteemed members are fervently requested to understand inclusion of our blood brothers within our family for mutual respect and co-operation for peaceful co-existence. God Bless.


With regards

Sd/- ( DR. TS HAOKIP )                                President, WKZIC-GHQ.

Vice-President (C&C) WKZIC-GHQ.

Copy to: 

1. Pu. Sulanthang Lotha, Hon'ble President, NAGA HOHO, Nagaland for kind information and respect.

2. Pu. D. Thamdok Lamkang, Hon'ble President, Chandel Naga People Organisation (CNPO) for kind information and respect.

3. Pu. Modar Tontonga, Hon'ble President, Maring Uparup Assembly (MUA) for kind information and respect.

4. Pu. R. Sangkawia, Hon'ble President, Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZoRO), GHQ: Aizawl, Mizoram for kind information and regards.

5. Pu. PS Haokip, Hon'ble President, Kuki National Organisation (KNO) for kind information and regards.

6. Pu. Thangboi Kipgen, Hon'ble Chairman, United People's Front (UPF) for kind information and regards.

7. Pu. Thanglianpau Guite, Hon'ble Chairman, UPF (Z) for kind information and regards.

8. Pu. Ch. Ajang Khongsai, Hon'ble President, Kuki Inpi Outer Manipur (KIM) for kind information and regards.

9. The 10 Hon'ble Kuki-Zo MLAs for kind information and regards.

10. Pu. Albert L. Renthlei, Respected Convenor, Zo United (ZU) for kind information and regards.

11. Respected Chairmans of ITLF, COTU & ITAC for kind information and regards.

12. Pu. Zingkhumliana, Respected Chairman, Kuki-Chin Human Rights Organisation (KHRO), Bangladesh for kind information and regards.

13. Hon'ble Presidents- Kuki Inpi USA & Zomi Inkuan USA for kind information and regards.

 With Compliments,
(Th. Lamthang Simte),
 Director Info & Public Relations, WKZIC-GHQ.

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