HSA Barak Valley Joint Hqtrs: Press Communique | 09-7-2024

The displaced people from Manipur staying in community support relief camp at Hmarkhawlien, แนฌHALAI IN, Cachar District, were visited by Leader of the Opposition Party (Lok Sabha) Shri Rahul Gandhi, on the 8th of July 2024. It was hitherto the first visit by any public leader since the outburst of violence in Jiribam, Manipur.


The Hmar Students Association express sincere gratitude to Rahulji and his team for all the humanitarian aids provided to the helpless displaced people  and  for being the first leader to console their pain and sufferings.


It may also be mentioned here that no tangible assistance has been provided by the government despite our hardships and struggles in looking after over 500 people. So far, two displaced persons lost their lives due to absence of proper treatment. The displaced people have been neglected and left to fend for themselves without any government support. In this great nation of world's biggest democratic India, they are treated like second-class citizens, while wild and domestic animals enjoy budget allocations and benefits. The displaced Hmar people of Manipur are left to suffer, and it seems the Indian government has turned a blind eye to their plight, ignoring the very founding principles of Indian constitution, particularly Article 21 which is Right to Life and Liberty.


The visit by Shri Rahulji was free from political motivation, but still remain space for those who want to politicise. For a leader who loves India and its people, they must go to Manipur to foster peace and show empathy to the affected people.

Issued in public interest by: 

Department of Information & Publicity 

HSA Barak Valley Joint Headquarters



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