One lady inspires many youths for Civil Services Exam


THE CHANDEL DISTRICT CONNECTION: Born in Chandel District, Manipur, the 3rd May, 1993-born daughter of Mr Jamkhomang and Mrs Nemjalhing of Tuibong, CCPur, Manipur, currently has become a household name in the Thadou-Kuki inhabited settlements of her State. Success in Civil Service exam did not come easy to the determined young lady whose father was born and brought up in Chakpi Molbem village of Chandel District. The unfortunate communal clashes of 1993 in Manipur turned out to be 'fortunate' for the under-privileged Haokip family.

FLASHES OF BRILLIANCE IN CHINGHOI: Chinghoi, as she is endearingly called, and her siblings were shifted to CCPur by circumstances. Her dad, Bro Jamkhomang, had an unflinching passion to educate his children. Extra brilliance in young Chinghoi was noticed early by her dad. So, her parents left no stone unturned to provide the best education they could possibly afford to their second daughter. But fate left no turn of Chinghoi 'unstoned' before she could get her academic acts together. It was only in AICS exam, 2020 when the diehard aspirant's aim got fructified.

CHINGHOI'S SCHOOL GROUNDING: Being close to her home, Chinghoi was conveniently schooled in St. Mary's Higher Sec School, Tuibong from Nursery to Class V. Then, she was shifted to JNV, Tuinom where she excelled in studying Class VI to Cl. X. When Chinghoi mildly rebelled in ventilating her wish to study in an outside State, her supportive dad took her to meet Bro Jamkholun of M Songgel who had just cleared IIT entrance exam.

LEARNING UNDER DAKSHANA SCHO: That's when Chinghoi got inspired to put her lot on getting into a Tech institute. Her academic pursuit took a U-turn when she qualified to get Dakshana Scho. The Dakshana Foundation, run by an NRI in Bangalore, groomed Chinghoi to get through the entrance exam of IIT Madras from where she got a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering. In the final year of her B.Tech course, the Tech student developed an ambition to get into IAS. That's how the girl from CCPur landed up in ALS - Alternative Learning System - IAS Coaching Centre, Delhi.

THE WANNABE CIVIL SERVANT: Chinghoi sat for C.S Prelims exam in 2015 and 2016 but success didn't come her way. It was in her third attempt in 2017 that she could crack the imposing hurdle of Prelims. The Prelims exam, today, has G.S pap and another Qualifying pap that tests a candidate's knowledge of Maths, Reasoning and English. However, Chinghoi studied the subject of Geography afresh for the Mains Optional. After meeting failure in the Mains in 2018, and in Viva Voce in 2019, success smiled on Jamkhomang's daughter in her 2020-21 C.S attempt.

GRILLED BY UPSC INTERVIEW BOARD: Chinghoi told me in a mobile phone talk we had on 25 Sept, 2021 that in her CS interview, she answered difficult questions on Vaccine hesitancy and insurgency in Manipur with confident panache. The brilliant lady candidate was also grilled by the UPSC Board members as to how she would tackle District Administration if selected for IAS. Chinghoi came out unscathed with flying colours. Now she is waiting for allotment into either IRS or IAAS (Indian Audit & Accounts Service) with her fingers crossed.

THE TURNING POINTS: When I asked her about the crucial turning points and inspirations in her academic life, the celebrity achiever said, "My mom had always been a pillar of moral support. And my dad's trust in me galvanised me to put in hard labour in studies in order not to disappoint his high hopes in me." That's where she became a model daughter all dads crave to own. She also added that getting Dakshana scholarship was a milestone in her academic pursuit. The Bang-based Foundation groomed her to cultivate a Tech bent of mind.

WANTED TO BALANCE WORK AND LIFE: When asked as to how her B.Tech background would help in her future job as a civil servant, pat came a reply from Chinghoi, "My B.Tech degree will empower me to strike a balance between work and life, manage diverse situations and tackle pressure."

IIT MADRAS - HER ALMA MATER: And on her putting IAAS as an option, she said that, given a chance, the Audit and Accounts Service would be her preference because it gives more opportunities to interact and deal with different departments. She also candidly said in light humour that one day, she would be happy to audit the affairs of her Alma Mater, that is IIT, Madras itself.

STRENGTHENED BY THE WORD OF GOD: Bro Jamkhomang is a super successful father today, at his own level. His eldest son, Thangminlun is an S.I in Manipur Police. The second son Thanggoulen works as an NPTC Engineer. And the elder sister of Chinghoi, Tingneo is a Specialist in Medicine in JNIMS. What a drastic change of fortune for a man who fled Chandel DHQ in 1993?

A MEMBER OF KWS CHENNAI: On her Christian beliefs, Chinghoi said that she never missed the Saturday worship services in IIT Madras and the Sunday Services in KWS, Chennai. It was Jeremiah 29:11 that she took it for herself as a promise from God, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

  A LOCAL GIRL WITH A GLOBAL MINDSET: The above verse had given her the courage "to launch out in the deep." And the Almighty blessed her faith. Chinghoi is also grateful to her parents and all the spiritual leaders who ceaselessly prayed for her whenever she was to face exam or interview.

THE BIBLE GAVE HER HOPE: The All India Civil-Servant-in-waiting also disclosed as to how the Word of God shaped her mental make-up, "The Bible gives me hope, and mental peace. It gives me an amazing high when God answers my prayer." Here we have a local daughter who has a global way of thinking. I have a belief that Chinghoi will go places in her career. May God bless her desire to give another try at C.S exam.

  NEW SUCCESS: In 2023, Miss Hatchinghoi qualified for IFS - Indian Forest Service. May God bless her and empower her to have an outstanding career in IFS.


Source: Zalengam

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