Security Forces Recover Cache of Arms & Ammunition in Manipur

A joint team of security forces has recovered a significant cache of arms and ammunition from the foothills adjoining Kangpokpi and Bishnupur districts in Manipur.

The recovery was made during a search operation conducted by a team consisting of 33 AR, Bishnupur Police, and Bishnupur Police Commandos in the area between Bungte Chiru, Wainem, and High Canal of Keinou Maning and Ngaikhong Khunou under Bishnupur Police Station.

The search operation, which lasted from 5:30 am to 7:30 am, yielded the following items:

- 1 SMG Carbine with magazine
- 1 9 mm pistol with magazine
- 1 Pompi shell
- 7 ILLU shells
- 1 INSAS magazine with 6 live rounds
- 1 SLR magazine
- 4 Baofeng WT sets with charger
- 9 HE 36 grenades
- 2 grenade safety rings
- 2 smoke bombs
- 1 tear gas grenade
- 2 Anti-riot dual shells
- 3 detonators
- 6 7.62 mm (SLR) ammunitions
- 20 303 ammunitions
- 5 5.56 mm (INSAS) ammunitions
- 6 AK ammunitions
- 5 .38 ammunitions
- 1 tear smoke shell
- 1 rubber bullet

The recovered items have been handed over to Bishnupur Police Station for further action.

This significant recovery is a major blow to militant groups operating in the region and a testament to the efforts of the security forces in maintaining peace and stability in Manipur. 

~ Manipur Police

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