HSA Tuiṭhaphai JHQ endorses KIM total shutdown

09-07-2024: In the escalating tensions and systematic persecution faced by our people in the State of Manipur, it has become imperative to voice our collective dissent and stand in unyielding solidarity. The Hmar Students' Association, Tuiṭhaphai JHQ, fully endorses the 12-hour Total Shutdown called by the Kuki Inpi, Manipur, scheduled for 10th July, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm as per requested by Sister Organization KSO Churachandpur JHQ and for the good cause. This decisive action is a response to the ongoing brutalities inflicted upon our people by both State and Central forces.

The recent wave of violence and repression has not only threatened the safety and security of our community but also undermined the basic human rights and dignity that every citizen is entitled to. The heavy-handed approach adopted by the authorities has led to a climate of insecurities and infringing upon our fundamental freedoms. It is a clarion call for justice and the restoration of our rights. We urge businesses, educational institutions, and transportation services to respect and adhere to this call for shutdown, ensuring that the message of our collective struggle resonates strongly.

In conclusion, the Hmar Students' Association, Tuiṭhaphai JHQ request all the Hmar people residing in Tuiṭhaphai to stand support of the shut down.

Secretary Information & Publicity Department
HSA Tuiṭhaphai JHQ

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